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Adult Friend Finder is a great place to meet and hookup for hot Asian and interracial sex and love relationships. Asian men and women are posting and responding personals,chatting in webcams and chatrooms and meeting for real time sex hookups. Adult Friend Finder is a leader in connecting members looking for Asian sex hookups with millions of members around the world. Adult Friend Finder supports Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese languages and have lots of Asian girls and guys looking for western men.They’re all at Adult Friend Finder hooking up and making friends.

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Adult Friend Finder Sign Up
Signing up is the first step in meeting others. Signing up is easy. Just fill out a simple form with birthdate and creating a username and password. Your email is used to send a confirmation and that’s it. Don’t forget when you sign up , fill out what you’re looking for. The free membership gives you a chance to look around but to get the best out of the site, a paid membership is best. Filling out the profile is best. If you only have a username and password, members can’t find out much about you. There are some excellent features about Adult Friend Finder that allow members to check you out without compromising your privacy though. There are several levels of membership.
Membership Levels
Adult Friend Finder Free Membership
The free membership gives limited access. You can chat in chatrooms and webcams and receive messages but can’t message members for more. You can create a profile and browse members’ profiles but only get limited views. With the free membership you can check out the hot magazine section, read stories, get dating tips, and sex tips.
Adult Friend Finder Silver Membership Costs and Benefits
1 Month $23
3 Months $42
1 Year $104
The silver upgrade allows members to view full profiles, private photos. With the silver plan members can contact fellow members, save searches, appear first in other members’ searches and used the advanced search feature. Silver members can contact other members and send ice breakers to interested parties. Members also get extra data storage for photos and videos of members.
Adult Friend Finder Gold Membership Costs and Benefits
1 Month $30
3 Months $52
1 Year $125
The gold membership includes everything in the silver membership plan but gives even more data storage. The increase in data storage is good for saving members photos and videos who you might want to contact. Overall, the cost of Adult Friend Finder isn’t too much if you add up how much dating ie. a few drinks or restaurant meal a couple of times a month costs.

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Adult Friend Finder Webcams and Chatrooms
Adult Friend Finder is not only a dating and sex hookup site but also functions as a social media site. You can chat in chatrooms and video cam chatrooms where members are broadcasting almost all the time. Checking out members is great especially if they are located near you. You can literally check out your next partner from their broadcast show. You can also broadcast yourself and attract new partners. There is also a hopping chatroom with members from around the world chatting at any given time.
Adult Friend Finder Members Blogs

A great way to meet people who might be interested in you without compromising your privacy is to create a blog. Blogs show the world what you’re interested in and where you spend your time. And members can see this and find someone with shared interests. It’s a great starting point for any connection.
Asian Sex Hookup Groups at Adult Friend Finder

asian hookup groups at adult friend finder
There are thousands of Asian Sex and Friends groups around the world

Another great feature of Adult Friend Finder is the interest groups. Members can create a group as an online meeting place for members. There are thousands of groups and you can join for free. Some of the groups include Asian women/Black men, Asian Club, Sex with Asian Men, Asians for fun, Asian Milf, Asian Inspiration for couples, a couples only group centered in Washington, Asian and Caucasian, a London based Asian group, Asian Saloon bar for Belgium Asians, W Guys for Asian Girls, Sexy Asian girls and expats centered in Hong Kong, and more. As you can see there are members from around the world. You will probably find a group to join and make new friends too! It’s easy to find groups using the advanced search system. Just type what you’re looking for and wait for the results. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can start you own group and attract like minded people. Many of the groups hookup at members’ homes or public places for real sex.

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Adult Friend Finder Magazine
The magazine section also has forum on many topics. You can post questions or answers on various subjects including:Breaking Up, Building a Relationship, Dating, Dating Safety, Erotic Stories, First Dates, Fitness and Health, Poems, Sex Secrets, Life in the Closet, and more.

Adult Friend Finder Success Stories

moondogman99 said
Ive looked around on AdultFriendFinder for a long time and finally bit the bullet and got a gold membership not less than 24 hours had passed and i hooked up with a fun sexy lady that wanted to to fuck nothing more nothing less. I now have to say i think it was worth it.

TaraLeung said
Amazing touch With TARA 🙌 … I’m From Thailand II’m very experience with my massage I do Deep tissue, Swedish, Thai and Stretching I’m good what I do and I’m very friendly & lovely and Fun+funny I will make you feel like bubble 😘Gallantly👍 you feel like walking on Air 😆 are you ready?!! My Lovel🥰

Playmate2903 said
Was chatting to an older lady on here which led to us meeting up and having a great session together. The best surprise was she was a squirter.. can’t wait to meet up again .

bluebellyork said
After meeting two other ladies before which did not worked out for a number of reasons, i meet Dongmei the love of my life, Dongmei is from Guangzhou in China. We talked and emailed each other for about 3 months before we meet in China. Had a great time together travelling. In total it took about 1 year and 4 months and two trips together before we were married in the uk 16th june 2007 and around 21st january 2008 we expect our first child. Dongmei does speak english but not fluent, people say how do you talk and i say we talk more that most english couples. For i teach her english, she teaches me chinese and we have lots in common. For any relationship to work you both need to be able too talk. good luck to all in search of love graham and dongmei .

SkyQuest said
Yes, I am forever indebted to AFF! It was thru the English chatroom on this site that I met my wife. I am a Hong Kong born Cantonese who had left for Canada at age 9. That was many moons ago. In November of 2005 I had visited Mainland China for the very lst time. When I returned to Canada I was still bubbling with excitement over my trip. I was eager to discuss my “adventure” with the many friends I have on AFF.

I happened to be in the English Chatroom one morning in December of 2005 when I ran into this handle from Kunming Yunnan. I had heard many wondrous things about this mysterious province of China. Therefore, I quickly opened up a dialogue with this lady. She was very accomodating, inviting me to her MSN and then telling me many interesting aspects of Yunnan. However, after this lst session I didnt chat much again with her on MSN because I wanted to play it cool. It was about 3 weeks later that I ran into her again in the AFF chatroom and started up another conversation. When she realized I was already on her MSN, she forthright asked me, “How come you never say anything to me on MSN? Dont you like chatting with me?” I was a bit amused. I really liked her directness and decided I wanted to pursue the relationship. Well, things got better and better. I visited her in May of 2006 and again in October of 2006. We were married in Kunming in March of 2007. For our honeymoon, we visited the Maldives Islands, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

One tip for the ladies: Please be open about having a video chat. It was thru this wonderful media that we were able to better judge the suitability of the other person.

Presently I am applying for her immigration to Canada. In 6 -9 months we should be one happy couple! Thanx again AFF. This site rocks!

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