Ace of Spades

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by Brenda (


A wife’s fantasy is fulfilled by a young black man. She
had always wanted to know what black was like and she
was not disappointed.

I am Brenda and I grew up in the South on a large farm
where we had field hands some of which lived on our
land. Most were descendants of slaves who stayed with
what they knew; working on a farm. I can remember at an
early age that I would admire the dark black muscular
bodies on the men as they worked. I have always heard
that black men were good at sex. Of course blacks and
whites normally kept their distance especially the farm
hands and the bosses wives and daughters.

I remember on young black man that dad would have work
in the yard and do some things around the house. I
would flirt with him when no one was looking, but that
was as far as it ever went. I used to watch his crotch
and look at the bulge there. I never knew if it was
naturally large or if he was partially aroused. All
during high school, the black guys would hit on the
white gals trying to get some white ass. It seemed like
it was a goal that they had to reach. I know some
achieved the goal and I heard some of the girls brag
about how horny and well hung the black guys were.

I have to admit that I started having fantasies of
making out with a black in my high school years and it
continued well into my married life. I really never
thought it would ever happen to me. I must admit that I
have flirted with several of the black men I have met
at various social events but never went farther than
that, until the time that this story is about.

My husband and I lived just out of town in a nice house
on several acres. Brad, (My husband) played sports in
high school and loved to go to the male high school
events and often we would have Bar-B-Que for some of
the teams This year we decided to entertain the
graduating senior male athletes at our house. We had a
cook out and served some beer (the guys were of age by
now), and had some music playing.

Most of the team was black as were the several coaches
and their wives. We were all having fun and some of the
guys wanted to dance and made some jokes about guys
dancing with guys. We wife types decided to dance with
them, which was a lot of fun. The men all went into the
den and started playing poker, which they all enjoyed.

Needless to say us old gals had a great time with the
guys and we were all feeling good as the young guys
were getting sexual with us gals. We laughed about
being teens again and were not discouraging the
attention. One particular guy (Ace) seemed to be really
interested in me and became more and braver as the
evening wore on. He would nibble my ear lobe, put his
hands on my bottom as we danced and push his hard young
black cock against my stomach as we danced. I would
squeeze him in approval when he did it and I could tell
it was driving him crazy as he was breathing hard and
seemed a bit nervous.

I knew I had better do something or he might try doing
me right there in front of everybody. I whispered to
him to go through the kitchen to the garage and I would
slip out there soon. He left and a few minutes later I
went into the garage and as I entered we went into each
other’s arms and kissed passionately as his black
tongue parted my lips and moved in circles around my

When we came up for air, I told him that I did not
intend to get him aroused and thought we had better
cool things down. He pulled me to him and said, “I want
you so bad! I have watched you at the games for three
years now and have dreamed about you and me. I can’t
just let this go. Just one time, please.”

I knew that I wanted him as well, so what the hell? I
told him to go back to the party on the patio and I
would think of something. I went to my room and wrote a
note to him, which said, I will meet you at the Mall
Friday night (Hubby’s Poker night) in front of the
Music store at 8 PM. If you can be there whisper to me
when we dance. I went back to the patio and danced with
Ben slipping the note to him. He left to read the note
and returned and as we danced, whispered that he would
not miss the date.

Now I had to figure out how to make things happen. I
drove a SUV that had folding seats, which folded flat
in case we got that far HUMMMMMMM. It would be dark and
my windows were tinted so no one could see us, I would
meet my Ace, yes my very black Ace of Spades.

The week passed slowly and I was edgy and nervous all
week. My fantasy was about to happen. I entered the
Mall and soon spotted Ace sitting on a bench as
planned. I greeted him and told him where my car was
and I would be in it waiting on him. (I could not take
the chance of someone recognizing me going to the car
with a young black stud).

Ace found my car and joined me in the front seat as I
moved to sit near him and pulled his black muscular
young body to me and kissed him deeply as his hands
began to feel all over me. I ran my hands under his
shirt and felt his kinky hairy chest and moved one hand
down to find his engorged hard cock. I knew the he
really wanted me and I could tell that my woman juices
were already flowing getting my white canal ready for
my black lovers joy stick.

I was happy and aroused and letting myself go
encouraging all of Ace’s attention. He was fumbling
with my blouse and bra removing them with shaking
hands. I was busy removing his shirt and feeling his
young manly body. I then climbed between the front seat
backs to the rear dragging my young black lover with
me. I lay back offering my body to him as he removed my
slacks and now soaked panties.

He eagerly started slurping my juices as he parted my
dark curly hairy lips and licked deeply and lapped my
juices as he swallowed. I sat up and pushed him back as
I unbuckled his best and removed his jeans and knit
shorts, revealing a long hard black gorgeous rod that
was ready for action.

I felt the shaft as Ace moaned and gently trusted
toward my hands and mouth. I could see the clear juices
seeping from the slit in Ace’s cock and I licked the
end savoring every little drop. Ace was now pulling me
to lay with him as he moved to take his superior
position above his conquered female.

I opened my legs wide as Ace moved above me and
positioned himself to take his woman, the one he had
dreamed about for three years. Yes I was his now, all
he had to do was send his black shaft deep inside this
waiting white wife. I moved to meet his black pole and
he gently pushed it into my well lubricated canal as he
moved his hands to my buttocks and pulled me to him.

Ace lay still as he held on tight. We both wanted each
other so much and had waited so long that an orgasm
seemed only a few thrusts away as we enjoyed holding
each other with Ace’s black cock locking us together as
one. Ace started humping his new mistress going harder
and harder, with his sack of black balls banging hard
oh her rear door. As I felt his balls slapping my white
ass, I knew that they would soon be unloading into my
waiting womb. Now Ace was murmuring, “…baby, baby,
baby, damn you are one fucking hot bitch. I am going to
fuck your white ass off. You are mine now. Oh shit I’m
so hot.” He was going hot and heavy now.

I screamed out, “I’m your white bitch now, you black
stud, breed me, plant your seeds, you black fucker!”

I was now shaking like a leaf. My whole body was
responding to this young bull as he shot his black seed
into me. I could feel his black cock throbbing and
shooting his sperm into the target. I stiffened up and
had an earth shattering orgasm then went limp as he
mumbled, “Baby, you just emptied my balls”.

We held each other in our arms not saying anything as I
felt his hard cock become limp. I knew that I had been
up to the task and had taken care of my young lover. He
had done equally well with me as I had the best orgasm
I could ever remember. I was thinking to myself that I
was hooked now and would likely want more. I reached
down between my thighs and felt the slimy sticky black
sperm as it oozed out, He had filled me up to

After awhile, I kissed Ace and said that I was going to
call him my “King of Spades.” Not only was he my
handsome black lover but also he was my King of lovers.

Ace said that he hoped that he could keep me as his
queen as he chuckled and said that maybe we could have
our poker night every Friday while my husband had his.

Needless to say, Ace and I poked a lot of fun on Friday
nights in my SUV.

Ace was one hot black lover, just like the one I had
dreamed about all these years.

I don’t think I was cheating my husband out of anything
after all he was not available on Friday nights, and
that suited me just fine.


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