A Cuckold in Waiting – Part 2

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by Intempo (will.logan111@gmail.com)


Greg always wanted to see his wife being abused by a
black man. One day he got his wish and much, much
more. (MMFf, wife, inc, intr, oral, anal, orgy, cuck)



Laura was dreaming, she was on her knees naked and six
black cocks were in front of her, her Mom was urging
he r to suck them one by one, a s the first one
approached her she opened her mouth to suck and then
woke up with a dull throbbing in her ass hole, it all
came back to her, the black cocks, her Daddy, her Mom
and her sucking and fucking two big black cocks.

She gingerly felt her asshole, it had been fine last
night when her Daddy had taken her ass cherry, now it
was a little bit sore, bearable she thought as she
made her way to her parent’s bedroom.

She was horny, dreaming about those big cocks had made
her pussy wet, she knew how to stop it.

She walked into the bedroom and shook her Daddy awake,
“lay on your back, I’ve got a job for you.”

Greg turned over and lay on his back as Laura climbed
up and sat on his face, “make me cum Daddy, I’m
feeling horny, I was dreaming about black cocks,” she
said grinding down on her Daddy’s face as he pushed
his tongue into her soaking wet pussy.

It didn’t take long for her to cum, Ellen had just
woken up and watched her daughter flood her husband’s
face with cum as he tried to swallow it all.

The sight made her feel her pussy, she was wet as
well, her husband would have another job when he
finished with Laura. She waited until Laura got off to
go for a shower and then she climbed onto his face,
“my turn, make me cum as well, then go and make

Laura and he r Mom were talking about Greg as though
he wasn’t there, “I’ve been thinking Laura, perhaps we
should make him wear panties, and a cock cage, what do
you think.”

“My pussy is getting wet, I want to see him in panties
now, have you got a suspender belt and stockings as

“Come with me Greg,” said Ellen leaving the room.

Twenty minutes later she walked back in, “close your
eyes Laura.”

Laura closed her eyes and waited, “Okay Laura, open
them now.”

“Wow, you look sexy,” she said as her Daddy stood
there in panties, black stockings and a suspender

“Perfect, now don’t forget you’ve got to fuck my ass
again, if I’m to take these big black cocks in my ass
I need all the practice I can get,” said Laura
climbing onto the couch with her ass in the air.

“Lick my ass first Daddy, get it nice and wet, besides
it’s still a little sore from last night, give it some
TLC with your tongue.”

Greg was on his knees behind her before she had
finished speaking and had his tongue in her ass hole.

Ellen watched, was her daughter becoming a slut
already, her own pussy was getting wet watching her
husband lick their daughter’s ass, it was so hot.

Ellen got the gel when Laura had enough ass licking,
“no need to tell you to get it hard is there,” she
said noticing Greg’s hard cock.

Laura braced herself as her Daddy pushed his cock into
her sixteen year old ass hole, it was better this
time, she pushed back to take more, she reckoned
another week of ass fucking and she could take a black
cock up there.

Ellen noticed Laura was taking charge more and more,
she would make her Daddy lick her ass and her cunt
every chance she got. Monday morning she insisted she
check to see if he was wearing his panties to work
along with his stockings.

Ellie was sent to stay with Aunt Natalie, Ellen’s
sister who lived only a few blocks away, Laura made
him fuck her ass every night, usually more than once
for the next week always licking it beforehand.

The weekend came round again, “I think I’m ready Mom,
shall we try those black cocks again, let’s go out and
find some, shouldn’t be hard.”

“Oh I couldn’t, I’m not like that, you’ll have to do
it, with your looks you’ll have no problem,” said Mom.

“Okay, if you’re not going to I’ll have to, not sure
how yet, but I’ll try.”

Mom was right, Laura sat in a coffee shop when three
muscular black guys walked in, they were smartly
dressed so Laura approved, they didn’t want gangsta
types who would treat them roughly or worse, force
them into prostitution.

She made eye contact with one who came over to her
table, he was quite handsome as were the other two.

“Can I buy you a coffee Miss,” he asked sitting down.

“No, it’s okay, I’m leaving soon.”

“That’s a pity, I was hoping to get to know you

‘Oh you will’ thought Laura as he sat closer to her.

‘I wonder how big his cock is, we don’t want a small
cock’ she thought as she put her hand on his thigh.

The man responded by putting his hand underneath her
dress and stroking her thigh.

Laura moved up, he would do, she could feel the
outline of his cock getting hard, it was big.

“I have to go now, Mom will be wondering where I am,
perhaps you could give me a lift home, you and your
friends,” said Laura knowingly.

“Sure, no problem, come on guys, the young lady wants
a ride home,” winking at his friends.

They pulled up outside Laura’s home, “I feel as though
I should ask you in for coffee now, you left yours to
give me a ride home, would you like a coffee.”

The men didn’t need persuading, they were out of the
car in a flash following Laura to her front door.

“Hi Mom, I brought these guys back for a coffee, this
is” holding her arm out to the three men.

“Hi Mom, I’m Gary, this is Adam and this is Salty.”

“Salty,?” asked Mom, “why Salty.”

“He won’t tell us,” said Gary.

“Sit down gentlemen,” said Laura sitting down as the
guy who was chatting he up sat quickly beside her,
another sat on the other side very close.

“My, you boys are eager,” feeling the heat from their
thighs against hers.

The third guy sat beside Ellen not sure what to do, he
knew Laura didn’t invite them in for coffee, but her
Mom, what about her, was she willing.

He got his answer when she lay her hand on his thigh
well up towards his cock, “why do they call you
Salty,” she asked sliding her hand ever closer to his
hardening cock.

“I’ll tell you some other time,” he said cupping her
tit and nuzzling her neck.

“Wait a minute, there’s someone else I want you to
meet,” said Ellen rising.

The three men looked at each other, what had they got
into, was this a robbery or something.

Ellen came back with Greg in his panties and
stockings, the three men now knew why they were there,
the women wanted to be fucked and the husband wanted
to watch.

Laura’s hands were on each crotch as she felt the
cocks harden, “well, are you going to keep them hidden
all night,” she joked.

Laura dropped to her knees as soon as she heard the
sound of zippers, two black cocks sprung free as she
grabbed one in each hand.

She slurped as she sucked on the first one then looked
at it, “beautiful” admiring the thick black shaft
kissing it before she sucked the next one licking it
up and down the shaft.

She was only wearing a dress which she pulled over her
head to suck the cocks naked. He r pussy was getting
wet as she sucked, one of the men rose and went behind

Laura gasped as two fingers were pushed into her wet
cunt. she sucked the cock then licked under his ball
sac as he moaned loudly. The two fingers were
withdrawn from her cunt and the man moved behind Ellen
and did the same.

“Daddy, get over here, on your back.”

Greg scuttled over and lay down beside his daughter,
“underneath me Daddy, I want you to lick my pussy
while I suck this big black cock.”

Greg slid underneath as Laura sat on his face her wet
cunt already dripping into his mouth. He pushed his
tongue in deep as his daughter ground down on his face
as she sucked.

Ellen’s first had changed places, the man who had his
fingers up her cunt was having his cock sucked by
Ellen while two fingers were inserted in her cunt.

Both women slurped and licked, both black cocks were
shiny with spit as they tried hard to swallow all of
the cock.

Laura was pushed away, “time for me to lick that pussy
of yours honey.”

“Oh yes please,” said Laura rising and lying back with
her legs in the air, Adam spread her pussy lips apart
and began to lick and suck on her clit. Laura held her
legs back as he licked her like never before sticking
his long tongue deep inside.

“Oh my god, you’re making me cum,” shouted Laura
pushing her crotch hard against his face as cum
spurted from her.

Ellen was being led to a couch where she too was
spread-eagled as tongues sucked her nipples and hands
fingered and rubbed her cunt.

Ellen was in heaven, why hadn’t she done this before,
she was ready to cum before a cock was even in her
cunt as Salty moved up and kissed her mouth hard.

She opened her mouth as his tongue met hers mashing
together as cum flowed from her wet cunt. Salty got up
and pushed his cock into her mouth as Gary pointed his
cock at her pussy rubbing the head up and down on her

To be continued?
Greg watched as the thick black cock disappeared up
his wife’s pussy hole, his cock was hard bulging
beneath his panties as he stroked it.

Laura caught a glimpse as she looked over, “no Daddy,
you’re not allowed unless we say so, leave your cock
alone, if you want a cock to play with come over here,
stroke Adam’s cock while he licks my pussy.”

Greg surprised himself by how quickly he moved over to
Adam, reaching between his legs from behind he grabbed
the cock and stroked it, ‘she’ll never take this in
her ass’ he thought as he carried on stroking feeling
the precum stick to his fingers.

Ellen was ordered to her hands and knees, Salty was
behind her ready to fuck her, Gary still had his cock
in her mouth that she sucked gladly.

“Hey Adam, bring that slut over here, she can kneel
here, I want to fuck mother and daughter side by

Laura was led to her mother’s side and told to get on
her knees, Adam and Salty pointed their cocks and
entered both pussies at the same time.

Laura felt the huge cock go in, she gritted her teeth
until she got used to the thick cock and then fucked
him back. Gary was moving from mother to daughter as
both sucked his cock.

“Have you ha d a cock in your ass honey,” Adam asked

“Only my Daddy’s,” answered Laura slightly out of

“Well this cock is bigger than your Daddy’s and I’m
going to fuck your ass later, I hope you can take it,”
slapping her ass cheeks.

Laura was too out of breath to answer, the big cock
was making cum flow from her cunt as Adam fucked her
mercilessly pounding her young cunt.

Ellen was cumming, she had hardly stopped cumming ever
since the black cock entered her pussy, she knew that
all of them would fuck her ass and her cunt before
they were finished.

“Hey!, pussy boy, fetch some gel and get your
daughter’s ass ready for my black cock, hurry up.”

Greg rose and fetched the gel, Adam told him to smear
Laura’s ass hole inside and out, he smiled to himself
as he grabbed Greg’s hair and held his head back.

“Open your mouth pussy boy,” as he pulled out and
shoved his cock into Greg’s mouth.

Greg almost choked, he could taste his daughters cum
and pussy juice as Adam held his head and fucked his

“Now put some cream on my dick pussy boy, you don’t
want me to wreck your daughter’s ass hole do you,” as
Greg smeared his cock as well.

“Didn’t your Daddy teach you anything slut, when a man
wants to fuck your ass you put your head on the floor
and your ass in the air,” pushing Laura’s head down.

Laura gripped the carpet as the head went slowly
inside her asshole, Adam was aware she didn’t have
much experience of ass fucking, he had a daughter
roughly the same age as Laura, he didn’t want to hurt

“You okay honey, do you want me to fuck your ass

Laura mumbled something into the carpet and nodded her
head, she felt Adam’s cock being pulled out and then
pushed back in as he increased his thrusts.

Laura was proud of herself, she was taking her first
big black cock in her ass and she hadn’t screamed or
made a fuss, now she would be able to fuck with all
her holes.

She glanced over at her mother and knew she was being
ass fucked as well, her cheek was on the floor as
Salty pushed her forward with every thrust.

Laura’s ass was pounded for ten minutes, Adam gripped
her ass cheeks, she could feel the spurts of cum go
into her ass as Adam moaned loudly fucking her in
short jabs as he emptied his sperm into her.

“Come on Daddy, clean me up, you don’t want Gary to
fuck a sloppy ass do you, clean it up for him, all of

Greg positioned himself behind her, cum was dripping
from her ass hole, he slurped up what he could see
sticking his tongue as deep in her ass as he could.

“I’ll bet there’s more in there pussy boy,” said Adam
sticking his finger deep into Laura’s ass pulling out
some cum on his finger. Greg opened his mouth and
sucked his finger clean, a few more followed before
Adam said he could go as Gary got behind Laura with
his cock in his hand.

Laura kept her head on the floor as Gary plunged his
hard dick deep into her wet cunt, Adam lifted her head
up and offered her his cock to suck, her mouth opened
and she sucked on his cock as Gary fucked her hard
from behind.

Laura was cumming again, she lost count of the times,
shivers of pleasure ran through her body as Gary
fucked her even harder. Adam moved over to Ellen and
lifted her head as she opened her mouth to suck his

Salty was cumming at last, he had been fucking Ellen
in both holes for a full twenty minutes sending Ellen
into raptures.

“Move Adam,” he shouted as he moved quickly and shoved
his cock into Ellen’s mouth sending spurts of cum down
her throat.

Adam had moved behind her and began to fuck her as
Ellen swallowed Salty’s load, she didn’t have much
choice as he held her head tight as he spurted. Ellen
cleaned his cock and Salty stood back, “now you know
why they call me salty,” he laughed as Ellen tasted
his salty cum.

Gary was cumming already, cum was shooting into
Laura’s cunt as he pushed his cock in all the way and
held it there.

Greg was called over and was licking the cum from his
daughter’s cunt when they heard a voice, “so this is
why you want me to have Ellie, very sexy.”

Laura and the others looked around, in the doorway
stood Ellie, their fifteen year old daughter and
Natalie, Ellen’s sister.

The three men dressed quickly and left, Laura saw them
out, “we’re from out of town, my brother lives here,
go and see him at Bernie’s gym, he owns it, if ever
you need someone, you know, he’ll help.”

Laura thanked him and went back to face her Aunt
Natalie and her younger sister Ellie, how the hell was
she and her mother going to explain this away, she
must have seen her Daddy lick cum from Ellie’s cunt.

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