A Cuckold in Waiting Part 1

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by Intempo (will.logan111@gmail.com)


Greg always wanted to see his wife being abused by a
black man. One day he got his wish and much, much
more. (MMFf, wife, inc, intr, oral, anal, orgy, cuck)


Greg had pestered his wife to let a big black cock
ravage her while he watched.

Ellen Davis watched the screen on her computer, the
young girl squealed in pure ecstasy as the thick long
black cock slid into her receptive cunt.

The black man began to pound her mercilessly as she
squealed even louder, his thumb was in her ass hole as
he fucked her giving her double the pleasure, Ellen
opened her eyes wide as he pulled out of her cunt and
put it in her ass bit by bit until the whole shaft was

Ellen’s hand slid down to her wet pussy and rubbed her
clit, could she do it, her husband Greg had been on at
her for weeks to do it, having never been with a black
man before she wondered were all their cocks that big.

Greg wasn’t exactly what you would call blessed in the
cock department, it was adequate, that was all. She
and Greg had been married sixteen years, she had
become pregnant when she was seventeen but Greg had
stood by her and they got married.

Laura was sixteen and their other daughter Ellie was
fifteen, both beautiful well developed girls.

Ellen was cumming, watching the movie had turned her
on and cum was flowing onto the chair as she fingered
herself even more.

The thought was still with her, would she have the
nerve to go through with it, Greg had wanted to see a
black man ravage his wife while he watched, said it
would spice up their sex life, god knows it needed

She and Laura were like sisters, they had shared many
secrets together, she decided to ask her advice that
night as she rose and wiped the cum off the chair and
prepared to shower.

“You’re kidding Mom, he really wants to watch you with
a black man, how kinky, what do you think.”

“I don’t know, watch this,” as she put the movie back

Laura watched open mouthed as the big black cock
pounded the young girls cunt, she gasped when he
fucked her ass hole, “oh my god, how does she take
that in her tiny ass hole Mom.”

Ellen’s pussy was wet again but she couldn’t
masturbate in front of her daughter, it would have to

“What do you think, think I should do it.”

“That young girl certainly enjoyed it, did you hear
her squeals,” said Laura her own pussy very wet as

“It would only be a one off though, I wouldn’t want to
do it all the time, if I did,” she answered quickly.

“You’ve already decided haven’t you,” said Laura
picking up on the last bit.

“It had crossed my mind, your Daddy is a bit boring in
bed I’m sorry to say, might be exciting to have
someone order you to do things.”

“You mean like suck his cock,” laughed Laura.

“LAURA, you shouldn’t say things like that, but yes,”
she laughed

“If it’s only once, go for it, what harm can it do,
it’s not like you’re cheating or anything, Daddy knows
all about it.”

Three weeks later the doorbell rang, Greg answered and
two large black men stood there, Greg had found them
in a magazine that catered for that sort of thing.

“Mr Davis, I believe you’re expecting us, my name is
John and this is James, not our real names of course,
you understand why.”

“Yes of course, come in, I’ll call my wife down.”

Ellen was upstairs with Laura, Ellie had gone to her
Aunt’s house for the weekend, “you okay Mom, you can
call it off now if you’re not sure,” said Laura.

“No, it has gone this far, let’s get it over with,”
rising and walking towards the door.

Downstairs Greg was talking to the two men, “Why two
of you?”

“Well, you never know who’s behind the door, if
there’s only one, anything can happen. Don’t worry,
it’s just insurance, now how do you want me to be,
like a pimp, you know, call her bitch and things like

Greg felt his cock rise, “Would you? That would be

Ellen walked through the door fully dressed. “Hello,”
she said holding out her hand.

The two men ignored her, John looked at her, “when I
call to see my bitch I don’t expect to see her fully
dressed, I want to see her naked and on her knees
ready for me, understand bitch.”

Ellen was taken aback by this but felt a twinge in her
pussy, she was enjoying it, god help her she was
enjoying being spoken to like this, she found herself
saying sorry.

“Sorry Sir when you speak to me from now on bitch, got

“Yes Sir,” replied Ellen not knowing why she said it.

“You have twenty seconds bitch to get naked and on
your knees,” said John looking at his watch.

Ellen pulled off her clothes and stepped out of her
panties and then knelt down on her knees.

“That’s better bitch,” said John standing up in front
of her, “take my pants down and get my cock out,” he

“Yes Sir” said Ellen her pussy soaking wet by now.

Greg’s cock was rock hard as he watched his attractive
wife getting a black cock out to suck.

Laura was peeping through a crack in the door she had
asked her Mom to leave open a little, She was ashamed
that her pussy was as wet as her Mom’s as she watched.

Ellen gave a little gasp as John’s cock sprung free,
if anything it was bigger than the man in the movie,
“open wide bitch,” he ordered as Ellen saw the huge
cock head come towards her face.

She opened her mouth and tasted her first black cock,
it spread her mouth right open such was the size of

John lifted his cock and told her to lick his balls,
Ellen licked all the way down the thick shaft and then
sucked on one of his balls all the time stroking his

Greg was taking his cock out, he couldn’t stand it any
longer as he stroked it in front of James.

Laura had three fingers in her wet pussy, her skirt
was around her waist and her panties around her knees,
cum was flowing from her young pussy as she fingered

James could hear the noise behind the door, he walked
over and opened it to see Laura with her fingers in
her cunt.

“Well well, look here bro, another bitch with a wet
cunt,” he said cupping her pussy and feeling the cum
drip from her.

James pushed her down to her knees and pulled out his
big cock, “suck on this bitch instead of fingering
yourself, you can have the real thing after.”

Ellen didn’t know it but Laura gave out to a lot of
boys, never a black one though, she opened her mouth
as James shoved his cock in, “suck it bitch, suck it
just like your bitch mother,” holding her head as he
mouth fucked her.

Greg should have stopped proceedings at this point,
when he didn’t the two black men knew they had him,
this was his daughter, he should have jumped up and
ordered them out of the house, instead he stroked his
cock harder watching his sixteen year old daughter
suck a big black cock.

John looked over at James, “Hey motherfucker, you know
the rules, no clothes when bitches suck cock, get them
fucking clothes off now bitch,” he shouted at Laura.

Laura pulled her blouse off and unclipped her bra, she
stood up and let her skirt and panties fall to the
floor, now she was naked and pushed back to her knees
where she resumed her sucking.

Greg was looking at his daughter, god she had a
beautiful body, firm jutting tits and long legs,
blonde hair around her pussy, she was fucking so sexy
and stroked his cock even harder.

“Hey bro, I fancy some of that, stick your cock in
this bitch’s mouth and I’ll have some of that.”
Walking over to Laura and sticking his cock in her
mouth without asking, “Suck me bitch, suck me good,”
holding her hair.

Laura tasted the new cock, if someone had told her at
school that morning she would be on her knees with her
mother sucking two big black cocks she would have
thought they were mad. Yet here she was with a black
cock in her mouth completely naked and enjoying it.

Laura was still an ass virgin, she had resisted the
temptation all the way, yet here she was thinking if
he wants to fuck my ass I’m going to let him, what was
the matter with her, had she become addicted to black
cock so quickly.

Her Mom was being laid out with legs spread on the
couch, James was pointing his hard cock at her pussy
and soon entered her much to Ellen’s pleasure.

Laura was being pushed back, John bent down and took
her clit in his mouth pulling it up and sucking on it.
Laura moaned out loud a s John sucked even harder
pulling her clit all the way as far as it would go,
letting it go and then starting all over again.

Laura was cumming, her clit felt on fire as John kept
sucking and pulling pushing his finger into her wet
cunt as she cum in bucketfuls.

John plunged his cock into her cunt, Greg watched as
his daughter arched up to meet his thrusts stroking
his cock until globules of cum shot in the air.

Ellen too was having the fuck of her life, James was
every bit as big as John as he pounded her cunt hard
and made Ellen squirt cum all over his cock.

Greg hadn’t made her cum in years, he was so boring,
this was exciting, she was fucking someone else with
her husband’s blessing, she wasn’t going to let it
stop with James, there must be a lot more black cocks
out there she hadn’t tried yet.

Greg was getting hard again, his daughter aged sixteen
had her legs wrapped around a muscular black man
fucking him back with every thrust clearly enjoying

James and John fucked both, they swapped before
emptying their seed in each pussy, Laura was a little
miffed he hadn’t asked to fuck her ass hole, she would
have let him.

Greg paid both men who left promising to get in touch
but knew they would never be in touch again.

“Well, how did that go, you enjoyed it obviously by
your moans and antics, now you’ve done it that’s it,
back to normal I suppose,” said Greg.

Laura and her Mom looked at each other knowingly, this
was by no means their last fuck with a black cock,
there were plenty more ready to fuck a white bitch’s
puss y or ass hole, and right now they felt like a
black man’s bitch.

Ellen and Laura were talking after Greg had gone to
bed, “has Dad…, you know….,I don’t know how to say
this Mom, has Dad…., oh fuck it, has Dad fucked your
ass Mom.”

“Laura, you and I have just sucked two black cocks,
we’ve just been fucked by two black cocks, why does it
bother you to ask if your Daddy has fucked my ass, the
answer is yes, many times, but only at my insistence,
I’ve already told you, he’s boring in bed.”

“I haven’t, I mean I haven’t had my ass fucked, and ye
t if John or James had asked me I would have said yes,

“I don’t know, I felt the same, no matter what he
would have asked me to do I would have done it, would
you like to do it again Laura.”

Laura nodded, “yes I would, would you.”

“Yes, and I’m going to, I really enjoyed tonight,
whether your Daddy minds or not, I’m going to fuck a
black cock again.”

They sat and discussed what had happened as Greg
looked quizzically at them, I want to lick your
pussies, both of you, I want to lick them now.”

Laura looked at her Mom, “why not, you’ve just had a
black cock in there, can’t see what harm your Daddy’s
tongue can do.”

Laura was about to say her pussy was full of cum but
Mom stopped her, she knew better, she now knew why
Greg wanted her to fuck a black man, he wanted to
become a cuckold, well that was fine by her, now she
and Laura could fuck black men without having to hide
it from Greg.

“Lay down Laura and open your legs, Daddy wants to
clean your pussy from cum, you don’t want us to get
pregnant do you darling,” but she was talking to
herself, Greg’s head was already between his daughters
legs licking cum from her pussy.

Laura was turned on, first a black cock had fucked her
regally and now her Daddy was cleaning his cum from
her cunt. She knew she would cum again as she held her
Daddy’s hair pulling him closer to her wet cunt.

“Get it all out darling, we don’t want our daughter
with a black baby, clean her out.”

Laura pushed up into his face as cum cascaded from her
pussy, Greg lapped it up tasting his daughter’s cum
for the first time as she wrapped her legs around his

Greg moved oer to his wife who lay back squeezing cum
from her cunt, Greg started down by her ass hole and
licked upwards cleaning any cum that was there, he
opened up her pussy lips and stuck his tongue inside
sucking any cum that was in there.

Ellen held his head tight against her cunt, Laura and
I have decided we’re going to fuck and suck more black
cock, we want you to be there to clean us out after,
understand, also, I want you to fuck Laura’s ass, I’m
sure there’ll be a black cock up there soon, I’d
rather you took her ass cherry first, is that okay

“That’s good with me, I’m sure Daddy won’t hurt me,”
said Laura.

“Good, we’ll start right away, have you got all the
cum out darling, show me your tongue.”

Greg stuck his tongue out, it was covered in white
gooey cum, “that’s a good boy, now swallow it,”

Greg gulped the cum down and swallowed, “that’s good
darling, did that black cum taste nice cos’ you’re
going to get plenty more soon, now while that cock of
yours is hard, let’s get Laura’s ass ready.”

Laura was on her knees as Ellen applied Gel inside and
out on her ass, she smeared some on Gregs cock as he
prepared to fuck his daughters ass hole.

“Finger her first darling, loosen her up a little like
you did with me that first time,” said Ellen.

Greg pushed his finger into Laura’s ass slowly, bit by
bit his finger disappeared until it was in all the
way. Laura liked it, a strange feeling but very nice
as her Daddy finger fucked her ass hole.

“Okay, time for your cock now, be gentle with her.”

Ellen took his cock and held it against Laura’s
sphincter, “okay darling, are you ready for your first
ass fuck.”

“I’m ready Mom, put it in now.”

Greg pushed his cock in and was surprised to see her
open up and take his cock, the gel was doing the trick
as his cock disappeared up his daughters ass hole
helped by her Mom.

Laura was surprised, she had thought that sticking a
cock up her ass would have been very painful, instead
it was quite pleasurable, maybe that was because her
Daddy was taking extra care.

Greg fucked her gently under his wife’s gaze, he
stroked her ass cheeks as he fucked her, he had long
wondered what those ass cheeks looked like when she
wore micro shorts that showed her cameltoe and her
tight ass hole.

All the stroking before had weakened his resolve not
to come too quickly, “Sorry honey, I’m cumming, can I
cum in her ass please.”

“Makes no difference honey, you’ve got to clean it up
when you do,” said Ellen.

Greg had no choice, sperm was shooting into his
daughter’s asshole as she spoke, he leaned back and
groaned loudly as he finished cumming in her.

“Stay there Laura, Daddy has something to do, don’t
you dear.”

“Yes dear,” said Greg kneeling behind his daughters
ass and licking the cum from her. Laura felt he r
pussy twinge, this was so sexy, her own Daddy was
licking cum from her ass where he ha d just fucked

“I want him to make me cum again when he finished
cleaning me Mom,” said Laura.

“Tell him yourself dear, he’s your cuck as well now,”
as Laura ordered him to lick her wet pussy.

Greg announced he was going to bed, Laura decided she
wanted to go too but Ellen told he r to stay she
wanted to talk to her.

“Get your laptop Laura, if Greg wants to be a cuck we
have to know how to treat him, we might as well do
things properly, you do want to suck and fuck a black
cock again don’t you?.”

“Oh definitely, I want to feel that big cock in my
pussy again.”

Right, so we have to treat, your Daddy likes being a
cuck, see what it says, we have to do.”

Laura searched and found what they were looking for,
Ellen read out loud, “Seems he’s only allowed to lick
pussy, not fuck it, he’s only allowed to masturbate
with his owner’s permission, that would be us then,
you can if you wish put a cock cage on him to stop him
masturbating, he must clean your any part of you from
bodily fluids you desire.”

Laura took over, “Make him wear frilly panties and
stockings and do the housework.”

“I think we’ll skip that one, the cock cage as well
for now, I want him to fuck your ass again, I don’t
want some huge black cock ramming up there and hurting
you, best if Daddy breaks you in first, come into the
bedroom in the morning, he can fuck your ass.”


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