A Modern Love Story

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By Octavian (octavianknight11@hotmail.com)


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God, there has to be an easier way to make a living.
Dave Parker was on his back in the loft of an old
detached house in Surrey. The owner, who had recently
been widowed, was having some work done on the house
before she put it on the market.

The Private House Sale Act of 2007 compelled the vendor
to indemnify the purchaser of a property in the event of
any major work needing to be done in the two years
immediately after the sale. It was possible to get
insurance cover for this contingency, provided the
property had been surveyed and subject to an approved
contractor repairing any defects found. The company for
whom Dave worked, Brown & Co, was such a contractor, and
had been appointed to undertake the remedial work on the
roof timbers.

All these old houses were the same. There was always a
lifetime of accumulated junk stored in the loft. He had
been forced to move much of it around in order to
undertake the ultrasonic scans and he was sweating
freely from his exertions. He was now wedged in the area
close to the eaves, right where the roof trusses met the
joists. There was hardly any room to move. Not only
that; the loft had been insulated with fibreglass and it
was already irritating his skin. The dust mask he was
wearing merely exacerbated the sense of claustrophobia.

Still, at least the old biddy that owned the house was
very pleasant. She would regularly make him coffee and
there was always a plateful of biscuits too. He had got
talking to her the day before and she had told him that
she was selling up because the house was now far too big
for her following the death of her husband. She was
moving to a smaller, more manageable house, not too far
from where her daughter and her son-in-law lived.

There was one last section of the joists to test. He
would have to shift some wooden boxes to gain access. He
was able to move the first box without any trouble but
the second one seemed to be much heavier. He managed to
drag it far enough along the boards to allow him to
crawl behind it. It was quite dark in this area and he
was obstructing what little light there was.

Fortunately he had a torch with him and he was able to
attach the probe without too much difficulty. He began
to ease himself out and then something caught his eye.
He shone his torch at the object in question. A thick
manila envelope, covered in dust, was resting on the
fibreglass insulation. Maybe it had fallen from one of
the wooden boxes that he had just moved. He wriggled
over to it and picked it up planning to put it back.

“Dave,” he heard her say, “I’ve made you a cup of

“Thank you, Mrs. Mayhew, I’ll be right down.” He slid
back into the main area of the loft and putting down the
envelope and his torch, he climbed down the loft ladder
to the landing. She had left him a mug of freshly
percolated coffee and a plate containing a generous
helping of biscuits.

He carefully placed the mug on the plate and holding
onto the ladder with his free hand, he returned to the
loft. He had forgotten about the torch until he trod on
it. He lost his balance and in his efforts to regain it,
the mug of coffee slipped across the plate, discharging
its contents as it did so. The plate was awash with
coffee and sodden biscuits. Not only that, there was
coffee on the floor too, and it was already permeating
the envelope. He quickly picked it up and mopped at it
with his handkerchief.

It was already soaked so he promptly removed the
contents. There was a videocassette and a bundle of
loose papers held together by an elastic band. The video
was entitled, ‘Majorcan Pleasures’ and judging by the
name, was one of those scenic videos that tourists used
to buy as a souvenir of their holidays. The cassette was
only slightly wet and he was able to wipe it dry with
his handkerchief.

But it was not that simple with the papers; coffee had
already begun to seep into the edges of some of them.
Mopping at them would not make much difference. It made
more sense to wave them about in the air and to try and
dry them that way. So that was what he proceeded to do.
And then a four-letter word caught his eye. He looked
more closely at the top document.

The word only appeared once amidst the mass of close
typed text that filled four fifths of the page, yet his
eyes had somehow alighted on it. He read the sentence
containing the word and then the paragraph containing
the sentence. Then he read the whole page starting from
the heading ‘Chapter 1’.

He was intrigued and he carefully removed the elastic
band from the bundle in order to read the next page. It
was a continuation of the text, the figure two at the
foot of the page confirming the fact. He thumbed through
the other sheets. They were all consecutively numbered
and he realised he was looking at the manuscript of a

Chapter 1

My wife, Kelly, is drop-dead gorgeous, an absolute
stunner. She is twenty-nine years old, about five feet
nine tall and has long dark brown shoulder length hair.
Sometimes she wears it combed up, with a few longer
strands hanging down in coils, framing her beautiful
neck. She has a pert nose, captivating warm brown eyes
and an even warmer smile.

She thinks that her mouth is too big but since she is
always smiling it just adds to her charm. She is often
assumed to be an Italian, especially when she has got a
tan. She has a superb figure too, slim but shapely. Her
bust is full yet firm enough for her to dispense with
her bra when she wants to.

She has a narrow waist, a lovely firm rounded backside
and long legs that seem even longer when she wears tight
trousers. She looks after herself and goes regularly to
a keep fit class as well as a tennis club. I reckon that
she could have been a model, but in fact she works for a
small company supplying computer products.

As if her looks and figure weren’t enough she also has a
wonderful personality. She is always happy and it is no
exaggeration to say that she seems to light up any room
she enters. She is by nature, caring and considerate
and, in consequence, is well liked by everyone who knows
her. I readily concede that my objectivity is open to
question, but during the six years we have been married,
a number of our friends, both male and female, have all
told me as much, usually going on to say how lucky I am,
as if I didn’t already know.

To put the icing on the cake, so to speak, she is very
good in bed. And not only in bed either; but also in the
lounge, in the kitchen, in the garden or wherever else
we happen to be when the fancy takes her.

Suffice it to say that she is particularly gifted in
this respect. And before anyone questions my
objectivity, let me say that a man whom Kelly had met a
couple of months earlier, has the same opinion. How do I
know? Because he told me so himself! In words that will
remain indelibly stamped in my memory, he casually
informed me that my wife was a ‘fabulous fuck’! But
maybe I should start at the beginning.

Kelly and I have been married for just over six years.
We weren’t childhood sweethearts exactly but we have
known each other since we were children. She is the
younger sister of Sean, who was my best friend at junior
school. She was just six years old and was having a
birthday party when we first met. Sean didn’t want to be
the only boy present so I was also invited.

It’s funny how some things stick in the mind. I can’t
remember anything about the party but Kelly can.
Apparently there were some chocolate fingers on a plate
on the table and she argued with me because I took the
last one. Not so long ago I came across some photos that
were taken at this very party.

It was evident she was self-conscious about the braces
on her teeth, but she actually looked quite sweet in her
blue check dress and her hair in pigtails. However
appearances can be deceptive and according to her
brother she was a real pain.

I suppose I started to become more aware of her when she
was about eight or nine. Sean and Kelly had been invited
to a fancy dress party and their mother had made
costumes for them. Sean’s was Sir Lancelot, and Kelly’s
was Lady Guinivere. I did not go to the party because my
parents could not afford to make me a costume, although
I only found that out some years later.

A few days afterwards, I was round Sean’s house and we
were playing Knights of the Round Table. Sean was
dressed up in his Sir Lancelot costume whilst I was in
my everyday clothes pretending to be Sir Galahad. Kelly
felt sorry for me and she gave me the scarf to wear from
her Lady Guinivere outfit. She said this was her
‘favour’ and it signified that I was her champion and
that I would for evermore have to protect her honour.

I remember her turning into a bit of a tomboy, when she
genuinely preferred to be with boys, rather than with
friends of her own sex. She would often come out with
Sean and me when we went tree climbing in the nearby
woods. She was both agile and fearless and would
invariably climb higher and quicker than anyone else.
She would also join in when we played football and she
was actually quite skilful. She had good ball control
and she could use both feet. Not only that, when she
tackled you, she really got stuck in. The only thing she
wouldn’t do was to head the ball because she didn’t like
getting her hair dirty!

In fact, she seemed to have a natural ability at any
sport involving a ball. She was gifted at tennis, and
having joined a local club, won both the junior and then
the intermediate cups. She became a regular in her
school netball team and it wasn’t long before she was
made captain, eventually going on to play for the
county. She had stopped playing football much earlier,
realising that her legs looked all the more attractive
when they weren’t covered in bruises.

I cannot exactly recall when my feelings for her became
more intense, when I began to think of her as more than
just Sean’s sister. I may have been about fifteen or
sixteen. I know it took me ages to pluck up the courage
to ask her out on a proper date and I don’t think I will
ever forget my trepidation as I waited to see how she
would react.

To my great relief she agreed, and we arranged to go to
the cinema. I felt very proud as I purchased two tickets
for the back row. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough
money for two popcorns and two orangeades, so I bought
just the one drink and two straws. Kelly had placed our
container of orangeade on the armrest so that we could
share it.

I decided I would take my coat off and in so doing
managed to knock over the drink, spilling it all into
her lap! The cold and sticky orange juice utterly soaked
her. To make matters worse she had dropped her popcorn
from the shock and that was sticking to her dress. I was
mortified, she was furious and she stormed out of the
cinema saying that she would never speak to me again!
However Kelly was no more successful in shaking me off,
than she had been shaking off the popcorn.

She agreed to go out with me on another date and whilst
she was getting ready, Sean, ever one to tease his
sister, couldn’t resist a joke at her (my?) expense and
offered her the loan of his wet suit. Fortunately it
wasn’t needed on this occasion or indeed on any of our
subsequent regular dates.

And despite the inauspicious start, our relationship
flourished and we became quite serious. We even
discovered sex together, and, in a never to be forgotten
moment, jointly lost our virginity. However the
relationship began to cool when I went away to Bristol
to further my education. And the final nail in the
coffin was hammered in when Kelly got a place at Durham
University. In all honesty neither of us was that upset;
we both realised that we had been too serious at too
young an age.

I had wanted to see a bit of the world before I settled
down anyway, and the break-up with Kelly provided the
necessary stimulus. I set off on a round the world trip
expecting to be away for a year or so but I was away for
nearly three times as long. I had ended up in Australia
and I liked the country and the lifestyle so much that I
wanted to make it my permanent home. However
applications to emigrate could only be made from England
and I therefore had to return.

I had been at my parents’ home for about a month or so
when I bumped into Sean. We were really pleased to see
each other and naturally we had lots to talk about. Of
course I asked him about Kelly and he informed me that
she now had a steady boyfriend whom she’d met when she
had been studying at Durham. Sean was on his way to meet
some of his friends in a pub and he asked me to join
him, which of course, I did. By chance Kelly was there.

She and her boyfriend had planned to go elsewhere but
they’d had a big row and he had stormed off. Kelly did
not want to be alone on a Saturday night, and as Sean
had told her where he was going, she reasoned that she
would at least be with him and his friends. But she
hadn’t anticipated his friend from his earliest
childhood being present.

We saw each other at the same moment. She hadn’t changed
much in the intervening three years. She’d filled out
just a little but she was still slim. She had clearly
gained confidence and was, if anything, even more

She was smiling as she said, “Let me know if you are
going to take your jacket off, Ben, and I’ll move all
the drinks out the way!”

We kissed with real affection and then we just looked at
each other. She may have been slightly misty eyed; I
know that I was. I had fallen in love, for the second
time in my life, and with exactly the same person! We
arranged to meet the following week and everything
thereafter was inevitable.

We were married two years later. With the benefit of
hindsight I recognise that we were sexually
inexperienced at the time. Kelly had had sexual
relations with her boyfriend at university and I’d been
with a handful of girls during my time in Australia, but
we were still pretty green.

Me, I’m thirty-two and I work in a busy corporate
finance house, part of a major international banking
conglomerate. I used to work in a private bank and I
made a fair amount of money when we were taken over some
two years ago. With this money, Kelly and I bought an
old detached house, in quite large grounds, situated in
a leafy secluded part of Surrey.

Now that we were financially secure we wanted to start a
family. We tried for about twelve months but without
success. Finally we both undertook tests in a private
clinic early last year. The results showed that Kelly
had some rare medical condition preventing her from
being able to conceive.

This caused her to become very depressed and, incredible
as it might seem, even to entertain doubts about her own
femininity. As a result she lost interest in sex. This
was rather frustrating for me, to say the least. But I
knew she was a naturally happy person, who would,
sooner, rather than later, put this all behind her and I
was therefore quite confident that things would return
to normal. In the interim I obtained my sexual relief by
watching blue movies and masturbating. Kelly was working
late from time to time so it wasn’t really a problem.

Chapter 2

Kelly had been due to work late one night, but there had
been a mix up and she came home earlier than expected. I
didn’t hear her come in and only became aware of her
presence when she opened the door of the study. I was
watching a film, wearing only a tee shirt, masturbating
like fury and just about to ejaculate. She was
embarrassed, but not as much as I was! She didn’t say
anything; she just closed the door behind her, and left
me alone with my humiliation. She didn’t want to talk
about it that night but she was more amenable the
following morning. We were just finishing breakfast. She
put down her cup of tea and looked questioningly at me.

“So, Ben, I suppose you are going to tell me that you’re
watching pornography because of me.”

I felt no small degree of embarrassment as I started to
answer her. “Well, Kelly, it’s like this… look, I
accept that you’re not that interested in sex at the
moment. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not! What am I
supposed to do? Watching pornography and satisfying my
own needs is surely preferable to me having an affair
with another woman, isn’t it?”

When the significance of what I’d said had sunk in she
started to cry. And then she was apologising, saying it
was all her fault. I comforted her as best I could,
telling her that there was no need for recriminations,
that it was not her fault and that I could understood
why she’d lost interest in sex. There were more tears at
this point and in between wiping her eyes and her nose
she said that she would love it if we could go back to
the way we used to be, but as she now felt less of a
woman, such a return seemed increasingly unlikely. I
asked her why she felt that way, why should she feel
diminished by what was a medical condition.

There were no doubt thousands of infertile women who did
not let this detail prevent them from enjoying full sex
lives. I told her it made absolutely no difference to
the way that I felt about her, and that there was no
basis whatsoever for her low self esteem. Then I had a
flash of inspiration and suggested that watching a video
together might help matters. Her initial reaction was
far from encouraging, but a degree of persuasion on my
part overcame a degree of reluctance on hers, and she
finally agreed. We planned it for the following Saturday

It was almost like going out on a first date again and
Kelly was prepared to make a real effort. She’d taken a
long relaxing bath and had then spent a long time making
herself up. Her hair was combed up in that enchanting
style I like so much and she was wearing a grey slinky
two-piece that clung to her body like a second skin. I
could even see the outline of her high cut panties. I
loved her when she wore those because of the way they
emphasised her long legs.

I diverted the phone to the answer machine and I opened
a bottle of wine. We were sitting side by side on the
sofa in the study and were holding hands. I had chosen a
film about a couple who had once been lovers, had lost
contact with each other and had then met up again. In
some ways it was an allegory for the two of us, but that
was only one of the reasons for my choice. It was also a
romantic story, the leading couple were both good
looking, and the sex took place in picturesque settings.

When Kelly had first started to watch it she’d told
herself she was only doing it for me and that she would
be able to take or leave such a film. However she was
surprised when it did begin to have an effect on her and
before long she could hardly bear to take her eyes from
the screen and was unconsciously crossing and uncrossing
her legs. It was clear that she was excited and I hadn’t
even laid a finger on her.

I planned to remedy that at once and slowly slid my hand
up the smooth skin of her inner thigh. In a reflex
action she parted her legs, her absorption in the film
never wavering. I felt her vagina through the soft and
increasingly wet fabric of her panties and then I eased
my hand inside them and began to stroke her soft pubic
hair and to touch her opening.

She felt me trying to pull her panties down so she
immediately raised herself, so as to make it easier for
me. She resumed her former position once I had removed
them. She managed to tear herself away from the screen
long enough to plant a full wet kiss on my lips and then
I felt her undoing the top of my trousers and she
carefully unzipped me. She invited me to take them off,
reminding me with a smile that I never usually wore them
when I watched such films! I slipped them off and sat
back next to her.

We were now both naked below the waist and it was thus
very easy to play with each other whilst we continued
watching the film. It was an incredibly erotic situation
and in a very short space of time we had both climaxed.
Had we been in bed, there would have been a few post
coital kisses, a few endearments voiced and then we
would have both fallen asleep. However the video was
still running, the leading couple were now on a nudist
beach and we continued to watch it. I picked up her
glass and waving it in front of her face asked her if
she wanted more.

“I’d love to if you’re up to it, but maybe we ought to
wait a while and have another glass of wine in the
interim.” She was smiling as I replenished her wine and
sat back alongside her. The woman on the beach was now
giving a blowjob to her well-endowed partner and Kelly
was again showing signs that it was getting to her.

She decided she’d sit on my lap. When had made herself
comfortable she turned her face to mine and told me how
much she loved me. We watched the film between kisses.
Now and again I stuck my tongue in her ear, or gently
bit her earlobe. She has very sensitive ears and she
would involuntarily shudder. Although I had not long
climaxed, watching a pornographic film with a beautiful
half naked woman squirming on my lap did wonders for my
rate of recovery.

In record time I was sporting another full erection.
Kelly could not fail to be aware of it and she got off
my lap, but only so that she could then straddle me. Her
eyes never left mine as she reached down between us,
grasped my cock and slowly impaled herself on it. When
it could go no further she leaned forward to kiss me,
and I tasted her tongue. Then she crossed her arms in
front of her, gripped the sides of her grey top and
slowly removed it. First her midriff was uncovered, then
the lower swell of her breasts came into view and
finally her nipples were exposed as they sprung free of
the clinging material.

Whilst Kelly eased the top over her head and tossed it
aside I was pressing my palms against the sides of her
full breasts and rolling her nipples with my thumbs.
This made them stick out even more and I had to suck
them. I could feel her fingers gently stroking my hair
as I kissed and delicately bit each one in turn. We
kissed each other once more and then she placed her
hands on my shoulders. She was staring into my face as
she began to fuck me.

My right hand let go of her breast and glided across her
midriff, over the soft roundness of her stomach and into
the dark forest of her pubis. My thumb found her
clitoris, and was soon traversing back and forth over
the highly sensitive bud. She was on the very brink of
her second orgasm when I stopped. She looked at me, her
wide-open eyes imploring me to continue and I asked her
to finish it off for herself. She appeared reluctant to
accede to my request even though to do so would have
brought about her own desired relief.

Maybe she felt that nice girls shouldn’t play with
themselves. Maybe it was genuine shyness about
performing such an intimate act in front of me. Perhaps
she just didn’t want to seem too eager, and felt that a
degree of reticence would not go amiss. Whatever her
reasons, I sensed that she was sufficiently excited not
to need much persuading and I was not mistaken. I only
had to repeat my request and to add the magic word
‘please’. It was enough.

Hanging on to my upper arm with her left hand she leant
back and began to stroke herself, at first tentatively
but then with growing assurance. She closed her eyes as
she sought to concentrate on the wonderful self-induced
sensations emanating from her clitoris.

I could see that she was breathing harder and I noticed
that the areolas around her prominent nipples appeared
darker. And then she was diddling herself in a manner
that could only be described as frantic, and indeed,
might have fallen backwards, had I not reached out to
support her with my free hand. And within seconds, she’d
climaxed, shuddering as wave after wave of intense
pleasure coursed through her body.

Her involuntary movement around my cock caused me to
climax, and I jetted my sperm deep into her. Then as our
sexual passion began to subside she slumped forward
against me and I cuddled her tightly. I lifted her hand
to my face so that I could take her fingers in my mouth
and taste her flavour. Before long she’d nodded off, the
inevitable result of the sex and the alcohol. The video
was still running but I wasn’t taking much notice. I
felt my eyelids drooping; the combination that had
caused Kelly’s somnolence was affecting me too.

I glanced at the television and was surprised to see
that the porn star bore a striking resemblance to Jimmy
Hill. Then I realised that I had dozed off, that the
film had ended and that ‘Match of the Day’ was on the
television! Thinking about it, I had heard the theme,
but it hadn’t registered. What was registering, though,
was the discomfort arising from the pins and needles in
my legs. Kelly still appeared to be asleep.

“Kelly! Wake up! Kelly!”

She opened her eyes.

“Can you get off, please?”

“Aren’t you the romantic one? Now you’ve had your end
away, you can’t wait for me to get off.” As she stood
up, she reached for her clothes. She didn’t look best

It was only when I began stamping on the floor that she
realised I had a problem. In fact I had two problems but
the second one was relatively minor. I had slipped out
of her whilst she was on my lap and the area around the
base of my cock was very wet and sticky. I grabbed a
tissue and was wiping myself whilst doing a passable
impression of the clog dance. But there was no sympathy
whatsoever from Kelly; she was too busy laughing.

When we had both recovered from our contrasting
conditions we sat down with another glass of wine. We
were holding hands like young lovers. We sipped our wine
in silence but it was a comfortable silence, a silence
that loudly proclaimed we were still very much in love,
a silence that portended things would soon be back to

We went to bed that night, utterly exhausted, (shagged
out would be a more exact expression!), and both
agreeing that it was the most exciting sex we’d ever
had. Kelly must have found her night’s sleep highly
restorative because I woke up in the morning to find her
sucking my cock!

When she realised I was awake she continued sucking me
whilst positioning herself so that her knees were either
side of my head and her lovely tight fanny was directly
above my face. Then she lowered herself onto my mouth
and I put my tongue in her, savouring the piquant
flavour of her fresh lubricity and my stale semen. I had
barely begun to lick her clitoris when she climaxed.

She responded by sucking me even harder and I
ejaculated. We’d had oral sex before of course, but she
had never wanted me to cum in her mouth. This time she
wouldn’t let me do anything else! When I had finished
she released me and put a handkerchief to her mouth.
Then she turned round to kiss me properly. I told her I
loved her very much.

We spoke about the film. Kelly commented on the fact
that the man who starred in it was very well endowed. I
should say here that I rather missed out in that
department. I was no more than average size, maybe less.
No matter how badly I acted, I would make an unlikely
star in a blue film! When I had suggested that we watch
some porno, it had not occurred to me that Kelly might
make comparisons. But she had and it was evident that
she was fascinated by the size of the porn star’s cock.

“I wonder what the woman thinks, when the man is that
big.” I didn’t answer so she carried on. “I mean,” she
mused, “do you think she’d be concerned that it might
hurt her, or does it just make her all the more

“How would I know, Kelly? Why, do you wish mine was that
big, then?”

Her reply was quick, too quick. “Of course not, Ben. It
was just idle curiosity, that’s all.” She told me that
she that she loved me, and she assured me that was more
than happy with me. However, whilst I believed she was
telling the truth insofar as far as her feelings for me
were concerned, I sensed that there was more to her
question than she had been prepared to admit. I felt
that she had imagined herself having sex with the man in
the film and this had aroused my own curiosity.

I had never previously thought about Kelly with anyone
else. I knew she’d been with her former boyfriend at
university but I was not on the scene then. It was quite
different now. She was my wife, and yet to my surprise,
I found myself intensely aroused by the concept of her
having sex with another man. Moreover, this arousal was
not materially affected by whether or not he was well
endowed. It was just the thought of my wife with another
man, pure and simple. Or maybe not so pure!

I thought about the way it would happen. There would be
the eye contact and the preliminary flirting. There
would be the kissing, the fondling and the mutual

I tried to imagine what sensations Kelly would
experience the first time she was naked in front of him.
And how she would feel when he caressed her breasts and
kissed and sucked on her nipples. And what her reaction
would be when he touched her between her legs, inserted
first his finger and then his tongue into her wet
vagina. And what would be going through her mind when
she touched his penis. What would she be thinking as she
took the head of this unknown cock into her open mouth?

And then I could visualise the scene when she was on her
back with her legs splayed, when her hot flesh would
yield to his irresistible pressure and his cock would
slowly sink into her depths. He would be fucking her,
her legs would be wrapped round his, and her fingers
would be digging into his back. She would be groaning,
her eyes would be closed and her features would be a
mask of hard sensuality. And then, when she knew he was
about to cum, her eyes would open, and she would hold
his gaze, whilst he continued to ejaculate inside her.
She would be feeling no small degree of pride. Not only
could she provoke such an intense sexual desire in him,
but she could also satisfy it.

And finally, in an echo of her lover’s detumescence, the
softness would gradually return to her features.

A moment or so ago it was my curiosity that had been
aroused. Now it was my cock. I climbed on top of Kelly
and immediately penetrated her. I was very close to
ejaculation. I had to say it and I managed to hold off
long enough to get the words out.

“Perhaps you should have an affair, Kelly. You never
know, he might even have a dick like the man in the

Chapter 3

I didn’t know if what I’d said in that moment of intense
sexual excitement had registered with Kelly but she
certainly never referred to it. There was no reason to
anyway, as everything was now back to normal. Having
enjoyed the previous experience we would, on occasions,
watch a porno film together. Our sessions afterwards
would be very intense, the more so if we fantasised
aloud about the story, or if we tried out some of the
positions we had just seen. As a result our sex life
improved immeasurably.

Kelly now took great delight in being sexually
provocative and she loved it when she knew she had
turned me on. We went to a party once and she wore a
dress that did not leave much to the imagination. It was
only as we arrived that she casually informed me she was
not wearing any underwear!

It was incredibly exciting watching her dance with
someone else, knowing that only the thin fabric of her
dress covered her femininity. And when I danced with her
it was difficult to keep my own hands off her, even
though we were an ‘old’ married couple.

Then there was the party at the home of a colleague of
hers. At the last minute I was asked if I could go to
Zurich with my boss on the same weekend. A very
important client was planning a major acquisition and
both secrecy and speed were of the essence. Kelly was
very understanding about it and was quite prepared to
tell her colleague that we wouldn’t now be attending the
party but I suggested that she still go, anyway. What
was the point of staying in alone, when she could be at
a party with her work friends?

Paul, my boss, picked me up at home early on the
Saturday morning as planned and we flew out to Zurich on
the mid morning flight. I was due home on the Sunday

Kelly took the opportunity to go shopping in the West
End and had a very enjoyable day. She had ended up
buying a suit, a pair of shoes and some underwear. She
was still in two minds about going to the party but
since she had already informed her colleague that I
would be away, and had promised her that she would be
there nevertheless, she felt she would be letting her
down if she failed to turn up. She consoled herself in
the knowledge that she had made no commitment about how
long she would stay, however.

But even if she was only there for an hour she had to
look nice. So she showered, did her hair and made
herself up. When she was happy with her appearance she
put on her new undies. The glossy bra and briefs looked
just as nice on her as they had done on the model in the
big picture in the shop window.

Her legs were already quite tanned from the recent spell
of hot weather so she didn’t bother with any stockings
or tights. She slipped on her pale blue fitted knee
length dress with the high neckline. It did not show
much flesh but it clung to her and showed off her superb
figure. Open toed high heels completed the picture. She
phoned for a minicab, poured herself a gin and tonic and
sat down to wait.

Half an hour later she was at the party. She had not
expected to enjoy it much, and after two hours her
expectations had been largely fulfilled. She was on the
point of phoning for a cab to take her home when she
heard a voice at her side.


She turned round. It was Carl. Carl used to work for the
same company as Kelly but had left two years earlier to
set up on his own. He had even asked her to come and
work for him but she had declined, partly because he was
known as a bit of a lady’s man. She was not convinced
that he would keep his hands to himself especially if
they were the only two people in his office. It was
widely believed that his wife had left him because of
his constant womanising. Yet in spite of that, she still
liked him.

He had a ready charm and had always been able to make
her laugh. He was thirty-five, dark haired, and about
six feet tall. He was also quite muscular, mainly as a
result of frequent workouts at the gym. He was wearing a
pale green Ralph Lauren shirt and a pair of dark blue
trousers with a razor sharp crease. He asked the obvious
question and she explained that I was away on business.

They chatted about their old colleagues and some of the
things that had happened in the past. She was enjoying
his company and when he asked if she wanted to dance,
she immediately agreed. They had been dancing slowly
together for a short while when he spoke.

“You know, Kelly, I’ve always fancied you.”

She was quite unimpressed with this unoriginal chat up
line and her reply was rather dismissive. “Carl, as far
as I can remember, someone only had to show a bit of leg
and there was a risk that you might take a fancy to
them.” She grinned and then carried on in the same vein.
“That’s why I advised Hamish never to wear his kilt in
the office!”

She was pleased that he smiled at her little joke.
However, it was true that he had shown more interest in
her than in any one else in the office. Just as he
appeared to be doing this evening. And it wasn’t as if
she was showing any leg, either. She asked him if he was
in a relationship.

“No,” he said. “Honestly! When I started the business I
never really had the time. Now I have a bit more time
I’ve yet to meet the right person.”

Kelly couldn’t resist leading him on. “So I’m still in
with a chance then, am I?”

Carl knew she was teasing and responded in the same
vein. He tried to look non-committal, “Well,” he said
with obvious doubt in his voice, “I might be prepared to
give you an audition!” He held her little bit tighter.

It was about 11.30pm when he informed her that he had an
early flight in the morning and would therefore have to
leave. He offered to take her home if it suited her. She
said that would be fine and that if he had the time, he
could have a nightcap at her house. Naturally enough
Carl was delighted to accept and soon he and Kelly were
in his car driving home where they arrived just before
midnight. I know this with certainty because I saw them!

Our meeting in Zurich had been curtailed when the person
with whom we had the appointment had been involved in a
fatal accident on his way to meet us. He had been taken
to hospital suffering from shock and was in no fit state
for such an important business discussion. He had
managed to get hold of his assistant, who, whilst not
being fully briefed, was able to meet with us, although
the discussion that followed was somewhat inconclusive.

We returned to London on the late afternoon flight.
Despite the absence of the key individual, a number of
important issues had nevertheless been raised and we
felt that some of them needed to be addressed quite
quickly. Accordingly Paul and I went straight from the
airport to his home to begin working on them. I had
refrained from phoning Kelly since I did not know how
long this would take and thus did not know when I might
get home. Just after 11pm, and having worked through a
takeaway dinner, Paul and I felt we’d done enough.

He ordered a minicab for me. I’d nodded off in the back
only to wake up when the cab had already driven one
hundred yards past our house. I told the driver to stop
and he was about to turn round when a car passed in the
opposite direction. I looked behind me as it passed and
watched it turn into our drive. I don’t know what it
was, a sixth sense or something, but I told the driver
not to bother to turn round. I paid him, picked up my
briefcase and my overnight bag and walked back.

I could see that there were lights on inside as I
approached the house. The outside lights weren’t working
(I had been meaning to fix them for the last six weeks).
I didn’t recognise the car on the drive. I put my bags
down by the hedge and, taking care to stay in the
shadows, moved towards a window. I could see Kelly
making coffee.

I crept round to the back of the house. The curtains in
the lounge had been drawn but they had not fully met in
the middle and I was thus able to see into the brightly
lit lounge. A man was sitting on the sofa.

Unlikely as it might seem, I vaguely recognised him from
somewhere, or other. He stood up and then it came to me.
He was a regular at the gym I go to. We’d never spoken
apart from the usual good morning stuff. I didn’t know
his name, but I had heard someone call him ‘Horse’. I
had realised why when I had seen him in the shower.

What was he doing here? I decided I’d wait to find out.
The recent fine spell showed no sign of ending and it
was not unpleasant to be outside. It was probably more
pleasant than being inside because Kelly had opened the
lounge windows to cool the room down when she’d returned

She came in with the coffees, put them down and then
went over to the hi-fi to put on some background music.
By coincidence it was the very music that they had been
dancing to at the party. Carl realised this at once.

“Kelly, they’re playing our tune,” he said in his soft

He held out his hands and she joined him in a slow
dance. This time they were dancing much closer together
and Kelly soon became aware that he was aroused. By now
she had her arms round his neck and he had his hands on
the cheeks of her behind. They looked at each other and
the kiss that followed was inevitable.

Her mouth opened to his tongue and he pressed himself
still closer to her. His bulge was now impossible to
ignore and then she felt his hand on her breast. What
had she got herself into? She thought about telling him
he ought to leave but then she recalled my fateful
words. She moved her mouth away from his, and pretending
to be angry, she admonished him.

“Carl, if you’re going to do that,” she paused at this
point and his heart sank, “why don’t we sit down!” She
couldn’t resist a smile and neither could he. But his
smile was the broader.

They walked over to the sofa and Carl sat down as Kelly
had suggested. She remained standing in front of him and
then she reached over her shoulder to unzip the top of
her dress. She then changed hands and pulled the zip
down the rest of the way. She eased it off each arm in
turn, maintaining her modesty by holding it against her
breasts until she let it fall to the floor. She stepped
out of it, and stood in front of him, her nipples,
areolas and dark pubis visible through the fabric of the
glossy white undies. The briefs were cut very high so
the white triangle did not fully cover her natural dark
one, anyway.

Carl could not resist her. He reached out for the cheeks
of her behind and pulled her towards him whilst he
pressed his face to her soft slightly round stomach. He
kissed her smooth skin above the briefs trawling his
tongue over her as he did so. He felt her hands on the
back of his head holding him to her as he savoured the
taste of her perfumed skin. His hands were busy behind
her and they were now inside her panties pressing into
the soft downy flesh of her buttocks. With a dexterity
borne of practice no doubt, he eased them over the
roundness of her cheeks and slid them down.

Kelly felt them round her ankles and she nonchalantly
stepped out of them. The dark curls of her pubis
promised so much and he pulled her towards him so that
his face could nuzzle in them. He was suddenly aware of
some movement above and he looked up to see that Kelly
had removed her bra. Her firm smooth breasts looked
every bit as inviting as the rest of her! Her nipples
were standing out, demanding to be sucked.

“God Almighty, Kelly,” said Carl, “how can your husband
ever let you out of his sight!”

At that point it would still have been possible for me
to go in and stop things before they had gone too far.
But something was holding me back. It was the latent
voyeur in me, except that it was now no longer latent,
on the contrary, it was manifest. It was the voyeur in
me that had unzipped my trousers and had eased out my
rigid cock. And it was the voyeur in me that was
stroking it as I concentrated on the unfolding scene in
the lounge.

Kelly sat down and Carl immediately knelt between her
open legs. But he wasn’t looking at her naked body, not
yet, anyway. He was looking at her face and he continued
looking until their lips met in a kiss. It was not
enough for him; he wanted more, he wanted to kiss her
all over.

He began with her eyes, and then after parting her hair,
he kissed her ear and gently bit the lobe. His tongue
probed into the orifice and she trembled. Then he kissed
the nape of her neck. He bit her shoulder and then his
mouth was on her beautiful soft breasts. He became more
animated, as he licked and kissed them, flicking the
sensitive tips of her fully erect nipples with his
tongue, and teasing them with his teeth.

His hand was caressing the soft smooth skin of her inner
thighs and then he was stroking her wet cleft. She was
already squirming with pleasure before he inserted his
forefinger. Now he was kissing her abdomen and then the
very top of her triangle.

As he was doing this, his hands were on her hips easing
them closer to the edge of the sofa. He began to lap at
the soft silky skin of her inner thighs and was able to
detect the fragrance of her sexual arousal. His tongue
was at the very top of her thigh and he could feel her
wetness on his cheek. And then he was tasting her soft
slippery flesh. He pulled his head away and looked more
closely at her femininity; at her engorged labia, at her
shiny pink inner flesh and at her clitoris, so prominent
in the surrounding feminine folds.

He was suddenly aware that she had both hands on his
head and was gently guiding him back to her open
wetness. He delicately pulled her lips apart, pushed his
face into her and penetrated her with his tongue. He
licked the whole length of her wet furrow, glorying in
the taste and the texture. And then he began to lap
gently at her clitoris and her increasing sexual arousal
was plain to see.

Kelly looked around her. Could this really be happening
to her? Here she was, in her own home, a happily married
and hitherto respectable woman. But it was not her
husband’s tongue that was transporting her to the
heights, it was another man’s. A man, moreover, that she
hadn’t seen in two years before this evening. A man who
had only kissed her once before, when she’d got a little
bit tipsy at the office party one Christmas. Well, he
was certainly making up for it now!

She began to whimper and I watched, mesmerised as she
built up to an orgasm. And then it was on her. Raising
herself up, she pushed her fanny into his face. She
remained there for a few seconds, before she let out a
long groan and collapsed back into the sofa. Carl,
meanwhile, was content just to carry on slowly licking
her beautiful soft inner flesh. The taste was sublime
and he did not want to stop. But he had to when she
covered herself with her hand. As he looked up as if to
question her she leaned forward to kiss him. She could
taste her own secretions on his lips.

“It’s your turn now,” she whispered.

Chapter 4

Carl stood up in front of Kelly, who remained seated on
the sofa with her legs splayed. He took off his shirt
and then slipped off his shoes and socks, finally
removing his trousers. He was standing between her legs,
his Calvin Klein’s level with her face. It was evident
that he was working out regularly, his flat hard stomach
and his muscle definition providing ample evidence of
the fact. But it was his bulge that commanded her
attention. She grasped the waistband of the CK’s, and
carefully eased them over his erection.

I’d seen him in the shower so I knew he was well hung,
but I hadn’t seen him erect, of course, and I had no
idea he was this big. In its fully erect state it was
simply enormous, almost twice as long and probably twice
as thick as mine. The bulbous head was slightly thicker
still and his testicles seemed as big as eggs in his
heavy pendulous scrotum.

Kelly appeared to be mesmerised by this monster. It was
even bigger than the one that had made such an indelible
impression on her when we had first watched a film
together, the one that had fuelled so many of her
fantasies. What’s more, it was right in front of her

Kelly reached out to touch it, afraid that when she did
so, it would disappear and that she would wake up, but
no, she wasn’t dreaming. It was real enough for her to
feel how hot it was. It was real enough for her to feel
how it throbbed. She was holding it but her fingers
could not fully encircle its pulsating thickness.

She slid her hand up and down the whole length of the
shaft, from its base amidst the forest of black hair to
the smooth head that was already glistening with his
anticipatory juices. Her forefinger played in them
leaving a damp trail as it circled his crown. She was
intrigued by the size of his testicles and she cupped
each one in turn, as if trying to gauge their weight.
And then she was again holding his shaft. She had never
felt such a penis before. She had never tasted such a
penis before. But she had plans to rectify that at once!

Opening her mouth she bent down towards it. Tentatively
she touched it with the tip of her tongue. She pulled
away for a moment, but only in order to look up at his
face and smile. She again bent down towards it, this
time kissing his opening and tasting his wetness.
Opening her jaw to an uncomfortable degree, Kelly could
just about take the head of it in her mouth. Her left
arm was hooked around his thigh, her fingers pressing
against his inner flesh. It seemed she was holding him
captive; making sure he couldn’t escape.

Call it intuition, but I would have thought that was the
last thing on his mind! She continued to stroke his
prodigious thickness with her free hand but the ache in
her jaw forced her to release him. She may have had
difficulty taking him in her mouth but that did not mean
it should be denied the pleasure of her lips and tongue.
Accordingly she kissed and sucked his shaft before
turning her attention to his testicles. She even managed
to take one of them in her mouth as she continued
stroking him.

And then she felt him go tense and she knew he was about
to come. I admit to being totally surprised when I saw
her fasten her mouth over the opening of Carl’s prick as
he began to ejaculate. But I wasn’t the only one. Kelly
had actually surprised herself at her spontaneous
action. She had thought that because his cock was so
perfect, his semen would taste like nectar.

Well she was certainly wrong about that! It tasted like
semen, and, what’s more, there was a lot of it. With the
reality came her instinctive reaction and she pulled
away from his cock but not before another thick wad of
sperm hit the back of her throat. More of it landed on
her face and ran down her chin, to form elongated
strands as it dripped on to her breasts. His final
emissions simply oozed out, and ran down the shaft on to
her fingers.

When she was sure he had finished she took him into her
mouth once more. Sucking his softening cock she
manoeuvred herself so that she could again look at
Carl’s face. When their eyes met she released it and
smiled at him. Then she gave it one final kiss and sat
back in the sofa. Casually she picked up her discarded
panties and proceeded to wipe her face and to mop his
semen from her breasts. Carl sat down beside her. And I
was suddenly aware that the trousers of my best suit
were covered in spunk!

They kissed for some considerable while. Then Kelly
reached down for her coffee and Carl did the same. As
they sat side by side on the sofa it was a scene of
normal cosy domesticity, mirrored, no doubt, in
households, everywhere. That is if one is prepared to
overlook the fact that both were naked, that the man
with her was not her husband, and that her husband was
actually watching them, albeit without their knowledge!
Kelly was now sitting in rather a prim fashion, her long
legs close together. Carl was more relaxed, his penis
now flaccid but still impressive, resting on his upper
thigh. He was the first to speak. He was smiling.

“Kelly, I am pleased to inform you, that on the basis
of that audition, I am going to add you to my short

“I’m so relieved to hear that, Carl. I was concerned
that I might have blown it.” She was pretending to be
serious but she was finding it difficult.

Carl had a grin all over his face. “That’s funny, Kelly,
my concern was that you might not! But seriously, I
would like to see you again. The only thing is, I’ve got
to go to Majorca early tomorrow morning. That’s why I
had to leave the party so early. There are some legal
matters in connection with a villa that I’m planning to
buy and I have to attend to them in person. Can I call
you next week when I get back?”

She didn’t answer. He wondered if she was now regretting
what she had done. Kelly was regretting it, but for a
completely different reason, a reason that would have
astounded him, had he but known. She was regretting the
fact that because she had got too carried away when she
was giving him a blowjob, she had deprived herself of
what, (judging by the size of him), could only have been
a truly outstanding fuck. And now he was giving her the
vibes that he wanted to go. He put down his coffee and
spoke again.

“It is a very early flight, Kelly, I suppose I really
ought to be making a move.” But there was a marked lack
of conviction in his words.

“All right, Carl,” she replied, “if you have to.” She
put down her cup too, and turned to kiss him. Carl may
or may not have wanted to leave. Kelly was absolutely
determined that he was not going to! She wasn’t going to
miss this opportunity even if it meant he would miss his
plane. Hell, he could always get a later flight. Or
another villa!

As they kissed she started to caress his penis again and
there was an immediate response. He resumed stroking her
soft rounded breasts, his fingers again teasing her
nipples. In next to no time he was fully erect once
more. Kelly smiled inwardly; she wasn’t going to miss
out after all; but she had to make absolutely sure.
Holding his erection, she looked into his eyes. There
was a breathless tone to her voice.

“I want you, Carl, I want you inside me.” I could hardly
believe my ears. That was my wife and she was asking
another man to fuck her!

She got up, turned to face him, and positioned herself
so that she was standing astride him. Without taking her
eyes off his face she grasped his cock again and slowly
began to lower herself on it. I already had some
experience of this inspired technique of hers, and could
therefore well imagine how much pleasure Carl would be
deriving from it.

However the reasons for her action were not solely
altruistic. By these means she would be able to retain
control and could thus stop if it became too painful.
Her caution was justified, too, because despite his
earlier efforts with fingers and tongue, Kelly’s opening
was not prepared for such an organ. She had to proceed
very carefully, and even then, she experienced some
discomfort as her narrow entrance slowly dilated.

Before long, the head of his glorious prick was tightly
sheathed in her vagina. She waited for a few seconds and
then she slowly lifted herself off it, only to press
down once more and take more of him inside her. Kelly
groaned with pleasure as she felt herself being
stretched to a degree she had never imagined. Again she
raised herself and when she sank down this time she had
taken it all.

She stayed in that position until the membranes of her
vagina had stretched enough to accommodate it without
too much pain. It still felt rather uncomfortable,
having such a monster inside her, but the overriding
sensation was now one of intense sexual excitement. She
leant forward to kiss him and I will never ever forget
the sight of Kelly, my beautiful wife, astride him, and
totally impaled upon his immense prick. Only his heavy
balls were visible.

Then I saw Carl reach out behind her, cup her buttocks
with his large hands, and stand up, all with no apparent
effort. (I must go the gym more often!) Kelly had her
arms round his neck whilst he supported her weight with
his hands and his cock! He turned round and then gently
laid her down on her back on the sofa. Her legs were
scrunched up, with her knees almost level with her
shoulders. They were still joined at the groin.

Carl withdrew slightly before easing his cock all the
way into her. Kelly groaned.

“Are you ok?” he asked. He was now supporting his weight
on his arms.

“Yes, I’m fine. It is just that you are rather big,” she

“I’m sorry, Kelly. Am I hurting you?”

“Only a little bit now. But I’ll be all right. Don’t

Carl did as he was told and continued to fuck her in a
slow deliberate manner. Kelly continued to groan every
time she felt his fullness deep inside her but it was a
softer sound, one that signified sexual pleasure, as
opposed to pain. Carl had wanted to take his time
fucking her, but because she was so tight and so
responsive he could not control himself. He quickened
his pace and soon he was thrusting away at full speed,
his heavy scrotum slapping against her buttocks.

Kelly’s breath was being forced out of her in gasps;
gasps mingled with groans. She was oblivious now to
everything but his powerful thrusting cock, and she was
even raising herself up, so as to ensure absolute
penetration. She looked up at him and their eyes locked.
Her fingernails were digging into his shoulders as he
rutted her. She was ecstatic and almost crying in her

She was no longer concerned that he might do her harm.
Her real concern was that he would have to stop. She had
never, ever experienced such sensations before, and she
wanted them to go on forever. But they had to end.

Carl cried out that he was about to come and made as if
to withdraw. Kelly immediately wrapped her legs around
him whilst her hands pressed down on his backside so as
to ensure he stayed deeply imbedded. Now she really was
holding him captive.

Carl groaned, his whole body tensed, and his buttocks
clenched as surge after surge of his seed spurted into
her depths. He stayed in that position, supporting his
weight on his arms until he was satisfied that he had
nothing left to give her.

He looked down at her and said in his soft voice,
“Kelly, you are fantastic! And to think I only went to
the party because I had nothing better to do.”

You and me both, thought Kelly, but she didn’t say
anything. She just responded with a kiss. She could
hardly admit to Carl, especially so soon after meeting
him, that she’d often had sexual fantasies, and that
what they had just done together had been far more
exciting than any of them. But it was true, it had!

Carl withdrew his softening member from Kelly’s
distended opening and got to his feet. She sat up and
swung her legs round.

“Kelly, I’m really sorry but I do have to leave if I’m
going to catch my plane. I know I’m repeating myself but
I do want to see you again. Can I ring you when I get
back?” He didn’t wait for her answer but added, “That’s
if you want me to.”

Instead of answering Kelly reached out her hand and
delicately held his glistening penis. She could encircle
it now, but only just. She leaned forward and took the
whole glans into her mouth for a second or so before
planting a kiss on the tip of it. She stood up, and as
she did so, she was aware of his sperm beginning to seep
out of her. She kissed him.

“Yes, Carl, I do.”

He put his clothes back on. They exchanged one more
kiss, he fully clothed, whilst she was still naked. He
had his arm around her neck and his hand on her breast
as they walked to the front door. She could now feel his
wetness trickling down her inner thighs.

“Don’t forget to ring me,” was all she said.

Chapter 5

As they went to the door I moved round to the side of
the house continuing to stay out of sight. I waited
until Carl’s car was out of earshot and then rang the
doorbell. Kelly came to the door, fully expecting Carl
to have returned, having had neither the time, nor
indeed the inclination to dress. The rapidly changing
expression on her face mirrored her turmoil within when
she realised it was her husband on the doorstep, and not
her recent lover.

“Ben! What are you doing, back home? I thought you were
in Zurich.”

“No, Kelly, it was cancelled, I’ll tell you about it
later.” I looked at her nakedness. “You look terrific.
How did you know it was me at the door?”

“I didn’t!” Kelly suddenly realised what she had said
and the obvious implications. She appeared embarrassed
and I could see her racking her brain, trying to think
of a credible explanation for the predicament in which
she now found herself.

I attempted to alleviate her embarrassment.

“Anyway, Kelly, I’m hardly likely to complain when you
welcome me home like this, am I?” I didn’t wait for her
reply but asked her if she had enjoyed herself at the
party. It was clear that she was preoccupied. It was all
I could do, to keep a straight face.

Kelly obviously decided that honesty was the best
policy. But that may have been because she couldn’t come
up with anything remotely plausible.

“Ben, about the party,” she said, “there’s something I
have to tell you. Please promise that you won’t be angry
with me.”

“Okay, Kelly. What about it?” I looked at her

Her eyes were averted as she continued, “Do you remember
that time when you suggested that perhaps I should have
an affair?”

I nodded.

“Well I met someone at the party and he brought me home
and…” There was a pause.

“And what?” I asked. I tried to appear calm but I was
aware of the tightening in my throat and in my stomach.

“And we ended up having sex!”

I didn’t say anything.

She started to cry, “Oh Ben, I’m sorry!” I embraced her.
She appeared so vulnerable in her naked state whilst I
was fully dressed (or so I thought). I kissed the tears
from her eyes. Then I kissed her lips, and our tongues

“It’s all right, Kelly, there’s no need to cry. Let’s go
and sit down and you can tell me all about it.”

I put my arm round her waist and walked her into the
lounge towards the sofa, the very same sofa on which she
had just been so well and truly fucked not more than ten
minutes earlier. We both sat down and we resumed
kissing. Her arms were tightly wrapped around me. I
stroked the side of her soft breast as it pressed
against the fabric of my jacket.

My hand alighted on the silky smooth skin of her inner
thigh. As I slid it up towards her triangle I detected
an increasing dampness on her skin and when my fingers
reached her cleft she was all but overflowing. My finger
penetrated her with ease and I immediately inserted a

It was obvious that she was full of his semen. All the
time our mouths were locked together. Her hand reached
for my zipper only to find that it was already undone.
She stopped kissing me and looked down. She immediately
saw the still wet semen stain on my trousers and was
clearly surprised.

“What’s going on, Ben?”

I looked at her. “I was outside, watching the two of

I resumed kissing her, not giving her the opportunity to
say anything else. My tongue was deep in her mouth
whilst my fingers continued to delve into her pussy. I
eventually pulled away from her mouth but only so that I
could suck on her nipples. I could see the patches of
dried semen on her soft breasts. I moved down and began
to kiss her stomach. I felt her go tense when I sought
to move down lower still. She pressed her legs together,
and held my head to prevent me going any further.

“No, Ben, you can’t do that,” she said, “He didn’t use a

“I don’t care, I want to kiss you.”

“Please, don’t,” she was pleading in her soft voice.

“I want to.”

“No, you mustn’t!” Her voice was firmer.

“I must!” My voice was firmer, still. She did not say
anything, but she relaxed her grip on my head. I kissed
the soft dark curls at the top of her pubis. I then got
on my knees in front of the sofa. Her legs were still
tightly closed.

“Please, Kelly,” I implored.

“Are you sure you really want to do this?” She had a
puzzled look on her face. I didn’t have to say anything!
She only had to look at me to know what my answer would

She sat on the edge of the sofa, leaned back and spread
her legs. As she did so, I moved between them and bent
down so that I could look more closely at her open
vagina. On either side of her distended canal was the
engorged flesh that was Kelly’s labia. The normally soft
curls around her opening were matted and wet. Carl’s
sperm was oozing out of her. The insides of her thighs
were streaked with it too.

She would have said she was mess down there but I
thought she looked lovely. I was now so close to her
that I could smell the pungent aroma of the semen and
then I tasted it. Neither its salty tangy flavour nor
its unmistakeable texture could be described as
appealing, but the fact that it was coming from Kelly’s
core made all the difference in the world.

I pressed my face to her opening, and pushed my tongue
into her as deep as it could go. I heard her moaning
quietly and then she was raising herself to meet my
tongue. I sucked on her clitoris, rolling the tip of my
tongue round the bud and she quickly climaxed. I raised
my head and looked in her eyes. I told her I loved her
and then we kissed and I felt her tongue in my mouth. I
told her I wanted her to sit on my face.

She considered it for a moment and then she gently
pushed me to the floor, straddled my face and then
slowly lowered her open wetness on to my waiting tongue.
More semen was welling out of her. I felt for my cock
and was preparing to bring myself off when Kelly’s hand
restrained me. She raised herself off my face so that
she could look at me. She realised that she was now
completely in control. Initially she had been
apprehensive about the way I might have reacted to her
confession but she quickly comprehended that it had
actually turned me on.

“You really are in your element, Ben, aren’t you?”

It was a statement, rather than a question. I could only
nod and with that she pressed herself down even harder
on my mouth. It may seem perverse I know, but I don’t
think I have ever felt closer to Kelly than I did at
that moment, when I was sucking Carl’s semen out of her
femininity. After a while she lifted her wet, distended
fanny off my face.

I looked a real mess, his semen was everywhere…up my
nose…on my cheeks… in my hair… everywhere. My best
suit was utterly wrecked, and so was my tie when I’d
finished wiping my face with it. And I still had one
hell of an erection! I had to have her and I told her

She returned to the sofa and adopted exactly the same
position she had taken earlier when she was with Carl.
However, there the similarities ended, as there was
absolutely no resistance when I penetrated her. Carl’s
cock had stretched her so much, and she was altogether
so wet, she could not even tell I was inside her! I
asked her to grip me with her fingers and very soon
after I ejaculated into her looseness. Kelly was looking
anxiously at me as I withdrew.

“How long were you out there, watching us?” she asked.

“I saw everything!”

“Are you angry?” she continued.

“I don’t know.” I was in the post ejaculatory phase, the
phase when things that seemed incredibly erotic before
ejaculation, have lost a lot of their appeal. I thought
about my answer. “I ought to be angry, I ought to be
jealous and upset, but I’m none of those things. In fact
Kelly, I found it incredibly erotic. I know it might
seem strange, but in a way I’m proud of you! What’s his


“How long have you known him?”

“Quite a while. We used to work together. But we’ve
never done anything before tonight, honestly.”

“What made you do it tonight, then?”

Kelly looked at me. She was not defiant exactly, but she
was certainly prepared to stand her ground. “I’m sorry,
Ben but this is all your idea, you know. You’re the one
who told me I should go to the party without you. You’re
the one who said, ‘maybe I should have an affair.’
You’re the one who suggested he might have…” She
stopped. She was still looking at me.

“What were you going to say, Kelly? A big dick? Was he
big, then?” I didn’t have to ask of course, but I had a
compulsion to do so.

“You said that you saw everything!” Kelly responded.

“Yes, I did, but I still want you to tell me.”

“Ben, what can I say? Yes, he is quite big.”

“And did you like it when he was fucking you, Kelly?”

“Why are you asking me this?”

“Because I want to know, that’s why.”

She looked at me and when she spoke her voice was very
soft. “Okay, if you must know, Ben, then I’ll tell you.”
She again averted her eyes. “Yes, I liked it very much.”

“You said that tonight was the first time.”

“Yes, it was.”

“Is there going to be a second time?” I asked.

“What do you want me to say, Ben?” She was looking
straight at me this time, trying to fathom me out.

I could not answer her. In all honesty I did not know
what answer to give.

“I don’t know, Kelly, is there, then?”

Her eyes were full of love as she looked at me and when
she spoke, she actually seemed sad.

“I hope so.”

Three words, but what diverse, and fleeting emotions
they generated in me. There was anger, jealousy,
despair, envy, a feeling of inadequacy even, but soaring
high above them all was another, totally contradictory
emotion. One, moreover, that could not in any way be
described as fleeting. It was excitement and it was

We kissed once more as if to reassure each other that we
were still in love. We went to bed, totally satiated and
Kelly fell asleep immediately. I felt very protective as
I wrapped my arms around her. But what was I protecting
her against, I wondered. Certainly not a well endowed
man who had it in mind to fuck her.

Kelly was very affectionate when she woke up the
following morning. She had that soft and vulnerable look
about her but when we started to make love I found
myself trying to emulate her new lover and I fucked her
as hard as I could. The knowledge of the previous
evening served to keep us in a perpetual state of
randiness and we must have done it three or four times
during the course of the day. And each time I was about
to ejaculate I would recall that huge dick buried up to
its balls in Kelly’s tight fanny. Little did I know it
but as her own climax overtook her, she would be
reliving it too.

Immediately after our love making, I would experience a
degree of self-consciousness, wondering if Kelly might
be comparing my prick to Carl’s. But even if she did so,
and it would obviously be an unfavourable comparison, I
felt it was a price well worth paying, given the intense
sexual excitement of the weekend.

Chapter 6

In the following days I frequently thought about what
had happened. There were a number of occasions when I
questioned my own rationality. How many men get off
secretly watching their wives being unfaithful? My head
recognised that this was hardly normal behaviour, but it
was my prick that exerted the most influence and,
however amoral it was, I could not deny that I had found
it incredibly arousing. Because of this I was randier
than ever. But I wasn’t the only one.

Kelly was always ready for it too and we would indulge
ourselves at every opportunity. Maybe Kelly was
subconsciously trying to atone for her infidelity with
Carl. Maybe I was subconsciously trying to show her that
she didn’t need him. Whatever the reasons our lovemaking
had never been more prolific.

Unfortunately this blissful period of sexual harmony was
soon to be interrupted. A major project came up at the
office and the amount of work involved was incredible.
The man I had planned to meet in Zurich had recovered
from his accident and his company had launched their
takeover bid. However, in the interim, a rival company
had got wind of their impending action and decided to
make a bid for the same company. A full-scale takeover
battle then ensued.

We had to work round the clock producing information to
support our client and to undermine the claims of their
rival. They, of course, had advisers doing exactly the
same thing on their behalf. We would then have to advise
our client how best to refute the negative comments made
by the other side. And so it went on. And whilst all
this was happening we were also trying to secure
additional funding to cover the inevitable increase in
the share price of the target company.

It was a regular occurrence for me to get home after
midnight and I would be so shattered that I just crashed
out. I was not home to notice that Kelly was going to
the gym and to her tennis club more often than usual.
Our exhaustive efforts were not in vain, however, and it
was our client who finally won the battle.

All of us who had been deeply involved were promised
some free time to relax and recharge our batteries. I
was in line for a reasonable bonus too so there was a
double cause for celebration. I took the afternoon off
and on the way home I bought some flowers and a bottle
of champagne.

When I got home Kelly was out. I knew that she had taken
the day off, so I was slightly surprised not to find her
at home. However, I wasn’t too worried because at least
it gave me a chance to chill the bubbly and to take a
shower. She came in about an hour later and looked
surprised to see me. She was wearing a tight fitted pale
blue cotton top, obviating the need for a bra, and a
short white skirt. She was bare legged.

“You’re home early!” she said.

“I’ve got something to celebrate, Kelly. We’ve won! And
after all the hours I’ve put in, I thought it would be
nice to come home early, especially as you had the day
off. I thought you’d be pleased.”

“I am,” she said but I sensed that something was not
right. I gave her the flowers and kissed her. She went
to walk away saying she wanted to take a quick shower
but I caught up with her. And then I detected the
unmistakable aroma. She’d recently had sex! I asked her
outright and she looked straight into my eyes as she
admitted that she had been with Carl that afternoon. I
asked how long it had been going on and she told me that
she had been seeing him for the past four weeks. She
reminded me of the conversation we’d had about it.

“I actually asked you, Ben, and you raised no objection
to my seeing him again, did you?”

“I know, but… ” I did not know what I was trying to

Kelly continued, “Ben, I never used to think sex was
that important but something’s happened to me since we
started watching your films. It’s as if something
dormant in me has been awakened; something I never even
knew was there. Look, Ben, I don’t want to sound like a
nymphomaniac, but I need regular sex.”

How bloody ironic! We had only got in this situation in
the first place because that was the one thing I was not

“But we have been having great sex, Kelly.”

She laughed. “How can you possibly say that, Ben? I
agree we did for a while but the last time we made love
was two weeks ago. During the past five or six weeks we
have had sex no more than three or four times at the
most. I know you’ve been exhausted by all the pressure
at work,” Kelly shook her head, “and I know you needed
your sleep but I have needs too. I need to feel wanted;
I also need sex. Do you know I’ve even bought a bloody
vibrator! But it’s not the same.” There was a momentary
pause. “And that’s where Carl comes in. He gives me the
real thing. That’s all he wants from me. And that’s all
I want from him, too. We have a perfect relationship and
it is based solely on sex.”

“Just sex?”

She answered my unspoken question before she dealt with
the one I had asked. “I am fond of him, Ben, but I don’t
love him, if that’s what you’re thinking.” She carried
on in her soft sensual voice, “And to answer your
question, yes, it is just sex.” I knew there was
something else she wanted to say, so I waited. “He is
very good in bed and it is very satisfying.”

“So it will carry on then, Kelly?” My stomach was
churning as I waited for her answer.

“I don’t want it to stop, Ben, if that’s what you’re
asking.” Kelly looked at me, knowingly biting her lower
lip in that seductive fashion of hers. If ever there was
a bittersweet moment, it was then.

She was just standing there, totally impassive and with
her arms at her side. I embraced her and told her how
much I loved her. Her eyes welled up and then her arms
were round my neck and we kissed passionately. I reached
down to unzip her skirt and it fell in a crumpled heap
around her feet. She undid my shirt and I quickly
removed it, together with the rest of my clothes. Then I
knelt down and pressed my lips against the soft curve of
her stomach.

She was wearing skimpy white panties. And they were
skimpy too! I put my hands under the thin lace strips
and gently eased them down her legs. I immediately saw
that the cotton in actual contact with that most
intimate part of her was not white. His semen, oozing
out of her, had caused the fabric to become wet and the
crisp whiteness was now a translucent grey. Kelly
stepped out of them when she felt them round her ankles
and I picked them up. I trailed my finger in the wet

“I see he’s still not using a condom.” I was stating the

“I’m hardly likely to get pregnant, am I?” she retorted.
“He did use a condom the second time but we both prefer
it without. It’s not a problem for me because as soon as
I come home I can use the bidet. Anyway, why are you
concerned? If I remember rightly, you liked it last

I could not dispute that. It had been incredibly erotic,
licking her after he’d cum in her. But surely, that had
been a one-off. It was hardly likely to become a habit,
was it? There was another silence. She just stood there,
her vulva right in front of my face, waiting for me to
answer her.

She sensed what my answer would be when she felt my
tongue briefly penetrate her. The taste was just as I
remembered. She knew her prescience was spot on when I
looked up at her.

“You don’t have to use the bidet every time, Kelly.”

And then we were both on the floor fucking for all we
were worth. Perhaps it was the two weeks without,
perhaps it was because she had been with Carl, but wet
as she was, loose as she was, it was not long before I
was spurting into her, and she was being filled up with
spunk for the second time that same afternoon.

I told Kelly that I would like to take her out to
dinner. Her pleasure was only marginally tempered when I
asked her if she would refrain from using the bidet, and
would agree to go out in the same skimpy panties that
she’d just taken off. After she had otherwise freshened
up and dressed we were sitting in the lounge waiting for
a minicab to arrive.

Kelly’s lean bare legs looked terrific; whatever ever
else she’d been doing, she had been playing quite a bit
of tennis and they were going a nice shade of brown. We
opened the champagne whilst we waited. I raised my glass
to the sexiest woman I’d ever known and she responded,
nominating me as the most tolerant husband in the world.
The minicab arrived and we went out to dinner.

There were a number of people already in the restaurant,
and Kelly attracted no little interest. I found myself
wondering how much more interest she might have
attracted had anyone known that two different men had
cum inside her that very afternoon and that she was
still wet, a condition exacerbated as she walked to our
candlelit table. The meal was very good and Kelly, who
had a real glow about her, was on top form. We were
enjoying a wonderful romantic evening together.

Occasionally there would be a slight lull in our
conversation and when this happened, a thought kept
recurring. I had initially rejected it as insane but it
was insidious. I realised that when Kelly had been with
her lover, and especially when there was evidence of the
encounter, there was a new dimension to our lovemaking.

That afternoon had been a case in point. I also recalled
how exciting it had been that night when I’d come home
unexpectedly and when I had secretly watched them. What
would it be like if I were to watch them with their
knowledge? What if we were to be in the same room
together and they were to have sex in front of me? I
began to consider how I might be able to engineer such a
situation. Slowly an idea began to take shape.

Chapter 7

As luck would have it the next time I went to the gym
Carl was there. He was waiting to use a rowing machine
and was taking the opportunity to have a drink of water.
I engaged him in conversation. It seemed he went three
times a week on a regular basis. I made sure I was there
two days later when he arrived for his evening workout.
I said that I’d only just arrived too, so we went round
together. After we’d showered I asked him if he fancied
a drink and we ended up having a couple of beers in the

He seemed a likeable enough chap, perhaps a bit flash,
but he did have a sense of humour too. He told me he had
his own business in computer equipment. I told him that
my department was in the process of upgrading and that
there might be an opportunity for him. I invited him to
lunch and said that I would bring someone else so that
we could discuss matters more fully. We agreed to meet
in a smart Italian restaurant on the following Thursday
at noon.

In the evening I told Kelly that I wanted to take her to
lunch to thank her for her understanding when I had been
so busy with the take-over. (The irony was wasted!) I
knew of a very nice Italian restaurant and had already
booked a table. I said I would be taking a taxi and
would stop by her office on the way.

Kelly and I arrived at the restaurant twenty minutes
after the appointed time. The poor punctuality was
deliberate, so as to ensure that Carl would already be
there. He was, and was sitting at a table with his back
to the window. I ushered Kelly into the restaurant and
walked up to Carl.

“Hello, Carl, so sorry we’re late. Can I introduce you
to my wife, Kelly! Oh! How stupid of me! I forgot, you
two already know each other, don’t you?” Carl’s jaw
dropped, his face was ashen. Kelly looked as if she was
about to cry. “It’s all right,” I said, “I’m not about
to make a scene, but I think we ought to talk.”

It would have been pedantic to point out to Carl that I
had invited him to lunch to discuss matters without
actually specifying what those matters were. I had not
got him there under false pretences, and I could not be
responsible if he had jumped to the wrong conclusion.
Likewise with Kelly, I had not said it was a lunch for
two! Just then the waiter came up. Neither Carl, nor
Kelly was in a fit state to order, so I ordered for the
three of us. When he’d taken the order I resumed
talking, pausing between each sentence.

“Carl, I know what’s been going on between the two of
you. Kelly and I have discussed it at some length and
she has informed me that she would like it to continue.”
She actually blushed at this point. There was a longer
pause. I carried on, “And so would I!”

The silence was deafening. No one wanted to speak, so I
continued. “I just don’t want it to be behind my back,
that’s all.” I looked at Carl, “Look, I’m not saying
that the two of you cannot see each other alone,” Kelly
blushed again, “but occasionally, I would like to be
present!” My throat was dry and my heart was pounding as
I made this confession.

Kelly was the first to react. She held my hand and said,
“Oh, Ben!”

It took a little while for the significance of what I
had said to register with Carl. He looked around the
restaurant to ensure he could not be overheard and then
he spoke. He had a questioning look on his face.

“Let me get this straight. When you say that you want to
be present, do you mean what I think you mean?”

“What do you think I mean?”

“That you actually want to watch?”

I nodded, “Yes. That is exactly what I mean.” I could
feel the lump in my throat as I waited for his reply.

“Are you taking the piss?”

“No, I’m deadly serious.” There was no doubting my tone.

Carl looked at Kelly. “He is straight, isn’t he?”

She nodded but her face showed her anxiety. She could
see I was getting annoyed.

I spoke very deliberately. “You don’t need to ask Kelly.
You can ask me. Of course I’m straight, Carl. You’ve
heard of voyeurism, haven’t you? Well, being a voyeur
doesn’t mean you’re bent. I don’t suppose I’m the first
husband to be turned on because his wife has been to bed
with someone else.”

Carl raised his hands as if to surrender. “Sorry, Ben. I
wasn’t casting any aspersions. It’s just not what I
expected we’d be discussing over lunch. And it was a bit
of a shock, Kelly being with you.”

Kelly was looking from one of us to the other and her
relief was self-evident. Moments earlier she had been
afraid that Carl and I would end up brawling in the

“If it’s any consolation, Carl, Kelly had no inkling,
whatsoever, that we were meeting you for lunch and is
probably just as shocked as you are. And, as far as the
subject matter, we’ve never ever discussed such a thing
before.” I looked at her and she nodded in affirmation.
“But now, I’ve put my cards on the table; you both know
what I want. Whether or not I get it depends upon you
two. It’s your decision. And whatever you decide,
there’ll be no repercussions; that’s a promise.”

Carl let my words sink in and then he looked at Kelly.
“How do you feel about it, Kelly?”

She looked first at her lover and then at me. “Well now
that I’ve got over the shock…” There was a slight
hesitancy in her voice; she was still weighing it up.
“Er…I suppose it would be all right.” Then she made up
her mind and there was no more equivocation. “If that’s
what it takes to makes you happy, Ben,” she smiled, “I’m
prepared to do it, but I can only speak for myself. Carl
has to make up his own mind.”

“Well if it’s okay with you, Kelly, it won’t be a
problem for me, that’s for sure.”

Kelly spoke for the two of them. The soft smile was
still playing on her lips. “Well, Ben, it seems we all

The waiter then arrived with our order and we commenced
eating. We had a very nice Bardolino with our meal.
There was far less tension now and we were even able to
laugh occasionally. We ordered port with our coffees.
Carl raised his glass. “I’d like to propose a toast to
the three of us; ‘the eternal triangle’. Or do I mean
‘the equilateral triangle’?” He smiled at both of us.

Kelly, catching the mood at once, did likewise. “The
Bermuda Triangle.”

I wasn’t about to be outdone, either. “Trafalgar

It was Kelly that asked the inevitable question. “Surely
you mean square?”

“No, Kelly, of course not. How can you have a square

This was getting a bit silly but it was a sign that the
former tension had disappeared and that we were now at
ease, hardly the case when we had first sat down. Being
up front and open had helped bring about the change, but
the alcohol we had consumed was also responsible for our
relaxed state. In fact, we were not far from becoming as
relaxed as newts. I asked the waiter for the bill.

As Kelly and I got up to leave, Carl said something
about us all meeting on a Saturday night. He also told
me that to pull a stunt like this, I had to have balls.
Maybe I did, I thought to myself, but they weren’t like
his, though.

In the taxi on the way back, Kelly made it clear that
she was none too happy about my subterfuge. (Isn’t there
a saying about people in glasshouses?) But it didn’t
matter, no harm had been done, and at least now
everything was in the open.

That same evening the phone rang. I answered it. It was
Carl and he asked if he could speak to Kelly. I
suggested she take the call in the study where she could
talk more freely. They must have been on the phone about
fifteen minutes or so. When she returned she planted a
long wet kiss on my cheek.

“He’s going to come round on Saturday night. I told him
he could stop over.”

So, it was going to happen! My mouth was dry, and my
heart was thumping as the full impact of Kelly’s words
began to register. I tried to speak calmly. “So what did
he say to you, Kelly?”

“He just wanted to be sure that I was happy to go along
with it. I told him that I was.”

I kissed her. “Do you want to spend the night with him,

“Would you mind if I did?” She was biting her lower lip.

“No. You can hardly invite him to stay and have him
sleep on his own, can you?”

“Ben, you are wonderful!” She kissed me again.

Wonderful, or just a fool! My mind was in turmoil. There
was, of course, intense excitement but there was real
anxiety too. I was actually encouraging their
relationship. Kelly was already aware of this and now,
following our lunch, so too, was Carl. Kelly had said
that it was just a mutual physical attraction, but there
was a risk that it could become more than this.

Anyway, I reasoned to myself that they would continue to
see each other, with or without my sanction and
irrespective of whether I was there or not. It was not
too difficult to persuade myself that the pros far
outweighed any cons.

Next day, at the office, I struggled to concentrate on
my work; most of the time I was thinking about the
forthcoming weekend. I went to a ladies’ shop in my
lunch hour. I wanted to buy Kelly some undies for the
following night. It was as if I was gift-wrapping Kelly
for her lover. (I’m sure a psychiatrist would have a
field day with me.) I was very particular. I didn’t want
anything loud or tarty. The colour had to be white or a
pastel, I wanted her to look pure, virginal even.

I bought the only thing I liked, a pair of panties in
white cotton. There was a cartoon drawing of a young
couple on them. It was the sort of picture that would
often adorn the front of a ‘To my wife’ birthday card.
And under it, were the words, ‘Be gentle with me.’ On my
way home that evening I also bought her some flowers. I
gave her those as soon as I got in.

We finished our dinner and went and sat in the
conservatory. I told her that I had another little gift
for her and I gave her the panties. Kelly thought they
were very sweet indeed, and told me she would wear them
the following evening. I was really pleased that she
liked them.

We had a couple of glasses of wine and ended up watching
a bit of television before turning in for an early
night. We made love but Kelly specifically asked me not
to cum inside her. It was obvious to me that she didn’t
want her fanny tasting of semen. Not before tomorrow
night anyway. I lay alongside her in bed listening to
her regular breathing. Unlike me, she appeared to have
no trouble getting off to sleep. I wondered if she’d go
off to sleep so easily tomorrow night. Would she get the
chance? Would she want to, even if she did!

I woke up early on the Saturday, made the tea and
brought it upstairs to Kelly. Having tea in bed is very
civilised way to start the weekend. There is time to
talk to one another, for a start. But this morning
conversation was virtually non-existent. It was evident
that the tension was getting to us. Kelly usually goes
shopping on Saturdays on her own.

I went with her this morning. I can’t say it is my
favourite occupation but at least it helped to pass the
time. I have accompanied her before and I’ve found the
best way to cope is to leave my brain at home. However
it was different this day. I found myself fussing over
things that, under other circumstances, I would not have
given the slightest thought to. In Sainsbury’s, for
example, did we need any more coffee? Should we get
custard creams or digestives or both? And then in
Boot’s, did Kelly have enough Femfresh?

I’m sure I must have driven her mad. We got back home at
midday and had a light lunch. I kept myself busy in the
afternoon, pottering around the garden. Kelly finished
the housework, her last task being to put the freshly
washed sheets and duvet cover back on our bed.

It was now about a quarter to seven. Kelly disappeared
into the bathroom to get herself ready for the evening.
She was still at it an hour or so later, when I bought
her up a cup of tea. Fortunately we have a second
bathroom so it was not a problem for me. I had showered,
dressed and was already sitting in the lounge having a
beer when she finally came down. She looked absolutely

Her hair was again swept up, her make-up was perfect,
especially the eye shadow and she was wearing the same
figure-hugging two-piece that she’d had on that
unforgettable night when she’d rediscovered sex! She had
put this outfit on just for me! The silver stud earrings
and matching necklace looked just right, too. As she
walked over to kiss me her unrestrained breasts gently
swayed under the thin grey fabric.

“Kelly,” I said, “you look terrific.” Despite the beer
my mouth felt dry.

“Thank you, Ben.” She gave me the once-over. You look
very nice yourself.” All I had on was a short sleeve
casual shirt, a pair of lightweight summer trousers and
some decks. She stood in front of me. “And I’m wearing
my new knickers. Do you want to see?” She pulled her
skirt up. The dark shadow of her pubic hair was visible
through the white cotton. The words, ‘Be gentle with me’
appeared slightly convex, covering her mound as they

I smiled at her. “They’re delightful.”

Just then we heard the minicab hooting. We had arranged
to meet Carl at a pub, on neutral ground so to speak. A
short while later we were driving into the car park of
the Black Swan. I was aware of the butterflies in my
stomach as I entered the pub. It was already quite
crowded but Carl was nowhere to be seen. We sat at the
last empty table and I went and got some drinks. Kelly
took a sip of her gin and tonic. There was a slight
pause and then she asked, “You are sure about this, Ben,
aren’t you?”

I felt my heart beating faster. “It’s a bit late to be
asking, Kelly, but yes, I am, as long you still want to
go ahead with it.” Was I still so sure? I thought I was,
but the nearer we got to the moment of truth, the less
certain I became. I attempted to deflect the question.

“What about you, Kelly, you do, don’t you?”

“I think so, Ben. Anyway, it’s what you wanted, isn’t

Our conversation was never going to end at this rate,
nor was it destined to because just then Carl came in.
He was wearing a light blue casual shirt and a pair of
dark blue cords. There was a pleasant aroma of after-
shave about him and his dark hair was shining. I said
hello and shook his hand. He stood over Kelly and I saw
him take a quick look down her neckline, no doubt taking
in the swell of her breasts and the absence of a bra.

“Hello, Kelly. You look very nice.” He bent down to kiss
her hello. It was a formal act, exactly how one would
have expected platonic friends to greet each other. No
one watching would have thought otherwise. Nevertheless
Kelly coloured slightly.

“Hello, Carl.” Her voice betrayed her nervousness.

“What can I get you?” I asked him.

Carl had a lager and I got another round for Kelly and
for me. Whether it was the heat, our nerves, or a
combination of both, the drinks didn’t last long. Carl
got the next round in. We sat there talking about this
and that but our conversation was somewhat stilted. In
truth we were all preoccupied with what we were going to
do when we got home.

It was now about ten. I looked at the two of them and
suggested that we make a move. Both agreed and within
fifteen minutes we were home. Carl retrieved an
overnight bag from the boot of his car together with a
bouquet of flowers, which he gave to Kelly. He dropped
the bag in the hall and I led him into the lounge,
forgetting momentarily that he already knew the way! I
went out to fix some more drinks.

When I returned with them he was sitting in one of the
armchairs whilst Kelly was sitting on the sofa. This was
not going to plan! I again attempted some light
conversation but with even less success than we’d had at
the pub. The tension in the room was palpable; you could
have cut it with a knife. I had to do something. I
looked at my wife and spoke.

“Do you know what, Kelly, you look so gorgeous, I could
give you one here and now! What do you think, Carl?”

Kelly looked embarrassed at this point. She leaned
forward to get her glass and Carl, who was sitting
opposite her, was again able to look down her top.

Carl, always the charmer, merely said in a soft voice,
“You do look beautiful, Kelly. And I can see just what
Ben means!”

I looked at Kelly sitting next to me. She was looking at

“Perhaps I ought to change places with Carl. Would you
like that, Kelly?”

She was unable to speak for a moment. Carl was looking
at her waiting for her to answer me. The room suddenly
seemed deathly quiet. When she finally spoke, it was
just one word.


Chapter 8

Carl and I changed places. My glass was nearly empty so
I fetched another beer in from the kitchen. By the time
I’d returned they were already kissing. I sat down fully
aware of the pounding in my chest and of my racing
pulse. No! Don’t let me have a heart attack. Not now,
please! But it was just the excitement of the moment. In
front of my very eyes, no more than a few feet away, my
beautiful wife was about to have sex with her lover!

Carl’s hand was already gently caressing Kelly’s left
breast. Her hand was touching his face whilst the other
was resting on his thigh. They were kissing each other
with real passion. He began to knead her breasts,
feeling for her nipples, and gently squeezing them
through the thin fabric of her top.

Thin as it was, it was too thick for Carl, and his hand
slipped under the material in order to stroke the soft
smooth skin of her breasts and to tease her rigid
nipples. Then he slid her top up, thereby exposing both
breasts in full. The top was rucked up around her neck
so she quickly slipped it off completely. He changed
position slightly so that he could kiss her nipples and
as he was doing this Kelly was looking directly at me.

She was still fairly composed although I noticed that
she was already breathing more heavily. She was trying
to gauge my reaction and she smiled when she saw the
thin material of my trousers struggling to contain my
erection. However, her expression gradually began to
reflect her own increasing sexual arousal. He was still
sucking at her nipples and she was still softly stroking
his hair, but by now Carl’s hand was on the inside of
her knee.

I was transfixed as I watched it glide up her inner
thigh. She had parted her legs a little, so as to make
it easier for him, but his movement was causing the
clinging fabric of her skirt to be stretched. Kelly
solved the problem by lifting her bottom and pulling up
the skirt so that she was no longer sitting on it.

Although she was still looking in my direction, her eyes
were now half closed, and it was clear I was no longer
registering in her vision. She was too pre-occupied with
her own sexual pleasure. Carl’s hand was exactly where
they both wanted it to be and all that separated his
fingers from her warm wetness was the thin white cotton.
He could feel the outline of her labia lips, could even
feel them separating as he pressed the damp material
against her. He whispered something in her ear and she
immediately raised herself from the sofa for a moment.
He grasped her panties and slid them down her thighs.
She then sank back in the sofa, and raised her feet off
the ground. Carl pulled them down the rest of the way
and removed them completely.

He noticed the words for the first time and smiled. Then
he held them to his face and inhaled Kelly’s intimate
fragrance. Kelly now parted her legs and both Carl and I
were treated to an unhindered view of her dark triangle.
Except that it was no longer a triangle! No wonder she
had been so long in the bathroom! She had trimmed her
pubic hair in the shape of a heart and in addition she
had removed all the hair either side of her pink and
succulent labia. It was a real work of art.

Possibly interested in such art but undoubtedly keen on
the canvas on which it was painted Carl gently pressed
his palm against her pubic creation, and his fingers
began to play in her wetness. His thick middle finger
disappeared into her and I saw Kelly close her eyes for
a fleeting moment. He withdrew his finger and I could
see it was already coated with her lubrication. He put
it in his mouth and sucked it.

Then he penetrated her with two fingers, moving them
around inside her, and stretching her in different
directions. She let out an involuntary groan and once
more closed her eyes. As he removed his fingers she
opened them again. She was looking at him as he put his
fingers to his lips. He smiled and offered them to her.

She delicately touched the tip of his finger with the
tip of her tongue. She seemed to like the taste because
she then took the whole finger in her mouth. And then
she licked his other finger. She had no sooner released
them than they were again inserted into her entrance.
And a minute or so later they were back in her mouth and
she had to start all over again!

He now knelt down in front of her and positioned himself
between her legs. Before he bent down to lick her he
reached up for her skirt and removed it. As she sat down
again she moved closer to the edge of the seat and
spread her legs. Carl bent forwards and inserted his
tongue into her opening.

The room was alive to the sound of his slurping and her
whimpering. I had to undo my zip and hold my cock. After
ten minutes or so, during which Kelly must have climaxed
twice, Carl lifted his face from her fragrant wetness
and kissed her full on her lips, his tongue darting into
her mouth. Then she got to her feet. She was totally
naked apart from her necklace and her shoes. She looked

Kelly told Carl to stand up and she unbuttoned his
casual shirt and removed it. Then she dropped to her
knees and proceeded to take off his shoes and socks. She
unfastened the catch at the top of his trousers,
unzipped him and pulled them down. He kicked them off
and stood there wearing only his Calvin Klein’s. Kelly
kissed his imposing bulge and then she eased them down
until he was able to step out of them. He was now as
naked as she was.

I had seen Carl’s erect prick before, of course, but I’d
never seen it from such close proximity and in such good
light. The crown had an almost velvety texture whilst
the shaft was veined marble. It was magnificently erect,
proudly standing out from his stomach. It was
threatening, malevolent even, yet at the same time, it
promised untold sexual pleasure. She asked him to sit
down on the edge of the sofa. Carl and I both knew why.
She was going to fellate him.

He sat down where indicated and looked at Kelly as she
moved between his legs. He was eagerly anticipating that
moment when he would feel her lips and tongue on his
sensitive crown. But before her mouth was otherwise
occupied, she turned round to look at me. She silently
shaped the words, ‘I love you,’ and then she turned back
to his immense organ. I watched her hold his thickness
and press her face against it whilst she gently caressed
his testicles.

I watched her hand gently travelling up and down his
smooth column. I watched her lick him from the forest of
black hair at the base of the shaft to the underside of
the bulbous head. And I watched her finally take the
head into her mouth and begin to suck it. It was no
good; I had to take my trousers off, and my shirt

Kelly had seen some movement out of the corner of her
eye and she let go of his cock in order to see what it
was. She smiled when she saw that I, too, was now naked
and she returned to the job in hand, or more accurately,
mouth. I sat back in my chair, gave them my rapt
attention, and slowly masturbated.

Carl now took the initiative and they changed position.
Kelly was now lying on her back, her knees almost level
with her shoulders and with her arms round her thighs.
Her hands were at the lips of her labia and she was
clearly trying to make her make her opening as large as
possible to allow his cock easier access. He positioned
himself above her entrance and began the blissful task
of gaining entry.

Kelly was already whimpering as she felt him pressing
against her. He pushed again and slid a third of the way
in. It was not easy to enter her, wet as she was, but
she was beside herself and she pleaded with him not to
stop. Another push, another groan and Carl’s cock had
fully penetrated her. She was quite tight, so he started
very carefully, withdrawing slowly, delighting in the
sensation as her inner lips clung to his shaft, and then
sinking back into her depths until he could feel her
pubic hair at the base of his cock. He was gradually
increasing the tempo and then when his cock was in her
as deep as it was possible to be, he suddenly stopped.
He turned to look at me.

“So, you like watching me fuck your wife?”

It was evident from my erection that I did, but I still

He continued in the same vein. “And she likes me fucking
her, you can tell.”

“Come on, Carl.” Her voice was soft but there was an
implicit urgency about it. She had raised her legs to
present more of herself to him. She was desperate for
him to continue. And continue he did. Despite the
adjuration on her panties it was not a gentle fuck; it
was an urgent, powerful, even brutal fuck. And it was
exactly what Kelly was longing for. And then, when he
was in her up to his balls, he could hold back no
longer. Neither could I!

I felt embarrassed. I had jerked off in front of another
man. He had been otherwise occupied, of course, but that
is exactly what I had done. I was wiping my chest and
stomach with a tissue as Carl withdrew his heavy
thickness from her and got to his feet. He glanced over
at me as he reached for his lager. I pondered on what he
might be thinking.

He was probably wondering why I seemed to prefer to wank
whilst watching someone else fuck Kelly; why I didn’t
want to fuck her myself. I wish I knew. Kelly now stood
up and slipped her knickers back on, probably so as not
to leak on to the sofa. She went out to the kitchen and
came back with a mineral water. Carl was already sitting
down, his detumescing cock resting on his thigh. She
looked at me, and smiled before she went back to the
sofa and sat down next to him.

It was now half past eleven and I decided I’d go to bed.
I went over to them and kissed her good night. She was
positively glowing; the sparkle in her eyes ample
evidence of her delight.

“Goodnight, Ben,” she said, “See you in the morning.”

I went out of the lounge, leaving my semi naked wife
alongside her naked lover. I carried Carl’s overnight
bag upstairs and left it in our bedroom. I headed for
the spare room.

I lay in bed and tried to go to sleep. The noises
downstairs were not at all loud, but I could tell they
were again on the job. Half an hour or so later I heard
them come upstairs, and get into bed. I must have
drifted off to sleep but something woke me up. There
were sounds coming from the bedroom where Kelly and Carl
were sleeping, but it was obvious that neither was
asleep. From the regular tempo and from Kelly’s
suppressed groans it was apparent that he was again
fucking her. They were trying to keep the noise down but
to no avail.

I looked at my watch. It was now three in the morning.
What was Carl on for Heaven’s sake? He could fuck for
England! The tempo increased in speed and Kelly’s groans
became louder. My hand crept down to my prick. I slowly
began to masturbate whilst trying to make sense of what
was happening. Why was I lying alone in the spare room,
masturbating, whilst a stranger was in my bedroom, in my
bed, and in my wife? And why did I find this so
arousing? I did not have an answer. I felt the thrill of
an approaching ejaculation and was soon asleep.

I woke up at about nine the following morning. There
were some noises emanating from their bedroom. They were
awake at least. I got up, slipped on my boxers and
called out to see if anyone wanted a drink. Both said
yes, so I made three cups of tea and brought them in on
a tray.


It was a weird feeling to enter my own bedroom and to
find a stranger in our marital bed with my wife. They
were lying side by side under a thin sheet that covered
them to their waists. Kelly’s nipples were quite
prominent whilst Carl was clearly sporting another
erection. I put the tray down and kissed Kelly. She had
that vulnerable sleepy look.

“Morning, Ben,” she said. “Did you have a good night’s

“Not really; but still more than you two managed, I
bet.” She smiled.

As we were finishing our teas I noticed Carl,
surreptitiously stroking Kelly’s inner thigh under the
sheet. I put the cups back on the tray and as I turned
to go out, Carl pulled back the sheet, revealing his
proud erection. By the time I reached the door he had
already positioned himself between Kelly’s legs. As I
turned round to shut it, Kelly was in the act of raising
her legs to assist his entry. She saw me looking at her
and, in a gesture full of tenderness, she put her
fingers to her lips and blew me a kiss.

Chapter 9

Carl joined me in the kitchen after having showered. He
was wearing a short sleeve check shirt and a pair of
faded blue jeans.

“Hello again, Ben.”

“Hi, Carl. Fancy some breakfast?”

“That would be nice, thanks.”

There was a silence. It was only the second occasion
that we had been alone together and the first real
opportunity we’d had to speak since he had arrived the
previous evening. Since then, he’d spent most of the
intervening time in intimate contact with my wife. In
theory there must have been a number of relevant topics,
about which we could have meaningfully conversed. In
practise, I was too embarrassed and too self-conscious
to broach the subject. I assumed Carl would be similarly
reticent. However he seemed totally relaxed when he

“You know, Ben, I really didn’t know what to expect when
I came over. In fact I was seriously considering not
going through with it at all.” He paused slightly and
then he continued, “But I’m really glad that I did.”

“I’m pleased to hear it.” I carried on preparing the

“It was an incredible night. You’re a very lucky man,
Ben. Not only is Kelly absolutely gorgeous and a nice
person with it, but she’s a fabulous fuck too!” It was a
compliment to be sure, but one that would have prompted
most men to start a fight! Carl was oblivious and he
carried on regardless. “And you’re a nice guy, Ben, as
well as being very generous.”

“I agree that I’m lucky, Carl,” I said, “but I wouldn’t
say I’m generous. I love Kelly very much indeed, and
when you love someone, you like to give them what they
want. I know she is physically attracted to you, so…”
I didn’t complete the sentence. Kelly appeared.

She breezed in to the kitchen, glowing despite the lack
of sleep. She was wearing a soft blue and white
patterned top with a loose matching blue wrap over
skirt. As she walked, she showed glimpses of her thigh.
She kissed me good morning. She had that sparkle in her
eyes again. The three of breakfasted together and
chatted like old friends.

Carl left shortly after breakfast. We shook hands.

“Bye, Ben. Thanks for a great evening!”

He kissed Kelly goodbye, gave her breast a soft squeeze
and then he was gone. Kelly put her arms around me and
kissed me tenderly.

“Well, Ben?” she asked.

I couldn’t answer her straight away because there seemed
to be a lump in my throat. I managed to compose myself.
“You’ve no idea how much I love you, Kelly.”

“I do know, Ben, and I feel exactly the same way about
you.” She didn’t need to articulate the words. I could
see it in her eyes. She kissed me again and then she
looked questioningly at me. Her voice had that soft
soothing tone. “But you can see why I’m sexually
attracted to him, can’t you?”

“Not really!” I paused, “OK, so he’s hung like a horse
and can go on for ever… but what else can he do?” I
tried to look serious but my smile gave the game away.

“Oh Ben!” She pulled me to her and cuddled me.

We kissed once more. “Anyway, since we are on the
subject, did you enjoy yourself?”

“I wondered how long it would take you to ask.” She
smiled at me.

“And are you going to tell me?” It was just a charade. I
knew she would.

Her eyes looked straight into mine. “Yes, Ben, I did
enjoy it. When it was happening I was enjoying it very
much indeed; it was very exciting.” She paused, and I
saw her frowning. “But, to be honest, thinking about it
now, I can’t help feeling embarrassed.”

“There is absolutely no reason at all for you to feel
embarrassed. You were wonderful! You are wonderful!” I
waited a moment for my words to sink in. I slid her
skirt up and was pleasantly surprised to see that she
had nothing on under it. My hands were on her bare
buttocks. “God, Kelly, you’re such a tart!”

Her face became serious. “Don’t get too carried away,
Ben. I’m quite sore at the moment. That’s why I had to
leave them off.” She briefly smiled. “You can have too
much of a good thing, you know. I’ve even had to put
some Nivea on.”

I let her be and a short while later we were in the
conservatory, having a coffee. Kelly sat on the cane
two-seater sofa whilst I sat in an armchair. The room
was pleasantly warm and before long we both began to
doze. I awoke with a start. Kelly was still asleep. She
had made herself more comfortable and was lying down
along the length of the sofa. Her left leg was draped
over the armrest, the other was still partially
supported by the seat cushion. Her skirt had fully
separated and her heart shaped pubis was visible, indeed
her whole femininity was now totally exposed.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her; she looked so inviting!
I crept over and sat on the floor in order to look at
her more closely. Her labia lips appeared rather
inflamed; as did the skin at the tops of her legs and I
could see where she’d applied the Nivea. I moved between
her open legs so that I could inhale her fragrance. I
fancied that I could even feel her heat on my face.
Kelly did not stir but continued to slumber; catching up
on the sleep she had sacrificed in order to fuck Carl.

I stood up and looked at the face of my sleeping beauty.
I studied her soft features, her flawless skin, her long
eyelashes and her dark hair, which had parted to reveal
her slender neck. Carl was right. I was a lucky man. I
smiled as I compared the way she looked now and the way
she had acted last night. How could Kelly, who looked so
innocent, be so wanton? How could I, a witness to her
wantonness, love her all the more because of it? But I
did! Somewhat reluctantly I went back to my chair, sat
down and watched over her.

Once more I tried to rationalise my actions. I had
encouraged another man to fuck my wife, indeed to make
her so sore that she couldn’t even wear her knickers! It
was odd, really. Some men would feel compelled to kill
their wife’s lover. I too had a compulsion, but it was a
compulsion to encourage him, to make him welcome in our
house, hell, even to make him welcome in our bedroom!
Was it the same compulsion that drew the moth to the
flame? Would it have the same result? How could I know?
But I could no more resist my compulsion than could the
moth resist the dancing light of the candle.

I continued watching her while she slept. In a way it
was a throwback to our childhood. Once again I was Sir
Galahad standing guard over my Lady Guinivere and I
continued to protect her until she woke up a couple of
hours later. My lady was especially affectionate to her
loyal knight for the rest of the day. We retired early
to our bedchamber but only to catch up on our sleep.
Methinks we were both far too fatigued for any more

She was also far too sore!

Chapter 10

A routine was established and it seemed to be working
out for all concerned. On Friday nights Kelly would go
out with Carl and would stay overnight at his place. I
had got used to her weekly absence. I missed her, of
course, but I could look forward to the Saturday morning
when she returned, when our passion knew no bounds,
especially on those occasions when she would leave Carl
in his bed, drive home and immediately get into our bed
with me. But there was a change to the established
routine when they spent a couple of days in Paris!

Carl had to go there on business and asked her if she’d
like to go with him. She asked me if I would have any
objection. It meant flying out on the Friday morning and
returning on the Saturday evening. In some ways it was
not that much different to the normal routine; she just
be away for a little bit longer, that’s all. Since it
was unlikely to happen on a regular basis I agreed.

On the Thursday evening I helped her pack her case. I
was naturally interested to see what clothes, and
especially what underwear she was taking. There was no
doubt that Carl would be pleased with her wardrobe. She
wanted an early night because Carl would be round early
in the morning and she needed to get up at about six to
get herself ready. We went to bed and we held each other
in a close embrace. We made love but as was now the norm
on Thursday nights, I refrained from ejaculating inside

The following morning I went off to work and Kelly went
off to Paris. I experienced conflicting emotions. I knew
that I’d miss her and yet I couldn’t deny it turned me
on. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I be normal and
enjoy Kelly’s sexuality directly rather than

In the evening I put on some porno but I couldn’t get
into it. Instead I watched some old comedy videos. I
went to bed quite late, and I had a couple of drinks
too, but I was still unable to get off to sleep for some

I woke up on the Saturday morning, happy that she would
be coming home that day, but wishing that I didn’t have
to wait until that evening. I occupied myself doing odd
jobs around the house, finally getting round to fixing
the external lights but the hours really dragged.

Kelly and Carl returned from Paris at about eight. He
came in carrying Kelly’s case, said a quick hello,
apologised for having to dash off and then left. She
came in and gave me a long loving kiss.

“Have you missed me then, Ben?” she asked in that soft
sensual tone I loved to hear.

“Yes, Kelly, I really have. It’s strange when you think
about it. In theory your being in Paris should have made
next to no difference. You’re not with me Friday nights
anyway and if I have to work late I don’t see you from
the time I leave on Friday morning until the time you
come home on Saturday. But I know where you are and I
know I can contact you. But in Paris you were out of
reach and because of that, you seemed to be away for
much longer. And you know what they say about absence,
don’t you?” I knew she would be pleased to hear this but
it was also true. I asked her if she’d missed me.

She was much more succinct. “Yes, Ben, of course I did.”
I didn’t know if it was just as true, but I was
certainly just as pleased to hear it.

I made a cup of tea and gave Kelly a bouquet of flowers
I’d bought for her. She asked me what I had been doing
with myself. I told her that contrary to what she might
be thinking I had actually got round to doing some of
the jobs that I had been putting off for ages. She
smiled at me as she suggested she should get away on her
own more often if that was the result.

She disappeared for a moment and returned carrying a
gift-wrapped bottle of Remy Martin, which she gave to
me. They say, ‘it’s the thought that counts’, and it’s
true. It was the thought I most valued, not the
expensive brandy. She had thought about me whilst she
was in Paris and I was really happy.

Kelly said she would take a relaxing bath and suggested
that we have an early night. We were tucked up in bed,
her pert bare bum nestling in my lap, when I asked her
about her weekend. She had enjoyed herself and the hotel
was excellent.

Yesterday they had explored Paris, taking in the Notre
Dame, the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Last
night they went to a cabaret and had eaten out
afterwards in Montmartre. They had a late breakfast this
morning, had strolled along the Champs Elysees and had
then taken a taxi back to their hotel and thence to the
airport. She told me that she would like to go back but
that she would want it to be with me next time.

She was expecting me to then ask her about her sexual
activities and she was pleasantly surprised when I told
her I didn’t want to know. But I did want to make love
to her. She made herself more accessible and I entered
her from behind. I guessed she’d be a bit tender, (she
had said something about a late breakfast; a euphemism I
presumed, meaning that they had been too busy shagging
to notice the time) so I was gentle with her. In the
event I came quite soon anyway; the inevitable result of
two days celibacy! We were still joined when we went to

In the morning I woke up to see that Kelly was already
awake and was staring at the ceiling. I kissed her and
she started to cry.

“What’s the matter, Kelly?”

“Oh, Ben!”

“Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“It’s not right, Ben. What I’m doing with Carl. It’s not

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean, Ben? My affair with Carl of
course. I think I should finish it.”

“But why, Kelly?”

“Before all this began we were very happy and content
with each other. We didn’t need anybody else. But now
there is Carl. And I feel like I’m cheating on you. I
love you Ben, I really do. I don’t love Carl, in fact
I’m not sure I even like him that much, but there are
times when he excites me so much that I would do
anything he asked. And then I feel guilty about it when
I come home to you. I want it to end before it goes any

Once again it was my cock, rather than my brain, that
influenced my reply. She was still quietly weeping. I
kissed her eyes and tasted her salty tears. My voice was
very soft.

“Come on Kelly, there’s no need to cry. How can you be
cheating on me when I know you’re with him? And why on
earth should you feel guilty? I don’t mind what you do
as long as it is of your own free will. It would be
different if you were being forced to do things that you
didn’t want to do. I admit I would prefer it if you
didn’t go away with him anymore, but that doesn’t mean
you can’t stay with him on Friday nights. Look Kelly, a
relationship based on love will always be stronger than
one based on sex. And ours is based on love. By all
means end the affair with him if that’s what you wish,
but do it for the right reason. Do it because you want
to do it, because you’ve gone off him for example, and
not because you think you ought to do it for my sake.”

She didn’t answer but at least she’d stopped crying. She
turned round to kiss me and I felt her hand on my face.
She again told me that she loved me. And then she told
me something else. She said she wanted me in her mouth.

Chapter 11

“Hello, is that you Ben?” The voice on the phone was
familiar. Jane on the switchboard had informed me it was
a personal call.

“Yes, who’s that?”

“It’s Carl. Can you talk?” I got up and shut my office
door. I picked up the phone once more.

“I can now.”

“Sorry to ring you at work but I wanted to talk to you,
rather than Kelly.”

“Go on.”

“Well Ben, it’s like this. Kelly might have told you
I’ve just bought a villa in Majorca. I needed to spend
some money before the taxman got his hands on it.” He
laughed. “It’s got two bedrooms and they’ve each got an
en-suite. It’s very private and it’s got its own pool.
Well, I’m going to be out there for most of September
and… well, I was wondering if you and Kelly fancied
coming out. There’d be no cost to you, a bit of food and
drink maybe, and of course your air fare.”

I told him it sounded very attractive. He gave me the
dates and I said I would call him back. I felt a frisson
of excitement. If the villa was as private as Carl said,
we could do anything that took our fancy. And I needed a
holiday. We had originally planned to be away in Spring
but that had been cancelIed because of the take-over

I knew we wouldn’t be able to take a month, but we could
have two weeks. I checked my diary. The first two weeks
were definitely out. The last two weeks were okay. Oh
bollocks! There was an important presentation on the
Wednesday of the second week. It was to a new client and
we had already postponed it once. Maybe I could still
get out of it. I explained the situation to Paul,
acknowledging that it was at rather short notice.

“It’s going to be difficult, Ben. Giles will be on his
honeymoon.” I put my hand to my forehead. I’d forgotten
that. And he was the only one who could deputise for me.
“Really, Ben, I ought not to let you go at such short
notice, but because you gave up your holiday earlier I
will agree to it on one condition. If I cannot get a
stand-in, you have to agree to return, and if that is
the case, we’ll pick up all your travel costs.”

He was being fair and I couldn’t really argue. He could
have refused permission for me to go in the first place
because I hadn’t given him sufficient notice. Yet not
only did he agree I could go, but he was also prepared
to pay for a return ticket if I had to return. Kelly had
no such problems and could take any two weeks.
Accordingly I phoned Carl and said we’d be out for the
last two weeks. During our conversation I discovered
that we would all be coming back on the same flight.

And then the bad news! My presence would be required in
the office on the Wednesday week after all. And since we
were due to fly home on the Friday there seemed very
little point in my going back. Kelly said that she would
come home with me but I told her not to bother. She
might as well come back with Carl three days later. It
was bad enough that I should have to cut short my
holiday; why spoil hers, too?

We were in the departure lounge at Gatwick Airport, on
the Saturday waiting to catch an early evening flight to
Palma. Kelly was wearing a sleeveless lilac broderie
anglaise blouse, and a matching plain short skirt. The
lilac effect was complemented by the mauve nail polish
she had applied to her fingers and to her toenails.

She was already quite tanned from sunbathing in the
garden the previous weekend, in fact she would not have
looked out of place had she been in the arrivals hall,
having just returned from her holiday. But hers was
about to start and she was excited. She kept turning to
look at the departures board, trying to see if our
flight had been called and with every movement of her
head, her long dark hair would bounce on her shoulders.

But the commencement of our long delayed holiday wasn’t
the only reason for Kelly’s happy frame of mind. There
was the not insignificant fact that that Carl would be
there. She hadn’t seen him for three weeks now and had
missed the sheer intensity of their physical
relationship. She was looking forward to ‘sleeping’ with
him that night.

Kelly and I had provisionally agreed that she would
alternate her nights with Carl and me, a sort of adult
timeshare really! The departures board was now showing a
gate for our flight. We picked up our bags and arrived
there just as the plane had begun to board. We were only
twenty minutes late departing and after an uneventful
flight we landed at Palma. We grabbed a trolley and
joined the milling crowd in the baggage hall. And before
very long we were out in the main area.

Carl was already there to meet us and he had a broad
welcoming smile on his face as we came up to him. He put
his arms around Kelly as he kissed her and then he shook
my hand. We made the usual small talk that everyone
seems to engage in at airports; how was the flight; how
has the weather been, etc. And then we followed him out
to his car.

Even though it was quite late in the evening, the
temperature had not really dropped and as we stepped
outside the air-conditioned terminal building, the
sultriness was surprising. It was somewhat oppressive
and the atmosphere was not rendered more pleasant by the
occasional whiff of kerosene. However his car was not
too far away and we were soon on our way to his villa,
not much more than one hour distant.

It was completely dark by the time we arrived. Carl
zapped the electric gates and we drove in. The drive was
about a hundred metres long and at its end was the
single-storey villa. As we approached it, sensors
switched on the exterior lights illuminating the
surprising amount of greenery and colour that contrasted
with the white painted facade.

Carl unlocked the wide front door that opened into the
lounge. We walked in, our footsteps resounding on the
beige ceramic tiled floor. The lounge was quite large
and contained a sofa, an easy chair and a small dining
table with four chairs. At the far end was the kitchen,
and a line of work surfaces delineated the change of
use. A door led out from the kitchen to a terraced area
on the right, where the swimming pool was situated.

The bedrooms were located either side of the lounge.
Carl’s was on the right hand side as we entered. He was
thus able to overlook the pool and the terrace from his
bedroom window. Carl ushered us into the other bedroom
and left us to unpack.

The room was a narrower than the lounge but about the
same length. It had a double aspect with windows at the
front and at the side. At the far end was a door leading
into the en-suite. The walls were finished in the
ubiquitous Spanish white rough textured style. On each
side of the ample double bed was a small low bedside
unit, which matched the dark wood of the two
freestanding solid looking wardrobes.

There was a matching dressing table with a large mirror,
around the edge of which, was a built in light. The en-
suite bathroom was more than adequate. There was a
bidet, a large hand basin and a toilet all in white
china with ornate brass accessories. In the corner was a
shower cubicle with a bronze screen. The lighting in the
bathroom was very bright, in sharp contrast to the
subdued wall lighting of the bedroom.

We finished unpacking the cases and went out to the
terrace, where Carl was already seated. The lighting on
the terrace was also subdued, two small lamps on the
wall providing what little overhead light there was. The
underwater lights in the pool were all that illuminated
the terrace at that end. Carl was already enjoying a
cold beer and he fetched two more from the fridge when
we joined him.

With the luggage unpacked, our clothing put away and
with the cold beers in front of us I felt the holiday
had finally started. It had been a long day, the
travelling had been tiring and it was great to be able
to unwind. I sat back contentedly in the chair deeply
inhaling the warm night air, scented as it was with the
aroma of basil and oregano. In the distance I could see
the lights of a small village and in the blackness above
us the stars were gleaming.

Kelly finished her drink and said that she would take a
shower to freshen up. Carl and I remained on the balcony
and had another beer. He told me a little bit about the
area. We were not far from Cala d’Or in the southeast
part of Majorca. He also told me about a couple of
places that we might want to visit. Twenty minutes
later, Kelly returned. She was wearing a pale green
camisole, matching high cut panties, and some sling
backs. Despite the low lighting I could discern her dark
shadow through the gossamer fabric of her panties. She
really did look fantastic. I asked her if she’d like
another drink.

“No thanks, Ben.” She was looking directly at Carl, and
in a sultry voice she said, “What I’d really like, is to
say ‘hello’ to Carl properly.” Without waiting for an
answer, she turned and walked back into the villa. She
had never looked more provocative.

Carl glanced at me and made as if to shrug his
shoulders, but his expression could not conceal his
delight. As he got up to follow her, he looked at me and
said, “How can I refuse?” An afterthought occurred to
him as he reached the door. “Help yourself to a beer
when you want, Ben. There’s plenty in the fridge. Just
make yourself at home.”

I went in to get one, just as Carl was about to close
his bedroom door. I caught a glimpse of Kelly. She was
already lying on his bed.

I went back to my chair on the terrace. It was very
quiet. There were hardly any sounds from the road below;
an odd motorbike or car but that was all. Spanish villas
are designed to be cool; they are not designed to absorb
sound. The solid glazed floors tend to reflect and even
to amplify sound. The windows of the villa were open,
and the sounds emanating from Carl’s bedroom were
carried to me in the balmy night air.

I knew what they were doing even though I could not see
them. I heard their low voices, the odd laugh, and then
the quiet before Kelly’s whimpers became audible.
Insistent repetitive whimpers, moreover, that gradually
increased in frequency and in volume. A whimper that
became a cry, and a cry that rent the night air as she

I must have fallen asleep out on the terrace. I looked
at my watch when I woke up and I realised that I had
been sitting out there for two hours! I had to get to
bed. As I entered the villa I noticed that Carl had
opened his bedroom door, presumably to allow the cooler
evening air to circulate.

When I’d been sitting out on the terrace I was under
some cover and I hadn’t realised that a full moon had
risen. It was now shining through the open bedroom
window, bathing them in moonlight. They were fast asleep
on top of the covers. Carl was naked. Kelly had kept her
camisole on but her matching panties were nowhere to be
seen. His hand was casually resting on her thigh. Her
hand was loosely holding his flaccid penis.

Chapter 12

I woke up early the next morning. I was going to make
some tea but I could hear noises from Carl’s bedroom and
it was obvious that they were at it again. So I decided
I’d wait a while. I must have dozed off because the next
moment Kelly was in my bed saying, “Rise and shine, or
at least rise!” Her hand was around my cock. She kissed
me, her tongue immediately in my mouth.

“Morning, Kelly, did you have a good night?”

“Hello, Ben. Yes I did, thank you, and now you’re going
to have a good morning!” She started to stroke my cock
and it began to stiffen. When she was happy that it was
hard enough, she straddled me and lowered herself onto
it. She was very loose and very, very wet. Try as I
might there was absolutely no friction and there was no
way that I could achieve a climax. I was aware of the
increasing wetness around the base of my cock.

“It’s no good, Kelly, I’m sorry but I can’t come like
this.” She got off me and lay on her back, spreading her
legs. I looked at her open, wet and well-used fanny. I
reinserted my sticky length into her and as I thrust
away I knew that it wasn’t going to work this way
either. She was just far too loose.

She knew too. “Don’t worry, Ben.” I withdrew from her
and lay down alongside her.

“Sorry, Kelly.”

“That’s alright,” she said and she moved down to take me
in her mouth, despite the fact that it was liberally
coated with Carl’s semen. I watched our reflection in
the mirror. She was trying to bring me off with her
hand, whilst she continued to suck me. But she was
beginning to tire.

I reached down and covered her hand with my own. Knowing
what I was about to do she removed her hand. Taking care
not to hit Kelly in the face, I began to masturbate. It
wasn’t long before I was ejaculating in her mouth. She
waited until I’d finished before she reached for a
tissue and emptied her mouth into it. We turned on our
sides to face each other and we kissed. Her mouth still
tasted of my semen.

Her voice was very soft when she spoke. “I’m not going
to leave you out, you know.”

“I know you’re not, Kelly, but you don’t have to worry
about me, honestly.” I paused. “When you’re with him I
usually jerk-off, anyway.”

“You must want more than that.”

“Not really, Kelly. Look, what you just did was great
but you don’t have to do it.”

“What do you mean, Ben?”

“Kelly, I know it’s hard to understand. In fact I’m
still not sure that I fully understand it myself, even
after all these weeks. All the same, I’ll try and
explain it to you. I really love you, Kelly. I love you
because of the person you are. I love your sense of
humour, I love you because of your sympathetic nature,
and I love the way you radiate happiness wherever you
go. I know that you try to make me happy and in that
respect you really do succeed. I could not be happier,
honestly. And you’ve got so much patience and tolerance,
far more than anyone I’ve ever known. Then there’s the
physical side. You are absolutely gorgeous to look at
and you have a wonderful body. Making love to you is
fantastic. Oral sex with you is out of this world. I
could never tire of the taste of your fanny and I adore
the way you suck me and let me cum in your mouth. I
could go on even more, Kelly, but I assume you’ve got
the picture.”

I moved slightly and eased my hand between her upper
thighs. In this position my fingers could bathe in her
wetness. “Kelly, I want you to know that as far as I’m
concerned you’re perfect. But, and this is the crucial
point, certain things are so perfect, that they cry out
to be shared with others. Imagine if there was only one
record of, say Beethoven’s Fifth, and I had it. I would
have to play it to someone else so that they would also
know that it is a masterpiece.

“I’m not sure what you’re driving at.”

“It’s simple really, Kelly. I think it would be very sad
if I were the only person to know how good you are in
bed. Fortunately I’m not; Carl knows about you, too. And
that in turn excites me. Last night, when you told Carl
you wanted him, I saw the delight on his face. Do you
know, I felt really proud of you, I really did. And I
saw you on his bed afterwards, when you were asleep. You
still had your camisole on, but not your knickers.
You’ve no idea how arousing that was. When I went to bed
I had to toss myself off. Even talking about it now is
having an effect on my cock!” I felt her fingers around
it. “See what I mean?”

“Where is this all leading to, Ben?”

“It’s simple really. When you think about it, all three
of us want the same thing. So, make the most of the
opportunity. If you want to fuck him, or if he wants to
fuck you, then do it. It doesn’t matter whatever else
you’re doing.”

“Whatever else I’m doing?” Her incomprehension was

“Well, not literally, Kelly! I don’t mean if you’re
shopping in Sainsbury’s or whatever the Majorcan
equivalent is! I mean when you’re here in the villa,
even if you’re with me. I’ll get turned on because I
know how much you adore it when he fucks you.” My
fingers were still inside her. “And I like the results;
when you’re full of his cum, just like you are now.” I
got a bit carried away at this juncture. “There can
never be too much of it. I want you overflowing with
it.” I saw her nose wrinkle at the prospect.

“But Ben, when I’m like this I can’t even feel you.”

“It doesn’t matter to me, Kelly.”

“Well it does to me! You know, Ben, I was looking
forward to our holiday here. I guessed I’d be spending a
lot of time on my back but it never occurred to me that
it would only be with Carl. I assumed that you’d want to
make love to me, too.”

“I do, Kelly, honestly.”

“I don’t think you do, Ben. The reality is you prefer to
watch, don’t you?” She still had a puzzled expression.

“Well, perhaps sometimes, Kelly, I suppose you could say
that, yes.” Did I really mean that? It was too late. I’d
already said it.

“I wish I could understand you, Ben.” And then she began
to cry.

“I wish I could understand myself. But I do love you,
Kelly, I swear.”

She did not answer me but continued to cry silently. The
pillow was now wet with her tears. I kissed her wet
salty cheek but she told me to leave her alone. I told
her I didn’t mean to upset her but she ignored me. I
kissed her once more and this time she told me to go
away. I knew she meant it too; her actual words allowed
for no ambiguity. I slipped on some swimming shorts and
leaving her in our bedroom, went out to the pool.

I felt really invigorated after swimming a dozen or so
lengths. I climbed out and sat on a chair to dry off in
the sun. I looked around me. We were situated near the
top of a small hill. Carl’s villa was in its own large
grounds. There was any number of olive trees dotted
around. The boundary of the property was fenced and
lines of pine trees had been planted to form a screen.
His nearest neighbour was some way away on the lower
slopes, but only the roof of the building could be seen
above the trees.

Carl was correct when he said that his villa was very
private. Further away still was the little village whose
lights we had seen last night and where, according to
Carl, there was a bar that served good food. In the
distance, through the shimmering heat haze, the sea was
visible. The standard rectangular shaped pool was a good
size with a small springboard at one end. Signs
indicated that it was two metres deep at this end and
one metre deep at the other.

Scattered around the poolside were white plastic sun
beds, on which were cushions in a blue and white check.
Closer to the house there was a table and four chairs
but these were in the shade as above them was a large
timbered structure on which a dense bougainvillaea was
flourishing. The clusters of small cerise flowers were
in striking contrast to the azure blue sky. It was a
lovely spot, for sure.

A short while later Carl came out on to the terrace. He
was naked. He was obviously proud of his body and
rightly so. It wasn’t just his dick; he had an excellent
physique, too. He worked hard in the gym and it showed.
But he was also an exhibitionist and he grasped this
opportunity to walk around bollock naked. He walked
straight past me and dived into the pool. After he’d
swum about twenty lengths he climbed out and sauntered
towards me.

“That’s better,” he said. “The water’s perfect,” he
added. He disappeared into the villa but soon re-
appeared carrying a tray on which there was fruit juice,
croissants and coffee. He was still naked and was to
remain that way for most of the time we were at the
villa. We were seated at a table drinking coffee when
Kelly appeared. She wore only a pair of high cut blue
bikini bottoms.

She was looking all around her. “This really is
beautiful,” she said as she walked towards the pool.
Carl agreed but he was thinking about her backside. Her
lightly tanned firm rounded cheeks complemented the thin
strip of blue material that purported to be a bikini
bottom. She was moving in an almost hypnotic way and
could not have looked more alluring. She stood at the
edge of the pool for a while and then she turned round
and sashayed back.

With each step her full breasts gently swayed from side
to side. Her nipples were already prominent, coaxed out
and then caressed by the soft breeze. The shadow of her
dark pubis and the contours of her labia could be seen
through the thin blue material of the bikini bottom. She
looked incredibly sexy. By the time she sat down Carl
was half erect. She looked at him and laughed. “Don’t
you ever think of anything else, Carl?”

“It’s very difficult when you’re around, Kelly!” He
stood up and went indoors to get another cup of coffee.

She was still upset and in no mood to talk to me.
However she was determined to look on the positive side,
and to make the most of things. She mentally listed
them. One; the villa was perfect. Two; there was not a
cloud in the sky. Three; she could still have a good
time with Carl. Things weren’t that bad, all in all. She
sat down with us and took a croissant from the plate.
She reached languidly for the jug and poured out an
orange juice.

“Well, Kelly, do you like it?” Carl had returned.

“It’s wonderful, Carl.” She looked up at the blue sky
and squinted when her gaze strayed too near the sun. “I
could easily get used to this, I really could.”

We enjoyed a leisurely alfresco breakfast together. It
didn’t take long to clear away, to put the juice back in
the fridge and to load the dishwasher. When Kelly was
satisfied everything was in order she went back outside
and made herself comfortable on a sun bed. I hadn’t even
shaved so I returned to my room. By the time I came out
on to the terrace both Carl and Kelly appeared to have
nodded off as they basked in the warmth of the sun. Carl
had positioned his sun bed quite close to the one
occupied by Kelly.

I dived in the pool and swam another few lengths. It is
quite a pleasant sensation to swim naked. When I’d had
enough I climbed out and prepared for some sun bathing,
spreading my towel out on a sun bed. I lay down and
closed my eyes, already feeling the warmth of the sun on
my back. The only sound was the gentle slap of the water
against the sides of the pool and even this was
diminishing as the water was gradually returning to its
former calm state. The whole effect was soporific and
the result was inevitable. It was Kelly’s voice that
woke me up.

“Carl, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear what Ben said
to me this morning.” She was making no effort to
moderate her voice. She was still angry with me; that
much was obvious and it was perfectly clear she had
wanted me to hear what she was saying. She continued,
“He says that you and I should indulge ourselves
whenever we feel like it. It seems,” she strongly
emphasised the word ‘seems’, “he prefers to watch.” The
venom in her words was quite apparent.

“Is that so?” Carl paused for a moment. He continued and
this time the question was not rhetorical. “Is that a
problem for you, Kelly?” He was trying to sound

“I don’t suppose it is for you, Carl.”

“So what would you say, then, if I said that I feel like
it right now?” I could hear the smile in his voice.

She thought for a moment and then she laughed. “I think
I would say, ‘Snap!'”

He did not answer. I waited a while and then I looked at
them. They had taken the cushions from their two sun
beds to make a double mattress on the ground. Kelly was
on her side facing me, her behind nestling into Carl’s
groin. Her eyes were closed but I knew she was awake.
Her bikini bottoms were round one ankle. They were

It was a slow comfortable fuck; it was too hot for
anything else. And when he’d finished it was evident
that she’d known all the time I was awake. She just
looked at me and the briefest of smiles crossed her
face. “Satisfied?” she asked. Then, without waiting for
my answer, she again closed her eyes. They were still
coupled together when she nodded off.

I had to admit one thing. She had taken notice of what
I’d said.

Chapter 13

We were getting ready to go out that evening and I
decided I’d try again to make amends. “Kelly, I’m sorry
about this morning. I didn’t mean it to sound as if I
didn’t want to have sex with you. I do!”

She was rather offhand. “You have a funny way of showing
it, Ben! Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I’m hardly likely to
go short, am I?”

Still hoping that it did matter, I went into the
bathroom to take a shower. I was drying myself when I
walked back into the bedroom. Kelly, who had showered
ahead of me, had combed her hair up in that enchanting
style and was wearing another halter neck dress, this
one in pale blue cotton. She was sitting on the edge of
the bed applying a deep blue nail polish to her
toenails. Her knee was up by her chin and it was clear
that she was not wearing any underwear. “Aren’t you
putting any knickers on?” I asked.

“Why, do you think I should? I thought you liked it when
I went without. Would you rather I put some on?”

“No Kelly, of course not.”

I suppose it was an idiotic thing to have asked. Why
should she wear any? It has always been a turn on for me
to know she was naked under her dress and I could not
imagine Carl complaining. There was a knock on the door
and the man himself came in. He was wearing a green
checked casual shirt and black chinos. Kelly carried on
applying the polish.

“Hello, Kelly,” he said, “You look nice!” He looked at
me and grinned. “Evening, Ben!”

Kelly affected surprise. “Oh it’s you, Carl. I didn’t
recognise you with your clothes on!” She stood up, still
smiling at her own joke. The dress length was halfway up
her thigh. As she moved the halter neck revealed in a
most tantalising way the sides of her breasts. “Well,
how do I look?” she asked us both.

I told her that she looked stunning and kissed her. She
put her arms around my neck and the hem of her dress
rose to reveal the very tops of her legs and the
beginning of the soft curves of her buttocks. Carl, who
was standing behind her, was afforded a delightful view.

We drove down to the harbour in Carl’s car. It was a
two-door job and Kelly volunteered to climb in the back.
I gave her a helping hand, or more accurately a helping
finger. She was very wet. It was only a ten minutes
drive to the harbour and we were soon parked. It was a
beautiful balmy evening with just the barest hint of a

A large number of people were already milling around.
Carl led the way into the restaurant. The building
itself was not very big but there was a reasonable sized
terrace on which there were a number of tables, most of
which were already occupied. Carl spoke to a waiter and
he led us to the one unoccupied table that overlooked
the water’s edge. There was a reserved sign on it and he
promptly removed it. Kelly sat down, carefully holding
the hem of her dress. I sat next to her and Carl sat
opposite us both.

I looked at the harbour, observing the boats gently
rising and falling in the almost imperceptible swell.
They ranged in size from small fishing boats to large
cabin cruisers, from boats that looked barely sea-worthy
to luxurious gin palaces with every conceivable extra.

On some of the latter, people could be seen sitting on
deck with drinks in hand, ostensibly ignoring, but
perhaps secretly enjoying the envious looks of the
ordinary tourists who were trying to ascertain if such
ostentatious wealth belonged to anyone they might
recognise, a pop-star or a captain of industry. I
watched a rather dilapidated fishing boat leave the
harbour and I wondered how many hours would pass before
it would return.

I heard the waiter say ‘Buenos Noches’ and I took the
proffered menu from him, returning his greeting in my
best Spanish. He replied, in English, and asked if I
wanted a drink. I ordered a San Miguel, and I perused
the menu, stroking my lip as I decided what to order.

My taste buds were working overtime, but not because of
the appetising choices on offer. Kelly’s beautiful
intimate flavour, still lingering on my finger, was the
reason. Carl seemed unable to make up his mind what he
wanted. He looked around to check that he couldn’t be
overheard and then he leaned forwards and spoke to us

“They’ve got some nice things on the menu,” he said in
a conspiratorial voice, “but I have to say that the most
edible thing I’ve seen tonight is Kelly’s bum!”

She made as if she was shocked but she was secretly
delighted. She put on a somewhat haughty manner and
said, “Well you’ll have to choose something else, Carl,
my bum’s not on the menu.”

I tried to be funny. “Well it would be, Kelly, if you
sat on it!”

Our drinks arrived and we all touched glasses and wished
each other a happy holiday. Carl finally decided what to
eat and the waiter took our order. It was a very good
restaurant. The food was excellent and so was the wine.
At the end of the meal I paid the bill and then we drove
back to the villa. Carl suggested we have a nightcap and
went off to fix them.

Kelly and I went out on the terrace and sat down at the
table, having first pulled three chairs together. I
turned to Kelly and told her that despite what I’d said
earlier, I was glad she would be sleeping with me that
night. She told me she was glad, too. I had my hand on
her upper thigh. It was fairly dark and her legs were
under the table so it wasn’t obvious.

Carl returned with three glasses and a bottle of Rioja
that he had just opened. He poured out the wine and then
sat down next to Kelly. We sat there chatting and
occasionally laughing. We were all very relaxed and were
enjoying each other’s company. I was also enjoying an
intimate contact with Kelly. My hand was now so high on
Kelly’s thigh that I could feel her pubic hair on the
outside of my hand.

I was more than content just to leave it there; a little
secret shared by the two of us, but it didn’t remain a
secret for long. I suppose it was no surprise that Carl
had the idea to touch Kelly up, especially as he knew
she had no underwear on. But it was a major surprise to
him when his hand made unexpected contact with mine. In
a violent reflex action, he pulled it away and in so
doing, his knuckles rapped the underside of the table,
causing the glasses to bounce.

It was rather comical, but Carl had actually hurt
himself. Kelly who had laughed loudest, and who now felt
a degree of guilt for doing so, immediately went into
full Florence Nightingale mode. She went into the
kitchen and returned with a cloth in which she’d wrapped
some ice cubes. She placed it on the back of his hand
and told him to keep it there as long as possible. Once
she had satisfied herself that his injury was unlikely
to be life threatening, she agreed that we could go to
bed. She kissed Carl goodnight and we left him out on
the terrace, nursing his bruised knuckles and the
remainder of his drink.

We were no sooner in bed than we were all over each
other. We made urgent love and then in the post coital
after glow we both drifted off to sleep, waking in the
morning all the better for the perfect night’s rest. The
only evidence of the previous night’s sexual activity
was the pungent aroma of stale semen when Kelly moved in

Chapter 14

We had woken up to the sound of rain. Kelly kissed me
and said that she would make the tea. She slipped out of
bed, into her little green camisole and disappeared into
the kitchen. Ten minutes later she reappeared carrying a
tray on which there were three cups. She looked like a
little French maid, except that she wasn’t wearing the
frilly knickers; in fact she wasn’t wearing any
knickers. She gave me a cup and said that she would take
Carl’s in personally, the notional reason being so that
she could check how his hand was. I guessed that Carl
would be pleasantly surprised. You don’t often get a
semi-naked nurse paying that much attention to a minor
injury, even with a private medical scheme like BUPA!

Half an hour later she came back. I was already in the
bathroom shaving. She came in and kissed me on my cheek.
She ran some water in the bidet and as she douched
herself she told me that, according to Carl, the rain
was likely to clear up in the afternoon. She then
showered and was still drying herself when she joined me
in the bedroom, looking for something to wear.

We realised after the first morning that Carl didn’t
wear clothes in the villa and we were prepared to ‘do in
Rome what the Romans do’, but the rain had cooled things
down considerably. Kelly felt rather cold, the erect
state of her nipples providing ample evidence of the
fact. She looked in the wardrobe and selected a yellow
tee shirt that just about covered her bottom. She was
about to slip some knickers on as well, but I
intervened, putting on as shocked an expression as I
could manage.

“Surely,” I asked, “it is not that cold is it?”

It was easy for me to say this; I was already wearing a
pair of shorts. The double standards involved did not go
unnoticed but Kelly, in a gesture typical of her
generosity of spirit, sacrificed her comfort for my
pleasure. The three of us breakfasted in the kitchen and
watched the rain beating down on the terraced area
outside. Carl said that he was planning to go to the
bank in Cala D’or, and I asked if I could go with him,
as it would give me the chance to change some
traveller’s cheques and to hire a car for a couple of

We finished our breakfast and Carl got up from the
table. He went into his room to get the documentation
for the bank, and also to put some clothes on. I just
had to don a tee shirt and a pair of decks and we were
ready to go. Kelly declined the invitation to come with
us because she wanted to wash a few things and write
some cards. Maybe she also wanted to take the
opportunity to put on some knickers on and warm herself

The windscreen wipers were struggling to cope with the
rain as Carl and I drove into town. We were unable to
park outside the bank and the nearest spot we could find
was at least fifty metres away. Fortunately we were
outside a bar so we went in. I ordered two beers and we
waited for the rain to ease. I noticed his bruised
knuckles and I asked him how his hand was.

He looked a trifle embarrassed as he flexed it “It’s
fine thanks, Ben. Look I’m sorry about last night.” He
must have seen the surprised look on my face. “I mean
about touching Kelly up. It was a bit crass.”

“Carl, you don’t need to apologise. You know what Kelly
said to you yesterday, so as far as I’m concerned, there
is absolutely nothing for you to apologise for. Anyway,
apart from your hand, I presume everything else is

“Are you serious, Ben? How could it not be? Your wife’s
the sexiest woman I’ve ever known!” He paused a moment.
“Do you mind if I ask you a personal question, Ben? How
is it that you never get jealous when she’s with me?”

“You have to understand her, Carl. She is a highly sexed
woman. She needs sex frequently. And it is a real need,
Carl, make no mistake. You fulfil that need; we both
know why. Yes, and before you say anything, I’ve heard
all the bollocks about it’s not what you’ve got; it’s
the way that you use it. Kelly’s even told me that
herself, but she was sparing my feelings.

I believe that size does matter, at least as far as she
is concerned, and I know I can’t satisfy her in the way
that you can. But that’s all you are doing, Carl, you’re
satisfying her sexual needs. She is fond of you, of
course, but the attraction is, primarily, a physical
one. I would certainly be jealous if she loved you but
she doesn’t; she loves me. So, why should I be jealous?
You tell me.” I looked out of the window at the rain. It
showed no sign of abating.

Carl looked at me and sighed theatrically. “So, what you
are saying, Ben, is that Kelly only wants me for my
body.” He smiled ruefully. “Well, whatever the reason,
I’m not complaining. But there’s no way I’d let her
screw around if she were my…”

I angrily interrupted him. “Hang on, Carl! Kelly is
screwing you… only you! She is not screwing around and
I don’t like to hear you say that she is.”

He apologised at once. “I’m really sorry, Ben. Of course
I didn’t mean to imply that Kelly was screwing around. I
only meant to say that I could not be as generous, as
altruistic, if you like, as you are, that’s all. Look,
I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have raised the subject.”

My anger had passed. “Okay, Carl, apology accepted.
Coming back to what you meant to say, then.” There was a
pause as I tried to get my thoughts together. “Hell,
Carl, I’m really speaking from the heart, here. It has
got nothing to do with altruism.”

I was actually surprised that he had ascribed such high
motives for my behaviour. “But the word sounds similar.
Troilism is the actual name for it. And the definition
of troilism is a third person deriving sexual pleasure
from a sexual act involving two others. You two are not
the only ones getting pleasure from the relationship; I
am, too.” I looked straight into his eyes. “And it’s a
real turn on, believe me. So I’m happy for it to carry
on as long as Kelly wants it to.”

Carl looked at me and nodded. There was a broad grin on
his face. “In that case, Ben, I’ll do my very best to
keep you happy!”

I guessed that Kelly would be equally determined to
ensure my happiness but no doubt he’d find that out for
himself. Anyway, the rain had begun to ease up so we
took the opportunity to make a dash to the bank. And by
the time we’d left some twenty minutes later it had
stopped altogether and the sun was shining. Carl then
drove me to the car hire office. As I was only hiring it
for a couple of days I went the whole hog; automatic,
air conditioning and power steering. I arranged for it
to be delivered the following day.

We drove back to the villa and we smelt the aroma of the
freshly percolated coffee as soon as we stepped inside.
Kelly had been playing solitaire and she got up and
poured out three cups. Carl said a quick hello and then
went straight to his bedroom, returning barely a minute
later. Barely was the operative word, he was completely
naked when he came back into the kitchen.

We took our coffees and were sitting outside on the
terrace, under cover of the bougainvillea, when the rain
returned with a vengeance. No one wanted to get soaked
going to lunch, so we decided to eat in. Carl sorted out
a pizza whilst Kelly prepared a salad. I laid the table
and organised the wine. Considering the lunch was
rustled up out of nothing it was more than adequate. I
was taking my wine waiter duties quite seriously,
ensuring our glasses were never empty.

We were on our second bottle and were all in a happy
frame of mind by the time we’d finished eating. Kelly
tried to tell a joke but got a fit of the giggles. She
could barely get the words out for laughing and every
time she laughed her breasts jiggled under her tee
shirt. This tended to make her nipples stand out all the
more. To cap it all she could not remember the punch
line but it really didn’t matter. We could not have
enjoyed the joke more and her laughter was infectious
anyway. I looked out of the window. The rain was still
lashing down. So much for Carl’s weather forecasting!

Kelly and I left the table, taking our wine glasses with
us, and went over to the sofa to sit down. Carl had some
paperwork to attend to, so he stayed at the table. Kelly
was still happy, she was still giggling but now she was
also feeling randy. I’d no sooner sat down than she was
kissing me, pushing her tongue in my mouth and groping
me through the thin material of my shorts.

I looked over my shoulder; Carl, who had his back to us,
seemed preoccupied with his paperwork so I
surreptitiously unzipped my shorts. My erection sprang
free but it wasn’t free for long! She had already
grasped it and was positioning herself astride me. And
she continued holding it until it was sheathed in her
hot velvet fanny. She was pleased with herself, that
much was evident from her manner, a manner suggestive of
a cat that had taken all the cream.

Carl had his back to us and was apparently unaware of
what we were doing. I found it quite arousing, because
it was tantamount to doing it in public. Nevertheless I
didn’t want our activity to be too blatant so I pulled
down the hem of her tee shirt so as to cover us as much
as possible.

I was experiencing glorious sensations as her vagina
rhythmically contracted around my dick and I closed my
eyes so that I could better savour them. Then I felt her
hands on my face and her tongue in my mouth. We had to
come up for air, and I took the opportunity to pick up
our wine glasses from the occasional table. Kelly took
her glass, which had been half-full and drained it.

Carl looked up from the table. “More wine?” he asked. He
didn’t wait for an answer but walked round the table
carrying the bottle and his own glass. Possibly aware of
our shenanigans, and certainly emboldened by our
discussion outside the bank, he stood very close to
Kelly as he refilled first her glass and then mine. His
penis was hanging directly in front of her face.
Difficult to disregard at the best of times, it was
impossible to ignore it now, and he knew that only too
well. He knew she would react, but he didn’t know how.

Just as well really. Because she bit it; and rather
harder than she had intended to, as well! She had only
been joking, of course, but she’d had four glasses of
wine. He yelled and quickly stepped back so as to be out
of range. She hadn’t hurt him that much; it was his
pride, rather than his pride and joy that had been
wounded. No one spoke for a moment.

“Kelly,” I tried not to laugh, “I think you’ll find that
Carl said, ‘more wine’ not ‘gnaw mine!'”

Carl smiled through the pain. “Oh come on Ben, it’s an
easy mistake for a girl to make!”

She looked sheepishly at Carl. “I’m really sorry about
that, Carl. I didn’t mean to hurt you, honestly. Come
back here and I’ll kiss it better. I won’t bite it, I
promise.” No one would turn down an offer like that and
Carl was certainly not going to. He returned, now
standing so close to the two of us that I could feel his
knee on my thigh. Kelly was as good as her word. It
began to get better as soon as she held it in her hand.

It continued to make good progress when she kissed it.
And once it was in her mouth recovery was complete. This
much was self-evident; even her cheek was beginning to
bulge as she sought to contain his growing erection. She
gave up the unequal contest, but she continued holding
his rigid shaft, concerned, maybe, that without such
care and attention, it would suffer a relapse and
soften. “Does that feel better, now?” she asked him.

He grimaced. Talk about laying it on with a trowel!
“It’s a bit better now, thank you, but I think it still
needs more treatment.” I honestly don’t know how he
managed to keep a straight face. This was really

His erection was jutting up above her face and she had
to gently pull the tip down to get it back into her
mouth. And then came her piece de resistance. She placed
both hands on my shoulders and proceeded to raise
herself off my dick. And as she raised herself off mine
so would she take more of his in her mouth. And then, as
she sank back on mine, more of his appeared. She had
deliberately skewered herself on our dicks and she
appeared to be in a seventh heaven.

Although she would occasionally look up at Carl, her
attention was mainly fixed on me. I think that she was
trying to see just how excited she could make me. I
would have told her had she asked. It was unbelievably
erotic and I was on the verge of ejaculation. I was
desperately trying to delay the moment, mentally
reciting Arsenal’s cup winning team of 1971. I had got
up to ‘Geordie’ Armstrong when Kelly stopped moving. She
had been forced to call a halt; her jaw was aching too
much for her to continue.

I suggested we go into our bedroom because it would be
more comfortable. Kelly nodded and immediately stood up.
I got to my feet too, glad to be able to stretch my legs
and glad to afford my rigid cock the opportunity to cool
off! I turned to Kelly and kissed her. My tongue was
immediately in her mouth. Perhaps I was subconsciously
reclaiming the territory that had just been invaded by
Carl’s dick! I undid the button at the top of my shorts
and I stepped out of them. I also took off my tee shirt.

I handed Kelly her wine and she took a sip before she
walked into the bedroom. Carl and I followed, catching
alluring glimpses of her delightful bum as the hem of
the tee shirt moved with every stride. She sat down on
the edge of the bed and placed her wine glass on the
bedside table. She removed her tee shirt, and gave us
both a big smile as she did so. I sensed she wanted us
both at the same time. It was clear that she would be
more comfortable accommodating me in her mouth, so I
took control.

I lay down on my back with my feet towards the pillow
and Kelly, doing exactly as I’d asked, positioned
herself over me, as if we were about to have oral sex
together. Carl immediately knelt down behind her with
his knees just inside and slightly behind hers. He
grasped her hips and his erect penis sought out the
delicate pink petals of her entrance. But Kelly was
impatient, and had already reached down between her legs
in order to guide him into her.

It was fascinating to watch her soft flesh open up and
to see his great thickness slowly sink into her. To sink
into her until their pubic hairs meshed and only his
heavy hairy balls, dangling in my face, were visible.
And then I felt her lips around my cock. Kelly tried to
take the whole of me in her mouth, but she had to give
up when she began to gag. I suggested that she leave me
alone for a moment because I didn’t want to cum too

Carl now slowly withdrew his shaft, heavily smeared with
Kelly’s lubrication, until only his bulbous crown
remained in her. I marvelled at Kelly’s inner lips,
dilated so as to be almost diaphanous, yet still
clinging limpet like to his shaft, and holding him fast.
Her clitoris had never been more prominent and the
succulent pink inner flesh, swimming in her lubrication
had never looked more delicious. I looked at her
engorged outer labia lips.

I had never previously noticed that one was slightly
thicker than the other but such beauty is rarely
perfectly symmetrical. I studied the smooth tanned skin
of her inner thighs and the white crease lines in her
groin. I observed the soft and shiny black curly hair of
her pubis. I could see where she had depilated her
bikini line, and where the new growth was just beginning
to appear. I wanted to kiss, to suck and to taste every
little bit of her but Carl was already sliding back into
her depths.

His actions were somewhat slow and deliberate and I felt
that he was putting on a show for me, a live sex show
with my wife as his co-star. Their performance went on
for about five minutes or so before he disengaged
himself from her completely. Then he sat back on his
haunches so that I could have an uninterrupted view of
my wife’s adorable fanny. But now, instead of the soft
pink flesh there was just a black hole leading into her

She was, if anything, even more irresistible. I was like
a man possessed as I sucked and licked her fleshy labia
and clitoris. I heard Kelly groaning with pleasure
before she again took me in her mouth. However I sensed
she would prefer Carl to resume fucking her, so I ceased
my oral ministrations and rested my head on the bed once
more. I had no sooner done so than Carl was again inside
her. Only this time it was patently obvious he meant

The earlier slow motion fuck had clearly been for my
benefit, but this one was for his. This was a proper
fuck, and the speed and power of his thrusts was
increasing all the time. With each deep thrust his hard
flat stomach collided with the soft roundness of her
backside, and the resulting shock waves spread through
her whole body and caused her mouth to judder on my

In fact she had to release me because she was concerned
she would inadvertently bite me. (To bite one cock
accidentally was bad enough; she could never live down
biting two!) It was a blessing in disguise because it
allowed me to concentrate more fully on what was
happening just inches from my very eyes.

My ears were assailed with different sounds, the sticky
slurping noises as Carl partly withdrew from her, the
thwack of flesh against flesh as he drove back in, and
the disembodied grunts and groans, as Kelly and Carl
gave voice to their sensual delight. Kelly’s buttocks
were reddening from the constant impact, but she was
oblivious to it, in fact she was oblivious to

Her whole universe was centred on her vagina and on the
incredibly powerful tool that was driving into it with
such fierce energy. Carl gave a last thrust and I sensed
him straining to get even deeper as his semen spurted
into her. Kelly felt that he was trying to split her in
two and this brought on her own climax. A moment or so
later it was all over. Carl withdrew from her, and I
heard him say that he’d leave us alone together. Then I
heard the door shut and there was silence for a moment
before Kelly spoke.

“What was it that you said, Ben? Oh! I remember. That
you wanted me to be full of his cum? You did say that,
didn’t you? Well, do you think I’m full enough, now?”

She lowered her gaping, matted and spunk filled vagina
to my face and I drank from her well. Then I felt her
lips around me once more. But this time I was neither
inclined nor able to hold back and I ejaculated long and
hard into her greedy mouth. And such was her sexual
excitement that she swallowed it, too. Well they do say
that exchange is no robbery!

Chapter 15

Kelly and I decided to have a day on one of the beaches
in Cala D’or. Carl had already told us that he had some
business to attend to that day so Kelly and I would be
on our own. The hire car turned up on time and we were
all set. We packed our towels, sun creams and some
bottled water.

Kelly had put on a short skimpy white summer dress made
of fine cotton. The white straps attached to the bodice
were no thicker than string and the cotton was fine
enough to hint at the colour of the bikini bottoms she
was wearing under her dress. We set off mid-morning, and
were on the beach twenty-five minutes later. The small
sandy beach was quite full by the time we had arrived
and there were not many spaces left.

The sun loungers had all been taken earlier of course
but we had our towels to lie on. We picked our way
across the beach until we found a suitable spot and
promptly laid claim to it, spreading our towels out
before sitting down. Kelly took off her sundress and
then began to apply the sun cream to her body. Her
actions were not meant to be provocative, but when she
was creaming her breasts and nipples it was all but
impossible not to be provoked.

I could never tire of watching her, even after six years
of marriage, but I wasn’t the only one taking a close
interest. There were two lads close by, probably no more
than seventeen years old, and they had been watching her
since we’d arrived. They made no attempt to conceal
their interest, they were too young and too na�ve for
such finesse. Judging by their expressions she had
clearly made their day. It was difficult to ignore their
stares, and still more so not to show how proud I was
that they found my wife so attractive.

On the other side of us was an older couple. The lady
had just been for a dip in the sea and the man, who was
engrossed in his newspaper, had barely acknowledged her
return. In fact everyone around her seemed equally
oblivious to her presence. I looked at her and wondered
if, in her youth, she might once have been subject to
the same rapt attention that Kelly commanded.

We decided to go for a swim and so we picked our way
down to the water’s edge. Kelly was ahead of me and as
she waded out into the crystal clear sea I could see how
her bikini bottom was riding up slightly to reveal more
of the curves of her cheeks. She was aware of it, too
and every so often she would reach round and adjust it.
We were already up to our waists when Kelly looked back
at the beach and pointed something out to me.

I turned round to look and then I felt the sudden shock
of cold water on my back and I heard her laughing.
Before I had the chance to retaliate she dipped below
the water and began to swim towards a raft that was
moored some way out. I caught up with her and ten
minutes later we were holding onto the side of the raft
treading water. I managed to clamber on to it and then
gave Kelly a hand to get aboard.

We sat down facing the sun, getting our breath back.
There was a man already on the raft. He was aged about
forty-five. Kelly and I said hello to him and we got
talking. It transpired that he was English, had lived in
Majorca for the past fifteen years and ran a local bar
cum restaurant.

He had come out for a working summer and had become so
enamoured of the resort that he had stayed on. As we
conversed he seemed unable to take his eyes off Kelly’s
breasts. The sea breeze on her wet skin had caused goose
pimples, her areolas had contracted and her nipples were
fully erect. She was aware that he was staring at her
breasts and she felt rather self-conscious. So she
brought her knees up to her chest, leant forwards, and
wrapped her arms around her legs, thereby hiding them
from view.

He must have realised why she had done this and may have
felt embarrassed. Either that or he realised that the
show was over. Whatever his reason, he said that he had
to be getting back, and he stood up, walked to the edge
of the raft, and dived in to the sea. He called out from
the water, and told us that we were very welcome to
visit his bar, before turning to swim back towards the

Kelly said that she would not go near the place because
she did not like the way he had been staring at her. I
said that in his place I, too, would have stared. She
did look gorgeous. Her hair, normally dark brown, was
still damp and appeared virtually jet-black. It was
hanging down in strands, framing her beautiful face. She
was really getting a tan and her brown skin contrasted
strongly with her white teeth. And in further stark
contrast were the skimpy lime green bikini bottoms,
faithfully clinging to every soft contour of her

And then there were her nipples! Hard, erect and crying
out to be kissed. Had we been on our own, I would have
been chewing on them already. In fact I would have been
making love to her there and then, but someone else was
already climbing on to the raft, so I suggested that we
swim back.

By the time we had completed our leisurely return and
had dried off, it was time for lunch. Kelly slipped her
dress back on and we went to the small taverna at the
edge of the beach. We sat at a table in the shade, with
a view of the beach. We ordered a salad, and washed it
down with a couple of small beers. I settled the bill
and we meandered back to our spot on the beach. The
combination of the heat, the sound of the sea and the
alcohol caused us to doze off as soon as we lay down to

We went in for another swim an hour or so later and by
then we’d had enough. We thought that we would have a
coffee before going back to the villa. Kelly dried
herself and put her dress back on. She stepped out of
the wet bikini bottoms, and reached in her bag for the
knickers she’d packed that morning. She took them out
and immediately noticed that there was sun cream all
over them. The plastic top of the container had somehow
opened and everything in the bag was covered in ambre

She would have put the bikini bottoms back on but they
were now covered in sand so she tossed them into the bag
alongside her panties. It was amusing to note that the
older man next to us, who had paid such scant attention
to his wife that morning, was now very interested in my
wife’s dilemma.

Kelly did not seem at all perturbed about this; in fact
she gave the impression that she couldn’t have cared
less. She just made sure her dress was decent and
slipped on her sandals. She was in front of me as we
filed off the beach. Just as her lime green bikini
bottom had been discernible through the thin cotton of
her dress, so now was the tanned skin of her bare

Not only that; as she climbed the steps to the taverna
and I followed some three steps behind, I was even
treated to tantalising glimpses of her rounded cheeks.
However no one else was to be so lucky, because as soon
as we sat down at the table she draped a towel over her
legs. We finished our coffees and after taking a last
look at the beach we strolled back to the car.

The car was incredibly hot and we could not even sit on
the seats until we’d covered them with our towels. But
the air conditioning was quite effective and the
temperature inside the car was soon reducing. Kelly’s
short skirt and absence of underwear was a major
distraction, however. Nevertheless, I managed to keep my
eyes on the road even if I didn’t keep both hands on the
wheel. And by the time we’d got to the villa I was sold
on the benefits of an automatic gearbox; only once had
it been necessary to let go of her lovely little fanny.
A ringing endorsement for Borg-Warner, no doubt, but one
unlikely to feature as a customer testimonial.

We were halfway up the drive before we noticed that Carl
must have visitors. There was another car parked outside
the villa.

Chapter 16

We came round the back. Carl and another man were
sitting at a table on the terrace. Carl, unusually for
him, was dressed but then so was his visitor. Carl saw
us at the same moment and he immediately beckoned us
over. Kelly smoothed down her dress once more and we
walked towards them. They both got up, and Carl did the

“Jeff, may I introduce you to dear friends of mine,
Kelly and Ben.”

“It’s nice to meet you both,” said Jeff, “Carl has told
me all about you.”(All about us? Hopefully, just a
figure of speech.)

“Hello, Jeff,” I said, “It’s nice to meet you too.”

Jeff looked older than Carl but that might have been due
to his greying hair and the fact that he was somewhat

“Carl,” said Jeff in an admonitory way, “you didn’t
tell me that Kelly was this attractive!”

Kelly smiled graciously. Carl invited us to join them,
and pulled up two chairs. It was difficult not to laugh
as she sat down; she was so awkward as she tried to
maintain her modesty. There was a bottle of white wine
in the ice bucket. Next to it were two additional
glasses and it appeared that we had been expected. Carl
retrieved the bottle and poured out some wine for the
two of us. Jeff had an American accent and I asked him
what part of the USA he came from.

“I live in California, in LA to be precise.”

“And what do you do, Jeff?” Kelly asked.

“I suppose you’d describe it as a form of marketing. I
make commercial videos for companies, sometimes about
their products, sometimes about the company itself. It
is not that glamorous but it pays well.”

Carl interjected, “Jeff is far too modest to tell you
this himself, but he has won awards for his work. He is
one of the best in the business.”

Jeff laughed, “They were merely awards from a trade
association, that’s all. The way Carl talks you’d think
they were Oscars! He’s always one to talk things up.”
There was something about him. I couldn’t put my finger
on it. I sensed the bonhomie was false and the charm was
something that he could instantly switch on as

“And how did you get to know Carl?” Kelly asked.

“Through business. Carl undertook a project for me.”
Jeff answered. “We hit it off, and we’ve stayed in touch
ever since. Anyway, that’s enough about me. What about
you two? Are you both enjoying yourselves here?”

“Yes we are, aren’t we, Ben?” She looked at me to
confirm it and I nodded.

“I hear you’ve got to return early, Ben, That’s a
shame.” I nodded again. (Maybe Carl had told him

“Are you here on holiday, Jeff?” I asked.

“No, I’m working, believe it or not. But when I’m over
here in Europe I always make the effort to look up

At that precise moment there was a piercing shriek.
Kelly had seen a huge spider close to her foot. In her
panic she raised her legs out of harm’s way without
giving a moment’s thought to her lack of underwear. Jeff
was thus treated to the sight of her naked fanny, and
from point blank range, too. Kelly, realising at once
what she’d done and blushing furiously, immediately
stood up and pulled her dress down to cover herself. Her
embarrassment was not lessened in any way by the fact
that the three of us were all laughing.

“Kelly,” I said, “I think you misheard what Jeff said.
It was Carl that he likes to look up!”

Jeff, still smiling, again exercised his oily charm.
“You don’t need to be embarrassed, Kelly. You are an
extremely attractive woman,” there was a theatrical
pause, “in every respect. And you, Ben, are a very lucky
man!” (I know I am, but why does everyone feel the need
to tell me?) “And now, unfortunately, I have to leave.
It’s been very pleasant meeting you both. Enjoy the rest
of your holiday.”

Carl got up too and they went indoors. A short while
later we heard the car drive away.Carl returned wearing
a broad smile on his face, and as usual, nothing else.
He looked straight at Kelly. “And how is Little Miss

“Don’t start,” she said, “I feel stupid enough,

Carl spoke again. “I shouldn’t worry about it, Kelly.
You certainly made Jeff’s day, anyway. He said you were
the nicest thing he’s seen since he arrived.”

Kelly blushed once more.

It was still hot and although we were sitting in the
shade my skin seemed tight from our day in the sun. I
had to cool off in the pool and I asked if anyone else
fancied going in. Within thirty seconds we were all in
the pool. Initially the water had seemed cold to our
overheated bodies but in fact it was absolutely perfect.
It was softer than the seawater and seemed to caress the
skin. There was a ball floating around so we were able
to play catch. Carl and I would both try to throw the
ball so that Kelly would have to jump for it.

We were thus treated to the occasional glimpse of fanny
as well as seeing her breasts jiggling. Kelly, on the
other hand, would always try to return the ball so that
we didn’t have to move to catch it. She therefore fondly
believed that she was a more accurate thrower of the
ball than either Carl or me! When we’d had enough of the
game we swam a few lengths of the pool.

Ten minutes later Kelly informed me that she and Carl
were going inside. She promptly climbed out of the pool,
followed by her lover, and they stood there drying
themselves for a couple of minutes or so. She was still
towelling her hair as they walked towards the villa. And
as they went indoors Carl’s hand was already on her bare
buttocks, gently caressing the damp goose pimpled flesh.

I carried on swimming for another ten minutes and then I
also climbed out. I’d forgotten to bring my towel with
me and I ambled back to the table where we had been
sitting to retrieve it. I dried myself, fetched a beer
from the fridge and returned to the terrace.

From behind the shuttered windows of Carl’s bedroom I
could hear the unmistakeable sounds. And for a fleeting
moment I was jealous. This wasn’t fair! I had been the
one who’d been sexually provoked all bloody day and yet
it was Carl who was getting his leg over. But I was
being irrational. After all, they were only doing what
I’d been encouraging them to do from the start. And it
wasn’t as if I was going to miss out either; she’d be
sleeping with me that night.

I sat down and took a mouthful of beer. It was with a
growing sense of contentment when I closed my eyes to
bask in the gentle warmth of the late afternoon sun.

Chapter 17

The following morning I was about to get up to make the
tea when there was a knock on the bedroom door. Carl had
already made it and he came in carrying three cups on a
tray. As usual he was naked. There was no doubt that he
was proud of his lean and muscular body, and he was now
turning a nice shade of brown. He was even more proud of
his fully erect cock!

When he first came in, Kelly’s instinctive reaction had
been to pull the sheet up to her neck to cover herself,
but she instantly recognised the absurdity of such an
action and she left the sheet where it was, just up to
her waist. She had a smile on her face as she teased
him. “So, making tea gives you an erection then, Carl,
does it?”

He smiled at her comment but nevertheless remained
resolutely erect. And the sight of her bare breasts was
hardly likely to reduce his state of excitement, either.
He put the tray down on the dressing table.

Kelly continued, but without the previous humour.
Instead there was a soft sensual overtone to her words.
“And what are you going to do about it?” The sudden
sexual tension filled the room.

“I don’t know.”

She looked at me briefly, but just long enough to let me
know she had remembered what I had said to her on our
first morning here. She pulled the sheet back. Carl
could now see the whole of her naked body. She parted
her legs.

“Would you like to come in here, then?” The ambiguity
was deliberate.

He needed no further prompting. He climbed into the bed
and manoeuvred himself between her legs in an instant.
Kelly reached down to guide his cock and he slipped into
her without effort. And then supporting his weight on
his arms he began to fuck her. He started off slowly; he
did not want it to end too soon and neither did Kelly.

There was absolutely no doubt that she adored being on
the end of his dick. You could see it in her face, in
her open mouth and in her heavy lidded eyes. I nibbled
on her earlobe and asked her to touch herself. The very
next moment her hand was down between her legs. The
words in her ear had just tripped off my tongue. Now it
was my tongue itself that was in her ear.

She turned her head to kiss me, a long, lingering and
loving kiss. Her tongue was dancing with mine. Again I
experienced this extraordinary feeling of closeness to
her. And then she pulled her lips away from mine in
order to speak to Carl. In that soft tone of hers, the
tone that she puts on when she wants something, she
asked him to fuck her harder. I usually find it
difficult to say no to such persuasive entreaties. And
so did Carl!

She also wanted him to fuck her deeper, judging by the
way she had wrapped her legs around his waist, thereby
making herself even more open for him. And Carl was
doing his level best to fulfil her wishes. Fulfilling
them to such an extent, I was concerned her delicate
feminine flesh would get bruised. Kelly, on the other
hand, was not in the least bit concerned.

This may have had something to do with the fact that she
was very close to her orgasm, an orgasm that was, at
least in part, self-induced. Because on every down
stroke his flat stomach was smacking against the back of
her hand and the shock wave was transmitted through her
finger to her clitoris. And then she was climaxing, her
body was convulsing and she was groaning
incomprehensibly. She was still on her orgasmic plateau
when Carl’s semen flooded into her core, just as she was
when mine spurted into my hand!

And then two minutes later it was as if nothing had
happened. He was standing by the side of the bed once
more, with a cup of tea in his hand. The only evidence
of his encounter with Kelly, being his sticky
detumescence. That, and the growing wet patch on the
sheet between her thighs. He looked really pleased with
himself as he went out of our room. “Don’t let your teas
get cold!” were his parting words.

Kelly recovered quickly and turned to look at me. Her
eyes had that usual apr�s-sex sparkle but there was also
a broad grin on her face. Something had struck her as

“All right then, Kelly, what’s amused you?”

She couldn’t wait to tell me. “When Carl came in with
the teas and his erection. Was that what you’d call
‘womb’ service?” And then she couldn’t stop laughing.

We had hired the car for two days so that we could see a
bit more of the island. Yesterday we’d been at the
beach; today we were planning to go to Alcudia. Shortly
after breakfast the two of us set off, Carl having
declined the invitation to join us. We had reached
Felanitz and I was not sure which was the road for

“Oh, bollocks!”

“What’s wrong?”

And then I saw the sign. We were on the right road after
all. “It’s ok. I thought I’d missed the turn but there
is obviously another way to get there.” I looked at her.
She was wearing a lemon top and a short blue skirt. She
was going brown and she looked fabulous. “I must say,
Kelly, you look very tasty today.”

“Thank you.” She leaned across and kissed me on my

I rested my hand on her smooth skin of her upper thigh,
just where her skirt ended. My fingers crept up her leg
and came to rest on her panties. “You’ve got some on.” I
said. I don’t know what made me say that, really. It was
hardly likely to be something she didn’t already know! I
suppose it was because I was slightly disappointed.
Since we’d been in Majorca she’d often gone without, not
least because she knew both Carl and I preferred her
that way.

“Yes, I had to. I’m still quite wet from this morning.”

“Didn’t you use the bidet?”

“Don’t you think this is all getting a bit personal,
Ben? As a matter of fact I did use it, but obviously it
didn’t all come out.” And then she hummed the signature
tune to ‘Mastermind’. “So, Magnus, my specialist subject
is ‘Feminine Hygiene.'”

“Sorry, Kelly. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. It’s only
that I was concerned about your little fanny. It was
getting quite a hammering this morning.”

“It’s fine, Ben.” She smiled at me and then she pulled
her skirt up and patted herself through the white lace
material. And then she spoke to it! “You’re quite used
to it by now, aren’t you?” She took her hand away and
smoothed her skirt down.

“Do that again.”

“What, talk to it?”

“No, silly! Touch yourself, I mean. It’s very erotic
seeing you do that.”

“I wasn’t doing anything, I only patted it.”

“Well, pat it again.”


I couldn’t reply. We were now in Manacor and I was
negotiating a rather complicated roundabout. Traffic
seemed to be coming at us from all directions. I
followed the signs for Petra and soon we were again on
the open road. I glanced at Kelly. “What about the
holiday. Are you enjoying it, so far?”

“Yes, I am, Ben. And I’m so glad you’ve hired a car. It
means we can have some time together on our own and I
think that’s wonderful. I love it when it’s just the two
of us.”

“I’m really pleased to hear you say that, Kelly.”

“And I mean it too, Ben. Every word.”

“So you’re happy to sleep with me?”

“Of course I am. And we do sleep together, Ben,
something I don’t …” She suddenly realised what she
was saying. “Sorry, Ben, I didn’t mean to say …”

I interrupted her. “It’s all right, Kelly. You haven’t
shattered any illusions. I’ve never considered myself to
be God’s gift to women.”

“That is not an issue as far as I’m concerned, Ben,
honestly. I love you, and therefore, when we do it there
is far more to it than just the sex. You and I make
love, Ben, and that makes a big difference.” She said it
again for emphasis. “We make love Ben. Carl and I don’t
make love; we just fuck! I’m not saying I don’t enjoy
it, but that’s all it is… a fuck.” She kissed me on my
cheek again.

“You are incredible, do you know that?”

“Why do you say I’m incredible, Ben? Because I actually
enjoy sex with someone else or because I admit that I
do? Or is it because you think it’s not normal for a
woman to be able to separate sex and love. Men can make
the distinction, but apparently women can’t. And who
says so? Why, men, of course! Is that why you say I’m

I managed to get a word in edgeways. “Kelly, when I said
it, I meant it as a compliment. And I still mean it too.
You are incredibly sexy and I love you all the more
because of it. And I accept that you can enjoy sex
without an emotional involvement. It’s not as if you
haven’t told me before.”

We had driven through Petra and were now on route for
Puerto de Alcudia. We finally arrived at midday and
found somewhere to park the car. We did a bit of sight
seeing but it was really too hot to do too much. We
found a small restaurant close to the harbour. A family
was vacating a table just as we got there and we grabbed
it. Kelly went to the loo.

I glanced around at the people sitting at the other
tables, most of whom seemed to be German. I heard a
flapping sound above and I turned to look at the pale
green awning. One of the cords securing it to the
uprights had come undone and every so often a gentle
breeze would catch the material. Looking south I could
just make out the shape of Mont Salvador in the far
distance. We had driven past it that very morning on our
way to Felanitz.

Kelly returned and started to tell me something before
she’d even sat down. “Don’t make it obvious Ben, but see
that man sitting over there, in the corner, in the blue
shirt, with his back to us. Well, I think it’s Jeff. I
hope he hasn’t seen us.”

“Why? At least you can show him that you do wear
knickers, sometimes!”

“Ha-ha. Very funny, I don’t think. Anyway, he’d be the
last person I’d show them to.”

I looked across at the man just as he got up to leave.
Kelly had been mistaken; it wasn’t Jeff. She realised it

“Something tells me that you don’t like him, Kelly.”

She looked at me. “You know, Ben, you’re wasted in
banking. Someone as astute as you should have been a
private detective!”

“All right, there’s no need to be sarcastic. I didn’t
realise he’d made such a bad impression on you. You
seemed happy enough when he was dishing out the
compliments. How was I to know?”

“He is very false, Ben. He ladles the charm on but it is
so superficial. He gives me the creeps.”

I was about to tell her that I, too, felt he was shallow
when at last the waiter came to take our order. It was
so hot that all we really fancied was a salad and a cold
mineral water. Once we’d ordered, the service was very
quick. And we’d made a good choice too; the salad was

“This is the life, eh, Kelly?”

“It certainly beats working for a living.”

We paid the bill and left. We took a stroll around the
small harbour. Being so near the water, we ought to have
felt cooler, even if the reason was purely
psychological, but it was not the case.

The bright sunlight seemed to be intensified as it was
reflected off the water and the white paintwork of the
boats. Hardly anything or anyone was moving in the
intense heat and the somnolence was pervasive. We ambled
back to the car, this time letting it run for a while
before we got in it. I’d decided we’d drive back via
Arta and Porto Cristo, to give us a change of scenery.

We’d been driving for about an hour when I asked Kelly
if her fanny was still all right.

“Why are you so concerned about it? I told you this
morning it was ok, didn’t I?” And then she answered her
own question. “Oh, I know why. Well I’m not going to
touch myself, Ben, if that’s what you think. Especially
whilst you’re driving. We’d have an accident.”

There is a God! We were driving through a wooded area as
she was speaking. Ahead of us was a turnoff to the
right. On an impulse I took it and found that it led to
a small deserted clearing. I parked in some welcoming
shade and turned the engine off. “What was it you were
saying about an accident, Kelly?”

She looked all around the clearing, making absolutely
certain that no one else was present. “I find your
concern really touching, Ben.” She was being very

“What I’d really like to find, Kelly, is you touching
your concern!”

She didn’t answer. Instead she raised her bottom out of
the seat and pulled the hem of her dress up so that she
was no longer sitting on it. And then her fingertips
were on the fabric of her panties, and her forefinger
was tracing her cleft. “Well, it seems to be ok but you
can never be too careful, can you? I think I’d better
make absolutely sure, don’t you?” She’d no sooner
finished speaking than she’d hooked the fingers of her
left hand around the lacy triangle and pulled it to one
side, exposing her vulva. We were both watching her
finger trawl along the increasingly wet channel between
her fleshy glistening labia lips.

And then she turned to me again. “Don’t ever tell me,
Ben, that I don’t spoil you!” And then my beautiful, oh
so sexy wife began to masturbate.

Chapter 18

And all to soon it was my last full day. We hadn’t
planned to go anywhere, but we needed to get some more
bread and a few other bits and pieces so we popped into
Cala d’Or. We’d done the shopping and were having a
coffee in the main street, idly watching the world go
by. More specifically I was watching a girl go by, a
girl wearing shorts and a low slung bikini top. She was
rather attractive, an impression not entirely unrelated
to the fact that with every step her ample bosom was
threatening to spill out of her top. I was just thinking
to myself that you wouldn’t have got many of those to
the pound when I heard a voice behind me.

“Hello, you two!” I turned round. It was Roy and Sharon,
our old neighbours. Roy looked at his wife. “So you were
right, Shar.” We said hello and exchanged the usual
pleasantries. They were about to order a coffee so we
invited them to join us. It was a big mistake. I’d
forgotten how loud she was and the extent to which she
dominated her husband.

Sharon was addressing Kelly. “I said to Roy, that was
you, when I saw you yesterday, didn’t I, Roy?” He nodded
to confirm but she wasn’t taking any notice. She looked
around as if to make sure no one could overhear her. She
would have done better just to talk more quietly but she
was one of those women who could not have spoken ‘sotto
voce’ even if her life depended on it. “When you were at
the nudist beach.” At these words someone three tables
away looked across at us. Discretion was not her strong
point, either. “But I wasn’t absolutely sure, because
you were with someone else.”

She was quite right. We had gone to the nudist beach
yesterday. And she could easily have seen the two of
them together. Carl had wanted to go for a walk along
the beach and Kelly had gone with him, although she had
insisted on putting her bikini bottoms on. Not so Carl,
of course. He had wanted no one to be deprived of the
sight of his dick! Gosh, I am getting really bitchy.

“That would have been Carl, here.” Kelly gestured to him
with her hand.

Sharon looked at him with renewed interest and smiled.
Then she spoke again to Kelly in what she imagined to be
an undertone. “Oh right. But to be honest, Kelly, I
didn’t take much notice of his face!” Her laugh was both
dirty and exceedingly loud.

“He’s a friend.”

“I’m not surprised, dearie.”

“Ben was there, too.” Kelly’s voice was somewhat cool.

“If we’d have known that we would have come over,
wouldn’t we, Roy?” He just nodded, poor sod. We’d
obviously had a lucky escape yesterday; a naked Sharon
was not likely to have been an edifying sight. But,
clearly, our luck had run out today. Thank God we’d
finished our coffees. We got up to leave.

“Enjoy the rest of your holiday,” I said. And then we
were off, Kelly setting the pace. She was already in the
street and marching purposefully to the car.

We all cooled off in the pool on our return. Kelly and I
got out first and were lying on adjacent sun beds drying
ourselves in the warmth of the sun. She was lying on her
side, supporting her chin in her hand telling me how
embarrassed she’d been when Sharon was talking so
loudly. We were speculating as to why Roy put up with
her when Carl climbed out of the pool and walked over to
where we were. He appeared not to want to say anything
and just lay on his side on the sun bed on the other
side of Kelly. She turned her head to ask him if he felt
better for his swim before resuming her conversation
with me.

He didn’t respond in words but he ran his fingers down
her spine, from the nape of her neck to the small of her
back. He did it several times and it began to have an
effect on her. She arched her back every time his
fingers touched the sensitive spot at the base of her
spine. And with each repetition his fingers travelled a
little further south.

Soon they were exploring the valley between her cheeks,
then they briefly touched her other opening and finally
they were in her cleft. Kelly’s reaction, as she felt
his fingers there, was an instinctive one and she slid
her foot back, thereby raising her knee and affording
him more room in which to pleasure her. And pleasure her
he did until she could not have been wetter.

He ceased fingering her and Kelly glanced over her
shoulder as if in reproach. But he’d only stopped in
order to move his sun bed closer to hers. Having noticed
his erection she could easily guess what his intention
was. It was when she had turned back to face me,
ostensibly trying to resume our former conversation,
that she felt his hands on her hips. He was now lying on
his side, and was easing her bottom towards him.

She was a willing partner to his sexual choreography,
and had even raised herself slightly so as to make her
entrance a bit more accessible. She was now at such an
angle that I could no longer see her pubis and I could
not, therefore, see his cock slide into her. But I knew
the moment it did simply by the look on her face. And
then she had to stop talking to me because she was no
longer able to concentrate on anything save for the
wonderful sensation between her legs.

But I could still talk, of course. “Does that feel good,

“Yes, Ben. It does.” There was a real emphasis on the
last word. She was looking at me through heavy lidded
eyes. One particularly powerful thrust caused her to
involuntarily close them.

“Do you love that big cock of his?”


“And do you love it when it’s deep inside you?”

She spoke very softly, “Yes, I do!”

“And when you’re full of his spunk?”



“Yes, really, Ben. I love it!”

“Well don’t just tell me, Kelly. Tell him!”

She was looking into my eyes as she spoke to him; her
words interspersed with soft moans. “I love your cock,
Carl. It’s the most wonderful cock in the whole world. I
love it when you fuck me, when you stretch me and most
of all when I feel you’re trying to split me in two. And
I love it when you cum in me. I love it, Carl and I want
to be full of it!” She really meant it, too.

I will never forget the way she looked at me as he
continued to fuck her. At that moment she would have
allowed him to fuck her to death, so powerful was her
sexual excitement. She could only groan as he continued
to pound into her, her breasts vibrating with each
thrust. I moved towards her and I kissed her on her
lips. She kissed me back with incredible passion.

Carl watched us kiss and he increased both the power and
the speed of his strokes, almost as if he were angry. I
could feel the shock waves coursing through her body
from the epicentre that was her vagina. Sensing that my
prick was erect she placed my hand on it silently
encouraging me to masturbate alongside her. She then
began to finger herself and very soon she experienced a
massive orgasm.

Carl gave one last almighty thrust and I could feel his
convulsions as he ejaculated into her. My own hand was
busy but not for long, and so forceful was my
ejaculation that much of my semen landed on Kelly. She
kissed me intensely once more before pulling away to
turn her head and to kiss Carl, her hand round his
buttocks in a gesture that was more affectionate than
sexual. Our passion had been fierce but it had also been
fully satiated and it wasn’t long before we were all
dozing on our respective sun beds.

That evening we were all sitting down having a drink
before we went out to eat. Kelly looked ravishing. She
had her hair up in that delightful way of hers and was
fully made up. She was wearing a green top and loose
skirt that buttoned all the way down. She had done up
enough buttons to protect her modesty, but most of her
thighs were visible as the skirt parted when she sat
down. Her nipples were already erect in the slightly
cooler evening air. Carl raised his glass to us said how
pleased he was that we had come out.

“I know we had that Saturday night together but there
was no guarantee we would all get on here. But it has
worked out really well. All the same Ben, I can’t say
I’m sorry that you’re going home!”

Kelly interjected at once. “That’s not a very nice thing
to say, Carl!”

“Sorry, Ben, Don’t take it the wrong way. I meant that
I’m pleased I’ll be able to have Kelly all to myself,
that’s all.”

“It’s all right Carl. I guessed that’s what you meant.”

We went back to the restaurant where we eaten the
evening of our first full day here. The intervening ten
days had gone so quickly. Much as I tried to enjoy the
evening I was only too aware that within twenty-four
hours I would be home on my own.

Kelly slept with me that night. We made love and
afterwards she went to sleep in my arms. In the morning
I was getting instructions about what to do when I got
home but I wasn’t really listening. I was thinking about
our relationship. It wasn’t that Kelly seemed less
affectionate to me, on the contrary. However there were
worrying signs that there was more to the relationship
between Kelly and Carl than just the obvious physical

There had been occasions when there had seemed to be
genuine tenderness between them. I thought about my
interrogation of her the day before when she was having
sex with him. She had answered yes to every question I
had asked but, but there had been one key question that
I didn’t dare ask, namely whether she loved him. In the
throes of her sexual passion she would have answered in
the affirmative; of that, I was in no doubt. But I was
becoming frightened that she might now say yes, even
when she wasn’t on the end of his dick.

I kissed her very tenderly and she asked me to make love
to her. Afterwards we lay there for a while but
unfortunately I had a plane to catch. I told her that I
was going to miss her and she said that she’d miss me,
too. It was reassuring to think she would miss me but
somehow I had my doubts.

Kelly would be alone with Carl for the next three days.
She’d insisted that she didn’t love him, that their
relationship was purely physical and it was abundantly
clear that there was a very strong physical element to
it. Kelly was never more excited than when her fanny was
stretched around his cock; except that it wasn’t being
stretched quite so much now, her once tight fanny was
definitely looser. But I was more concerned about her
heart and the depth of her feelings for him. Could she
really be so intimate with him, yet still remain so

And what about Carl? What had he once said? That she was
absolutely gorgeous. The more I thought about it, the
sicker I felt. Yet I only had myself to blame! I was the
one that had encouraged her to be sexually adventurous
and she had only taken me at my word. Carl had brought a
new dimension to her sex life, literally as well as
metaphorically. And they would be alone together for
three whole days. They would have the opportunity to do
and to say all kinds of things to each other.

Would she still want to come home to me when her holiday
was at an end? But what was the alternative? Asking her
to come home with me now, assuming that a flight was
available, would only postpone the inevitable. At some
future point she would have to choose between us. It
might just as well be the end of the week. What a fool
I’d been!

Chapter 19

We were on our way to the airport. I felt really sad and
wished that I had not rejected Kelly’s earlier offer to
foreshorten her holiday in order to come back with me.
But it was too late now. She looked absolutely lovely,
too. She was wearing her yellow sundress and sandals of
a similar colour. And it was the perfect foil to her
deep tan. She’d also put some knickers on! But that was
because they were planning to go to Palma once they’d
dropped me off and she was adamant that she would not
set foot inside the cathedral without any.

I doubted they’d be on for long once they got back to
the villa. I sat in the back of the car with her and we
held hands all the way. We arrived at the airport all
too soon and I got my case out of the boot. I said
goodbye to Carl and shook his hand. He had the
sensitivity to walk away when I said goodbye to Kelly.
“Kelly, you know I really do love you, don’t you?”

“I know you do, Ben, and I love you just as much.” We
kissed each other.

“You won’t forget that, will you?” I shouldn’t have said
this because she looked as if she were about to cry. I
had to walk away because there were tears in my eyes
too. I had meant to say something profound, something
that would make Kelly realise the real depth of my
feelings for her and yet all that I had done was to give
her the impression that I didn’t trust her. I turned to
wave goodbye only to see that Carl was already standing
at Kelly’s side. When he saw me look back he cupped her
breast with his hand as if laying claim to her body.
Kelly wanted to spare my feelings and I was pleased to
see her push his hand away.

I walked into the airport cursing the circumstances that
had forced my early departure. I was depressed as my
plane took off, and my depression seemed to deepen with
every mile that separated my beautiful Kelly from me. I
knew that I was really going to miss her during the next
three days, days that to me would seem never ending.
Kelly, on the other hand, would probably spend the whole
time shagging and wonder where the time went.


I arrived home in the late evening to a dark unwelcoming
house. My mind went back to the last time I had arrived
home late, the night Kelly had met Carl. How I wished
that I could have turned the clock back. Had I have been
able to do so, I would have immediately entered the
house and perhaps Kelly might never have had the
opportunity to experience sex with Carl. But it was
futile exercise, she had! I made myself a drink and went
to bed.

I sensed that Carl and Kelly would also be going to bed
about now. But I made no attempt to masturbate; I could
raise neither enthusiasm nor prick. I just wanted Kelly
to be here next to me. I did not want her to be in
Majorca. But she would be there for three more days. I
awoke the following morning only to realise with a
sinking heart that the love of my life was not home.

I went off to the meeting that had been the cause of my
early departure from Majorca. I didn’t say much at the
start; my mind was a thousand miles away. In spirit I
was once more at the villa, with Kelly. But Carl was
there in body, rather than in spirit!

And at that very moment he was probably in her body,
too! Jealousy and anger were now the dominant emotions.
Why did I have to lose Kelly to an arrogant self-centred
bastard who had a big cock, but fuck-all else? And to
think that Kelly had wanted to end her affair with Carl
and I had been the one to persuade her against it. I
resolved that I would never be so stupid again. If ever
there would be a next time! The voice came into my
consciousness; the voice of my boss. “What do you think,

“Pardon.” I was playing for time and desperately trying
to recall what we were talking about.

“I said, ‘what is your opinion, Ben.'”

“Sorry, I missed that, Paul. I must have drifted off.
Probably the jet lag!”

Patience was not Paul’s strong point. “Ben, It’s only a
two hour flight for Heaven’s sake! No-one gets jet lag
coming home from Majorca!” Fortunately, that was my only
lapse, and the meeting turned out to be quite

That evening when I came home I was, if anything, even
more sorry for myself than I had been the night before.
I put on an opera that seemed particularly apt, Act 3 of
La Boheme. In music that is both beautiful, yet
ineffably sad, Rodolfo and Mimi are parting but not
before reliving their earlier happier times together.
There were tears in my eyes as I sat listening in the
empty lounge. I wondered what she would be doing, but
just as had happened the night before, there was no
sexual excitement to be gained from this
inquisitiveness, just an aching sense of emptiness. And
I still had forty-six hours to go.

Good Lord! I was counting the hours until I saw her! The
last time I had done that we had only just started going
out and I had subsequently assumed that it was just the
intensity of young love. And yet, here I was ten years
later doing exactly the same thing!I woke up Thursday

One more day to go! And then it was Friday morning and I
was euphoric. She’s coming home today! And finally,
after the longest eighty hours of my life, it was Friday
evening, and Kelly was standing in front of me. Carl had
brought her home but he did not come in. She seemed very
tired. We kissed hello but she appeared to be pre-
occupied. I made us both a drink and we sat down in the

She gave every appearance of being Italian, her deep tan
emphasising her Latin features. So I spoke to her in
Italian. “I amma so ‘appy to ‘avva you ‘ome, Kelly. To
be sure, bejasus and begorrah.” She didn’t have any
Irish blood, of course, but I was on a roll and in the
mood to show-off.

“Is that so?” She was not amused; on the contrary, she
was very abrupt. My mood instantly changed. Relief and
happiness were promptly replaced by anxiety, an anxiety
bordering on fear.

“What’s wrong?” The tension in my voice was obvious. I
was trying to swallow but my mouth had gone dry. There
was a huge knot in my stomach.

“Nothing really. I just think we should consider a
separation, that’s all!” It was a devastating blow to
hear Kelly confirming my worst fears.

“Why?” I could hardly get the word out.

“Why? You’re asking me why!” There was an incredulous
tone to her voice.

I had my head in my hands. “No, Kelly, no! We don’t have
to separate. I love you, Kelly! You must know that I
love you.” I was desperately trying not to break down.

“You love me, Ben, do you? So why do you encourage me to
fuck Carl all the time?” The emphasis on the word ‘fuck’
could not have been stronger. She was really putting the
knife in. And then she twisted it! “But at least he does
want to fuck me, and not just watch someone else doing

Her remark was mortifying but it was no more than I
deserved. I chose to ignore it. “Is it Carl? Are you in
love with him?”

“I might have been, Ben. I was certainly very fond of
him.” There was a momentary wistful look and then her
demeanour altered, as if she had made up her mind about
something, which indeed, she had. “I’m sorry, Ben, I
shouldn’t have mentioned it tonight. I should have
waited till the morning. But I don’t want to discuss it
any more tonight because I am absolutely shattered. I’m
going to have a relaxing bath and then I’m going
straight to bed!”

Almost as if it was an afterthought, but in fact it was
deliberate, she added, “on my own! I’ll sleep in the
spare room and I don’t want to be disturbed. I want time
to think.” And with a cursory ‘goodnight’, she went

I heard her running her bath. I should have gone
upstairs to try to reason with her but I think I must
have been in shock. I fetched myself a stiff drink, went
into the study and sat down on the sofa. I just sat
there, and stared at the wall in a daze for God knows
how long. My fears had been justified then.

God, what a stupid prat I’d been. How could this all
have gone so wrong? Why did I let it happen? Kelly was
everything I had ever wanted. Once she had been quite
innocent, but I had corrupted her. Once she had been
sexually content with me, but she could never be so
again. She’d wanted us to separate and I would have to
live without her. And then I found myself sobbing. I put
my hands to my mouth so that Kelly wouldn’t hear me.

I suddenly felt her hands on my head. I opened my eyes
and Kelly was standing in front of me wearing a long
white tee shirt. She’d had second thoughts whilst she
was soaking in the bath and had decided we ought to talk
things over that evening, rather than the following
morning. She was crying too.

We looked at each other. “Kelly,” I said, “I’m sorry, I
really am. I love you more than you can ever know.
Please don’t leave me.” I couldn’t say any more because
of my tears. She pulled me towards her and my cheek was
pressed against her soft rounded stomach. The salt was
stinging my eyes and I wiped them with the end of her t-
shirt. She had nothing on under it but that was the last
thing on my mind.

“Ben,” I heard her say, “How do you think I felt when
you kept pushing me towards Carl, when you actually said
you preferred me to have sex with him instead of you?
And when I offered to come home with you for your
meeting and you said I shouldn’t bother?”

“I’d just assumed that you’d be enjoying yourself so
much with him, you wouldn’t really have wanted to come

“Of course, I enjoyed the physical side – what girl
wouldn’t? But it’s not everything. I told you that in
the car. I would happily have come home early with you,
Ben, honestly.”

“But you seemed so affectionate to him?” I said.

“What are you saying, Ben? That it was okay for Carl and
me to shag each other stupid, provided that at other
times we only shook hands!”

I had to smile at the patent absurdity of the idea.

“Anyway, Ben, you have to understand. You can’t have sex
with someone all the time and not get emotionally
involved. I thought I could but…” She paused, and made
an effort to compose herself. “Look, I admit that I
started it, but don’t forget I was also the one who was
prepared to end it. And you didn’t just talk me out of
it, Ben, you gave me the distinct impression that you
wanted it to continue!” With that she sat down on the

“It was because it was a real life fantasy, Kelly. I
knew we both enjoyed fantasies. I thought a real life
one would be even better, that’s all.”

“Yes, I do enjoy fantasies, Ben, and do you know why?
I’ll tell you. It’s because no one ever gets hurt in
fantasies. No one feels degraded in fantasies. No one
ever regrets what they’ve done. But reality is very
different. In real life people do get hurt, people do
have regrets.”

I looked into her eyes. “I never ever meant to hurt you,

“It’s not just you, Ben.

“What are you trying to tell me?”

She took a deep breath. “I was infatuated by him, Ben. I
might even have been in love with him for a while. But
it’s over between us and I’m never going to see him
again.” She dissolved in tears. I got up to fetch some

“Do you want to tell me about it, Kelly?”

She wiped her eyes before she answered me. “Do you
remember what I told you when I came back from Paris,
that there were times when I’d do anything Carl wanted.
Well after you’d gone home, he told me wanted a video of
us together. He said we were so good we should have a
record of it. He also said that you might like it too.
He assured me it would be private.”

“Go on.”

“So I agreed to it. What he didn’t tell me was that he
would get Jeff to make the video. When he turned up I
was furious and ready to walk out. He pleaded with me to
go through with it saying that someone had to operate
the video camera, something to do with angles and
zooming and other stuff I can’t remember. He reminded me
that Jeff had already seen me virtually naked anyway,
and asked me why I should be so concerned. I know I
shouldn’t have agreed to it, but I did.” She began to
cry again.

I was totally unprepared for this and I wasn’t very
tactful. Fuck me, she didn’t even like the man. “Kelly,”
I asked, “how could you have done it in front of Jeff? I
presume we are talking about the same Jeff who, if my
memory serves me correct, gives you the creeps?” She was
now in floods of tears, sobbing her heart out. I pulled
out some more tissues from the box and gave them to her.
She wiped her eyes and blew her nose.

“Because I’m a tart, that’s why! Carl thinks I am and
from your question it is clear that you do too. Well at
least the three of us can all agree about that!”

“Kelly, what are you talking about? I don’t think you’re
a tart. The definition of a tart is a prostitute, or a
promiscuous woman. Someone indulging in casual sex. Look
it up for yourself. You went with Carl because you
wanted to. There are probably thousands of women who
would like to do what you did, but they’re conditioned
to think that if they were to do the same, they’d be
tarts. I was just surprised, that’s all.”

“Well, Carl thinks I’m a tart. And how do I know?
Because he promised me to Jeff, that’s how. I flew off
the handle at him, demanding to know what gave him the
right to make such decisions about me. It was my body
and I would decide whom I offered it to, not him. How
dare he assume that I would consent to it? He asked me
why I had suddenly become so coy and the implication was
obvious. I told him he had made it perfectly clear what
he really thought about me.” She looked at me, her chest
heaving in her anger.

“And then what happened?”

“He immediately apologised but I can’t forgive him.” She
continued dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

I tried to change the subject. “What about the video,
Kelly, where is it?”

“Oh I don’t know, Ben. Carl’s got it. What does it
matter, anyway?”

She was right about the video. That didn’t matter, but
something else did, and it mattered very much indeed.
“So it is over between the two of you?”

“He used me, Ben. He won’t be using me again. I’m not
going to see him anymore and I’ve told him so.”

My own conscience was not that clear. I had used her
too! “Kelly, you must understand that Carl sees all
women in the same way. They are a challenge and the
attraction for him is in the chase, if you like. Once
he’s get what he wants, once he knows that you care for
him, he loses interest. He wanted a video of the two of
you together. Maybe he likes to have a record of his
conquests. Maybe your agreeing to it makes him feel he
has control over you. Promising Jeff that he could have
you was a further manifestation of his control. He can
now move on to his next challenge. That’s why he’s never
had a long-term relationship. And that’s probably why
he’ll never have one in the future. But Kelly, he
doesn’t matter any more. You do! I don’t care what
you’ve done. I adore you, Kelly. I know I can’t compete
with Carl in some respects, but he could never have
loved you the way I do. And I know I’ll never stop
loving you. But if you don’t love me anymore…” I was
too choked to complete the sentence.

I started her off again. “Oh Ben, I don’t want to leave
you. I love you. I’ve loved you ever since you were a
little boy. I don’t love Carl. I might have done once
but I don’t love him now. Carl has a big cock, but
that’s all he has got. I know you feel inferior because
you’re not as big as him, but believe me, you are a much
bigger man. You have qualities that Carl will never
have. But you don’t realise it. You are a much nicer,
more caring person. And you make me laugh.” She
recognised that her tears contradicted the last remark
and she added, “usually.”

She loved me! She loved me! I kissed her and put my arms
round her cuddling her as tightly as I could. And as we
kissed our tears mingled. We went to bed and I continued
to hold her tightly in my arms. I said, “It will only be
the two of us in future, Kelly, I swear.” I have never
been more serious in my life.

“I hope so, Ben.”

She fell asleep in my arms but I stayed awake. I thought
about how close I had come to losing her. How could I
have been so stupid? But it had also made me realise how
much I loved her and how lucky I was that she still felt
the same about me.

Carl phoned the following day. Kelly reiterated what she
had said before. He was half expecting her decision
anyway. Two months later, he’d moved to California. And
at this point I should have been able to write that we
lived happily ever after. But there was still a surprise
in store.

Chapter 20

Things were gradually returning to normal. Kelly had got
over Carl it seemed, but there were a few tears when she
heard that he had gone to California. Outwardly, at
least, she radiated the warmth and general happiness
that was such an integral part of her attraction. All in
all, things were going well. We were even in preliminary
discussions about adopting a child.

One Saturday morning there was a knock at the door. It
was the postman and he had a parcel for me that required
my signature on delivery. It was postmarked Los Angeles
but I did not recognise the name or address on the back.
I opened it and saw that it was a videocassette,
entitled ‘Majorcan Pleasures’. There was a note
enclosed. It was from Carl! I thanked my lucky stars
that Kelly was out. She had left quite early to go
shopping in the West End. I picked up the note to read
it. There was no address shown.

‘Dear Ben,

I thought you might like this souvenir of Majorca. I
hope it brings back happy memories. You might be
interested to know that this video is selling very well
here. Some punters have even told me that Kelly’s the
hottest thing they’ve ever seen; not only can she fuck
on camera, but she can also act. I told them she wasn’t
acting at all. This is a tart who REALLY loves to fuck!
Who REALLY adores big cocks! Mind you, who can blame
her? She’s not getting enough at home, is she?

Best Wishes


ps Jeff asked me to pass on his regards to Kelly.’

What a bastard he was! I tore the note up and put it
straight into the dustbin, rearranging other rubbish on
top of the pieces of paper. I should have destroyed the
video too, but my curiosity got the better of me. I made
myself a coffee and went into the study to watch it.

It began with a picture of Carl’s villa in Majorca and
then the title ‘Majorcan Pleasures’ appeared. There were
a couple of credits and the film started. The camera
panned out from the villa and the distant hills came
into sharp focus. It was evident that Jeff knew how to
use a video camera; the picture quality was excellent.
The villa was again in shot and then there was a view of
the swimming pool. The water was sparkling as myriad
tiny wavelets momentarily reflected the rays of the sun.
The camera then focussed on the empty terrace. But it
wasn’t empty for long.

A girl came into shot, walking away from the camera and
towards the pool. There could be no doubt. It was Kelly
and she was naked apart from her high heels. The cheeks
of her firm round backside were undulating in that
familiar way of hers. She stood at the edge of the pool,
slipped off her heels and gracefully dived in. She swam
to the end and back and then climbed out using the

As she shook the water from her hair, the camera zoomed
in on her breasts and the pinpoint sharp image showed
the beads of water on them, the goose pimples and her
fully erect nipples.

The shot zoomed out as she walked towards the camera and
it was her breasts gently swaying that caught the
attention. God, she looked divine! She then lay on a sun
bed, her legs slightly open. The cameraman now focussed
on her triangle, except that it was heart shaped once
more, and she had again removed the hair from the sides
of her labia. Then the shot changed to a wide angle and
the camera panned round.

A man was walking towards her. It was Carl. He too was
naked and his tanned muscular body seemed to be
gleaming. With each step his long, thick but still
flaccid penis swung from side to side. He moved next to
Kelly’s sun bed and stood there. As she looked up at
him, the camera zoomed in so that only her face and
Carl’s penis were in view. You could see the sexual
hunger in her eyes.

In full shot again Carl squatted down and kissed Kelly
on her lips. Then he was kissing her shoulders, her
hands, her breasts, and he continued down to her
stomach. He then began to kiss the outside of her thigh
before he gently raised her leg and ducked under it.

Starting at the inside of her knee he was able to trawl
his tongue up her inner thigh and on to her groin. She
instinctively opened her legs wider as Carl reached her
vagina. Using both hands he pulled the pink full labia
lips apart. Her inner flesh was already glistening with
her secretions as his tongue delved down into her
wetness. Then he began to lap the full length of her
cleft, paying special attention to her clitoris. The
camera was now on Kelly’s face. She cried out as she
climaxed and it was her body convulsing that filled the

Carl now extricated himself and again stood over Kelly.
His prick hung down over her face. Kelly just looked up
at Carl and opened her mouth. He immediately lowered his
cock into it. Without taking her eyes from his, she
started to suck the end of it, simultaneously stroking
that part of his shaft that she could not encompass in
her mouth. He could not fail to respond to such loving
attention and soon he was totally erect. His heavy
testicles were now receiving her oral caresses and I
watched as she took first the one and then the other
into her mouth.

She carried on in this way for some little while and
would have carried on even longer but Carl now wanted to
fuck her. He took a spare sun bed cushion and laid down
on his back, his massive cock proudly erect. Kelly knelt
down on all fours, and positioned herself so that her
opening was directly above it. Then she lowered herself
on to it, and it disappeared into her in one smooth
motion. They kissed, a frantic almost violent kiss, with
tongues and lips mashing together.

She began to ride up and down on Carl’s fierce erection.
Whatever else Jeff may have been, there was no doubting
his consummate professionalism when he was behind a
video camera. This time there was a close up shot and
the screen was filled with the sight of Carl’s cock,
sheathed in Kelly’s soft vagina. He was thrusting
upwards to meet her downward movements and it was clear
that he was nearing his climax.

There was one more powerful attempt to spear her and his
body went rigid. His backside was off the ground as he
started to pump his sperm into her. And as he continued
to ejaculate, his fingers were digging into her
buttocks, pulling her onto him as if he wanted to fuse
their genitals into one orgasmic entity.

As his emissions grew weaker, so did the pressure of his
fingers, until he was only resting his hands on her soft
roundness. Then, when she was certain that he had
finished, she lifted herself off his cock until only his
crown was still in her. She began to inch herself
forward whilst still maintaining contact with it.

With a start I realised what she was planning to do; she
was intending to squat over his face. She reached the
point of no return and his glistening cock slipped out
of her and flopped onto his stomach. A thick globule of
semen fell out of the dark hole that led to her core.
She quickly moved forwards and I watched with bated
breath as she lowered herself on to his mouth. And then
his tongue was in her opening, seeking out his own

The camera zoomed in even closer. Another globule of
milky white sperm appeared, and he licked it up with the
tip of his tongue before transferring it to his mouth.
This went on for some while. At one point Kelly gently
squeezed her labia with her fingers and forced some more

Carl immediately put his mouth to her and I could even
hear the sound of him sucking it up. I had hoped that I
had learnt my lesson, that I would have been able to
watch this video without getting an erection, but I
couldn’t help it. I had an almighty hard-on!

A little while later, Kelly lifted herself off his face
and looked at him. He had managed to swallow most what
she had returned to him but there was some on his chin.
She licked him clean and then she kissed him, her hands
holding his face with real tenderness. There was more
intimacy implicit in this one kiss than in anything that
had gone before.

I rewound the videotape and replayed their kiss. No, I
was not mistaken, although I fervently hoped that I had
been. It was patently obvious that she was in love with
Carl. Maybe it had lasted only until she’d found out
that he’d promised her to Jeff, but she had been in love
with him when they made the video.

I felt real heartache as I watched my wife and the man
who had, albeit briefly, supplanted me in her
affections. And what had he called her, a tart! He was
just too fucking stupid to realise that Kelly had agreed
to be videoed with him for love, not because she was a

Chapter 21

The next scene threw me for a while. The camera angle
was static and the images did not have that nth degree
of sharpness that had characterised the previous scene.
And then I realised Kelly was unaware she was being
filmed. She was sitting at the table on the terrace with
Carl. They were talking.

“So, Kelly, the end of our holiday. There’ll be no more
bonking in the sun for a while. And you’ll be home with
Ben tonight, unless you’ve changed your mind, that is.”

“No I haven’t changed my mind, Carl. Not after
yesterday. I still don’t know how you could do it.” She
turned to look at him and I could see that she had been

“Look, Kelly, it was no big deal, you know.”

“Obviously not, as far as you’re concerned Carl, but it
is for me. I didn’t want to be videoed in the first
place. And as for Jeff doing the filming… by the way,
where is he?”

“He went out this morning. He won’t be back for some
time yet. Look, we spent long enough yesterday
discussing why he was necessary. I don’t really want to
go over it all again. There is no point shooting a video
and then not being able to watch it. Incidentally I have
seen some of it. You are terrific. Jeff said that it was
one of the best shoots he’s ever done.”

“He’s done this before? So how many other women have you
been filmed with?” The shock in her voice was genuine.

“Only one, I promise. She was American. She knew Jeff
and that’s how I met him. She was the one who wanted to
be filmed, honestly. I was flattered so I went along
with it. Now Jeff does a lot of this sort of thing and
he told me that I could walk into the porn business. He
also told me you are outstanding and I believe him. I’m
serious, Kelly, the two of us would make a great team.
Don’t go back to him; come with me to the States. We
could do really well together.”

Kelly could not believe her ears. “You are saying that
you want me to come with you to America so that we can
make blue films? Is that right?” He nodded. “And people
say that romance is dead!” It was a flippant remark but
there was real bitterness in her voice. She looked at
him again and then she was looking over his shoulder
straight at the camera. “What the hell’s going on, Carl?
You’re not filming me, are you? Turn it off. Turn it
off, now!” She was really angry.

“It’s not on, Kelly. I don’t know what sort of bastard
you take me for but even I wouldn’t do something like
that, I swear. The red light is flashing because Jeff is
recharging the battery, that’s all. There’s only one
video of you, and that was the one we did yesterday.
I’ll let you have it as soon as we’ve finished the
editing. I’m sure Ben will be pleased to watch it even
if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t want the damned video. It will remind me of
something I am trying to forget.”

“I didn’t say you had to fuck him, did I?”

“No, but how could you even suggest it.”

“Where’s the harm? He’s filming you on the job for
Christ’s sake! I mean you’re not exactly an innocent
virgin are you? And what’s the difference between Ben
letting me fuck you and me letting Jeff do the same?”

“All the difference in the world! It was my decision to
have sex with you, Carl, not Ben’s. Mind you, knowing
what I now know, I wouldn’t say it was one of my better
decisions. And likewise, if I fuck Jeff, then that will
also be my decision. I won’t, of course, because I don’t
even like the man.”

“So you think you made the wrong decision about me, do
you?” And then he laughed.

“What’s so funny? I don’t see anything to laugh about.”

“It’s us two. How can we argue when we’re naked? I’m
getting a hard-on, too. How can I argue sporting an
erection? Look I’m sorry that I said Jeff could fuck
you. Honestly, I’m sorry. Now we can end the holiday on
an argument or we can have one more bonk before we go.
It’s your choice, Kelly.”

“There is a joke about that and the punch line makes
reference to a silver tongued bastard. It’s quite apt
for you really, especially the bastard …” She didn’t
finish the sentence. He was kissing her and I could see
her hand instinctively reaching down to grasp his cock.

They came up for air. “I want you to suck me, Kelly.”
She immediately bent her head down but Carl stopped her.
“No, I’ll sit on the edge of the table. It’ll be more
comfortable for you.” (It also meant a better shot for
the video; now there’s a surprise!) I watched Kelly’s
head bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock. Then
they changed places. She had her legs over his shoulders
as he lapped at her hot wet open fanny. Because of the
static camera angle her face was in profile but I could
tell she was very close to a climax. He stopped licking

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Carl. I do. I want it now.” God, she sounded
desperate for it.

“All in good time, Kelly.” And then he was beckoning to
someone. Jeff suddenly appeared! He was naked. “Well,
Kelly, what a coincidence! We were only talking about
Jeff a moment ago and guess what? He’s here.” I heard a
strangled, “No!” and then I saw Carl grab hold of her
legs and bury his face in her vagina. She was kicking
backwards with her heels but it was obvious that her
resistance was weakening as his tongue was again working
its magic on her clitoris. Soon she stopped struggling

Carl broke off once more to speak to her. “Kelly, this
is your lucky day. Jeff here is prepared to fuck you,
but you’ll have to ask him nicely. You know you will ask
him because you will do anything I want as long as I
lick that clitoris of yours, won’t you?” Jeff was
standing close by, watching her intensely and slowly
stroking his erection.


“Just for the record, Kelly, are you here under duress?”


“Are you free to go if you want to?”


“Do you want to go?”


“Why is that, Kelly? Is it because you are a tart?”


“Say it again. Tell Jeff and me that you’re a tart. We
want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Jeff butted in. Gone was any attempt at charm, however
superficial. His misogyny was evident in his coarseness.
“Don’t you mean the whore’s mouth?”

Kelly’s voice was flat, her spirit broken. “I’m a tart.”

“And are you going to ask Jeff to fuck you?”

“Yes.” She looked at him, at his paunch, at his flabby
backside and at his thin erection, which he was still
stroking. He was nothing to write home about that’s for
sure. But she knew Carl’s assessment of her was spot on.
“Fuck me, Jeff.”

“I didn’t hear you say, ‘please’.” It was Jeff. The
sheer arrogance of the man! What the hell did he have to
be so arrogant about, anyway? The fat fucker! It was,
alas, a description that was soon to prove to be only
too apposite!


Carl had already moved the seat out of the way so Jeff
only had to stand between her open legs. He pushed
himself into my wife and began to shaft her. The man who
gave my wife the creeps was now giving her something
else. And it certainly wasn’t a good time! Meanwhile
Carl was standing on the other side of the table,
feeding his dick to Kelly’s open mouth.

“Jesus, Carl,” he said, “She’s a bit on the loose side,
isn’t she? How many more women are you going to spoil
for me?”

“Let’s change places then, Jeff.” No sooner said than
done! Carl’s cock immediately replaced Jeff’s, but
unlike Jeff, he was also using his thumb to stimulate
her clitoris as he fucked her. As always, this quickly
brought her to the very brink of an orgasm. And Kelly’s
inhibitions were rapidly diminishing, in inverse
proportion to her sexual arousal.

Jeff was now standing by her head and there was only a
half-hearted attempt to turn away as he thrust his
erection in her face. Whatever feeble resistance there
had been, dissipated the moment she felt his sticky
crown on her lips. No effort was required on his part to
slide it into her mouth.

She grasped his shaft, perhaps in an effort to ensure he
could not push the whole length down her throat, and
then she began to masturbate him. And despite her
adverse opinion of him, there was no indication
whatsoever that she was doing this with any reluctance.
She sucked him and continued to do so until he started
to cum. It was only then that she released him.

He must have been incredibly aroused because he seemed
to go on and on. I watched great wads of his sperm
spattering her face and her hair. One particularly large
strand hit her eyelid and she had to wipe it away with
her forefinger. And then it was Carl’s turn. He pulled
out of her vagina, walked round the table and positioned
himself so that his cock was only inches from Kelly’s
face. He was masturbating furiously.

The camera angle had changed too! It was obvious when I
thought about it later. Jeff, having ejaculated, was now
operating the video camera once more. And then Carl’s
spunk exploded on to her. When he had finished Jeff
zoomed in to her face. She had semen everywhere, on her
forehead, on her cheeks, on her nose, on her chin; she
even had it on her teeth!

“Smile, Kelly,” I heard Carl say, “You’re on Candid
Camera!” But my beautiful wife wasn’t smiling. On the
contrary, she was weeping. And she wasn’t the only one.
I switched off the video and wiped my eyes.

Of course! It was all so obvious in retrospect, why he
had bought the villa and why it was so secluded. It was
a perfect location for filming. That explained Jeff.
That explained the Californian connection.

I tried to collect my thoughts. One thing was certain.
Kelly must never know about the video. I remembered her
demeanour when she’d arrived home from Majorca. No
wonder she was unhappy. Carl and Jeff had creamed on her
that very morning! And she’d said something about…
now, what was it? Yes I remember.

‘No one felt degraded in fantasies.’ She’d obviously
felt terribly humiliated. And in an effort to make her
understand that she was not a tart I had depicted a
pattern of behaviour, the very pattern that she had just
exhibited on the video! But I could not blame her for
it; it was all my fault and there was no denying it.

That was a year ago. We have moved on a long way since
then. Our adopted daughter, Petra, has given us more joy
than we could ever have imagined and Kelly and I have
never been happier. I love Kelly so much that it is hard
to put into words. And I honestly believe that she loves
me in return. I am so lucky to have her for my wife. But
now I tell other people, before they tell me!

And our sex life is fantastic too, so good in fact that
my collection of porn videos is superfluous and is
gathering dust in the loft. However there is one video
that I do watch from time to time. It seems to exert a
malign influence over me and I find myself drawn to it.
I think of it as my secret video, a secret shared only
by me, by Carl, by Jeff and by a few hundred other men!
When I watch it, I imagine that I am married to a porn
star and it never fails to get me going.

As for Carl I have had no further communication from him
and I hope it stays that way. Our circle of friends has
increased significantly since we adopted Petra. Do any
of them watch videos? Who knows? But of those that do,
what are the chances of any of them seeing Kelly’s
video? Surely the odds must be a million to one, at
least. But if someone of our acquaintance had seen it,
how would I ever know? Would you tell your friend that
you’d seen his wife in a porn movie?


Dave read the last page. He had been quite affected by
it all. He had been sexually aroused for sure but he had
also smiled and even felt a degree of sadness at times.
He was sure that it was a true story, not least because
of the accompanying videocassette. He turned it over in
his hand and inwardly smiled when he reread the title,
‘Majorcan Pleasures’.

There he’d been, thinking that it was merely a video
guidebook for holidaymakers! He had half a mind to take
it home and look at it. He could return it in the
morning when he came back to finish the work on the
house. He decided against this course of action for
three reasons.

Firstly, it was totally unethical to take an item from
someone’s house, even if there was every intention to
return it.

Secondly, he had already formed a picture of Kelly in
his mind. He didn’t need to know what she looked like.
She was certainly quite a girl, of that he was certain.

The third reason was the most compelling. He did not
have a videocassette recorder! They had been superseded
in much the same way as turntables and vinyl records had
previously. Now it was all DVDs and films down the
telephone wire. Nothing was released on videotape
anymore and he did not know anyone who still possessed a

The wet pages had dried out, as had the envelope. He put
the papers and the videocassette back into it and placed
the whole package in the lighter of the two wooden
boxes. He completed the rest his work that day on
autopilot, he could not seem to get this Kelly out of
his mind.

Two days later Dave was in the office preparing for his
next job. Jim Brown, the owner of the company walked up
to him. He was holding a letter and smiling.

“Morning, Dave! You remember that job you did for Mrs.
Mayhew. Well she has written to me. For some reason she
is very complimentary about you. It looks as if you’ve
really scored with her. And she’s a widow, too. I reckon
you could be well in there, my son!” He winked at him.

“Oh come on, Jim,” Dave replied. “Have you seen her? I
know she is a nice lady, but she is at least seventy if
she is a day! She’s as old as my grandmother!”

“So you don’t want to read her letter?” Jim went to walk

“Oh give it here then.”

“What about your manners!” Jim was still smiling.

“Would you please let me read the letter from Mrs.
Mayhew. I would be most grateful.”

“Oh, you want to read it, Dave. Why didn’t you say?”

Jim handed over the letter with an exaggerated gesture.
Dave accepted it with a theatrical bow. The first thing
he noticed was the very neat handwriting.

‘Dear Mr Brown

Just a short note to say how impressed I am
with your company, and in particular with
Mr. Dave Parker. He was the model of tidiness
and was very conscientious.

He was also very reliable and is indeed a
credit to your organisation.

I would be happy to recommend your company
to anyone.’

It wasn’t so much the letter that surprised him. Brown &
Co had received such letters before. It was the
signature at the end of the letter. She had signed it,
‘Kelly Mayhew’.

The End

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