The Balcony – a Swingers Sexstory

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by MonGer (no address provided)


Our first holiday since having kids and the erotic fun
we had. (MF-cpls, swingers)


We were enjoying our first holiday in the sun on our
own since our kids were born, they are all of an age
now where they travelled on their own.

We decided to try a week away first and booked a
lovely hotel right near the beach and our room
overlooked the pool area. We had enjoyed our first day
in the sun and were having a few drinks on the balcony
before going out for a meal.

My wife Jean decided to have a shower and I said I
would bring in some drinks to her. I stripped off and
joined her in the shower playing with her breasts and
pussy. She in turn played with my cock getting me rock
hard before saying we should hold on until we got back
after the meal. I agreed and we got dressed, Jean put
on a lovely new set of sexy underwear topped off by a
sexy dress. She applied some lipstick and looked just

We had a great meal, lots of drinks and just chilled
no pressure to rush anywhere. We enjoyed the walk back
along the beach and went back to the room. When we got
there we sat out on the balcony and I got some more
drinks for us.

Jean was looking over the balcony enjoying the view
when I came up behind her. I kissed her neck and ran
my hands over her breasts from behind, her nipples
shot up. “Stop,” she said.

“Why are you not enjoying it?” I asked as I slipped my
hand up under her dress and played with her pussy from
behind, grinding my erect cock into her.

Jean moaned and parted her legs slightly, I moved her
panties aside and slipped a finger into her juicy
pussy. She tightened her pussy on it and moaned again.
By now I had my cock out and moved it up to her pussy
from behind, I pulled her tits out of her bra and had
them on display over the balcony. “Someone will see
us,” she said, and pushed me back onto the chair.

Jean said, “Take off your cloths,” and she slipped off
her dress, her bra was next and last her panties. She
stood before me as sexy as hell. She moved over to
straddle me and started playing with my cock, I sucked
her nipples until they were solid and sticking out
proud. She was looking over my shoulder as she started
to rub her pussy on my cock.

It was not until the next afternoon did I learn that
she had spotted someone watching us. She started to
tell me to put my cock into her wet pussy, normally
Jean is not one for using such words, I put it down to
the mood. Fuck me hard, suck my nipples, ram your cock
into me now. She moved up and down on my cock riding
me like mad talking sexy all the time. I obliged and
fuck her like mad.

Little did I know that she was watching the person
over the next balcony looking at us. She could see he
was playing with his cock and enjoying the show. She
felt really horny having two guys under her control.
She could see him jerking as he came, just them we
both came and Jean cried out fuck that was great. Your
cock was really hard and your come was so hot I need
more, let�s go inside and get on the bed I need to
suck you clean and them you can lick my pussy. Wow
what has got into her this is great. We fucked twice
again that night and really enjoyed ourselves.

Next day Jean got up early and was out on the balcony
sunbathing, she was topless lying on the sun lounger.
I got up and went out to her, “Last night was great,”
I said. “What got into you?” I asked.

“You did,” she replied grinning.

“How come you’re out here topless?” I asked. Normally
she would not in case someone seen her.

“Just enjoying the sun and not worrying about the kids
see us. Let�s go to the pool,” she said. So I got
ready and we went down.

We enjoyed the sun and pool for a few hours when Jean
said she wanted to lie down before lunch, I got up to
go with her but she said to order a drink for myself
and come up in a while. I needed no encouragement so I
did order a drink and lay back enjoying the view of
all the sexy woman at the pool.

After a hour I went up to the room, I had the second
key so as not to disturb Jean who was probably asleep.
I open the door silently and entered as I did I could
hear voices in the room. I crept in and could see Jean
on the lounger naked with a guy licking her pussy and
a woman also naked standing beside him playing with
her own pussy. I stayed hidden behind the kitchen door
watching then, what was going on was Jean being forced
to let them do this to her. My question was answered
when Jean told the guy to get up and let her see his

She smiled at the guy and said, “Not bad. Now get on
top of me and slide that cock into my pussy, I need to
be fucked hard.”

He eagerly moved up along her body with his cock, it
was fully erect and bursting to come in her. He slowly
slid it into her as she moaned. That feel great now
fuck me hard, make my pussy run with juices. He
started to ride her hard pushing in as far as he
could. “Fuck! Your pussy feels so tight!” he roared.

“Keep fucking me, I need a good fuck after watching
you last night. Did you enjoy the show?” Jean asked,
“I could see you playing with your cock watching me.
Did you want to fuck me then or did you go in and fuck
your own wife.”

“Yes I did fuck her and she was also watching your
husband fucking you enjoying him come in you.”

Just then he came and rammed in to her pussy, Jean
also came moaning what a great fuck he had giving her.
Jean called over his wife and told her to clean his
cock and also to lick her pussy clean. The woman
obliged licking his cock like mad and then licking
Jeans pussy clean.

I crept out of the room and went back down for another
drink I needed it, I went back up making some noise
before I entered the room. Jean was lying on the
lounger naked, what�s the story I asked just enjoying
the sun she replied. My cock was starting to grow, I
also needed a fuck but I did not say anything about
what I had seen. Jean was playing with her pussy which
looked really red, no wonder after the ride she just

I stripped off and moved over to her she stroked my
cock pulling the skin tight making me grow really
hard. She asked in a really sexy voice if I had
enjoyed the show earlier, I gasped, “How did you

“I could see your reflection in the balcony glass,”
she said. “I was hoping you would join in, pity. She
said his wife has a great body.”

I was about to asked what the story was when Jean took
my cock in her mouth and started to suck me ( she
never does this anymore so I just went with the flow

She suck me until I came in her mouth, she then moved
up and kissed me letting my come flow into my mouth.
She grinned and we talked about what had happened, she
told me about her seeing him watching us last night
and when she was lying topless this morning. When she
came up earlier she stripped off and lay on the
lounger, he spoke to her over the wall and asked if he
could join her.

“Why not,” Jean replied.

“I’ll bring in my wife to join in also,” he said.

Jean said that she was carried away with the flow and
let them do as they pleased with her. I was getting
hard again, but this time I took control and bend Jean
over and took her from behind. Her pussy was really
juicy and warm from all the fucking she was getting. I
also slipped a finger into her rear making her jump,
please she moaned but I just moved it in again. She
tightened her pussy on my cock and came like mad, “I
enjoyed you playing like that,” she said.

We made plans to get them to join us for some fun that
evening, I went out onto the balcony and they were
sitting out having a drink. I introduced myself and
told them I had seen them enjoying my wife earlier and
that we should get together later for some fun. They
at first looked shocked, then very interested and we
agreed to meet up later here.

I went back into Jean and told her that we were on for
later she was lying on our bed playing with her pussy.
She looked so sexy my cock just jumped up as I watched
her pushing her fingers in and out. She licked her
finger so sexy that I nearly came just looking at her,
wow were we going to have some fun later.

We had a shower and I asked Jean if she would like to
have her pussy fully shaved, it was trimmed before the
holidays but still had a patch of hair covering it.
“Why not,” she said. “As long as you shave as well.”

“You�re on,” I said, and started to shave her pussy. I
slipped a finger into her as I did just to keep her
going. She felt so smooth and sexy, it was my turn now
off came the hair. We lay there so smooth that we
tried out how it felt when fucking, it felt great, you
could feel the skin so close and warm. We got ready to
go out and I noticed that Jean had no bra on, her
breasts and nipples pushed against the material of her
dress clearly showing she was braless.

She’d seen me looking and asked if I liked what I saw.
“Very much,” I said.

“Will I wear panties?” she asked teasing me.

“No,” I replied. “You have to feel how your shaved
pussy reacts uncovered.”

“Well then you have to leave off your underwear also,”
she said. “Fair is fair.”

“Ok,” I agreed, as I felt her breasts and pinched her
nipples just to make sure they were on show. “Bet your
pussy is tingling,” I said. “Let�s go out and have a
great time.”

We went into the bar near the hotel which was packed,
lots of groups of lads and some couples. When we
entered some of the lads could not keep their eyes off
Jean as she moved by them, her breasts were visible
with the low cut neck on the dress and her nipples
were pointing out at them. I found us a seat at the
window and went into the bar to get some drinks, Jean
was enjoying the effect she was having on the lads,
she could see some of the men in company also looking
at her.

I got the drinks and went back to the table enjoying
yourself I asked, sure am she replied. I moved around
beside her, placing my hand in her lap. She jumped as
I slid my hand higher. She looked at me and then
parted her legs, her dress was one with a split on the
side, not too high enough to see some leg. My hand
moved higher slowly teasing her pussy at first then I
slipped a finger into her. She moved but too late I
was in, she tightened her pussy on my finger and
closed her eyes enjoying the finger fuck. Her nipples
were really hard now and a couple near us must have
known what we were doing as they smiled at me, I
smiled back.

The couple looked our age and were good looking, Jean
was relieved when I slipped my finger out of her pussy
but I slowly moved it to my lips and sucked on it. The
woman who was looking at us nearly fainted and her
partner looked in lust at what I had done.

We had a few more drinks and the couple who were
looking at us started up a conversation with us so I
asked if they would like to join us. They moved over
to our table and we ordered a round for us all, they
were from Holland here for a few weeks. They had a
villa near the town and they asked if we would like to
see it. Jean looked at me smiling and we agreed to
have a look at it.

We arrived at the villa which was on its own at the
top of a small hill, it had a lovely pool and deck
which had some lovely furniture. The woman went on a
tour of the house while we had a drink, they were
called Jan and Hilda. The woman returned and we all
sat around the pool drinking and having some snacks
they made. It was very warm and Jan remarked that a
swim would be nice to cool down. Jean said that we had
no swimwear.

“So what?” Jan said leering at her. He stood up and
stripped off naked and jumped into the pool. Jean
shrugged and did the same and joined him. Hilda was a
bit shy but as I stripped off when I encouraged her,
“C’mon, it’ll be fun,” I urged.

She stood up and took off her clothes, wow she had big
breasts and really dark nipples from all the
sunbathing, but it was her really hairy pussy which
caught my attention. I have never seen so much hair on
a pussy even in porn films. Jean looked as well she
was also staring at it. Hilda saw us looking and
blushed. “I have never shaved before,” she said, “Jan
would not try it.”

We all played around in the pool Jan and Jean were at
one end playing with a ball while Hilda and I splashed
each other. I noticed that Jan was moving ever closer
to Jean holding her tight to him, I could see that he
had a big erection and Jean was smiling when he
grabbed her. It looked like he was teasing her, she
had her hands in the water so I assume she was playing
with him. I moved closer to Hilda rubbing my cock into
her from behind while touching her nipples. They felt
huge as they became erect like bullets. She touched my
cock making me jump to attention, I could see Jan and
Jean kissing and touching each other.

We all got out of the pool and went inside Jean said
she was interested in Jan and we might swop for the
evening. Ok I said as I wanted to fuck Hilda and I
knew looking at Jan that he wanted Jean since the Bar.
We split into two bedrooms, Hilda was smiling as we
kissed and played with each other. I touched her pussy
and the hair felt a bit rough but the juices were
running, “Do you like my hairy bush?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. It’s different from Jean’s, who either
had very tight hair on hers or none like now. Does Jan
ever suck your pussy?” I asked.

“Never,” she replied. “I would love if he did.”

“Lie down,” I said, as I moved my mouth to her pussy.
The hair was difficult to manage, no wonder Jan would
not suck her. I did get my tongue into her as she let
out a loud moan, “That feels so good,” she said.
“Please more, suck me harder.”

I obliged and made her moan even loader as I went
deeper. “I can get even deeper if you were smooth,” I

“Would you like to shave me?” she asked. “Jan is
afraid to try up until now I wouldn’t let anyone else
do it.”

I got a razor from the bathroom and some shaving
cream, but I had to trim her first with a scissors as
her bush was so thick. I started to lather her pussy,
she was moaning with all the attention and then I
started to shave her slowly. I finished shaving her
and told her to look in the mirror. “Wow!” she said.
“It looks great.”

I told her to lie on the bed as I wanted to be the
first to fuck her with her smooth pussy. As I was also
shaved we were in real contact and it felt great. “It
feels so different,” she said. “It feels like we’re so
close I can feel your skin on mine. Lick me, she
pleaded as I started to slide my tongue up her leg
closer to her pussy. I licked her outer pussy lips and
slipped my tongue slowly into her, she was clamping
her legs on my head as I did. “I can feel you deeper
in now,” she said. As I went in all the way she came.

The others joined us and Jan was surprised at her
shaved pussy, “It looks great,” he said, slipping his
hand onto her. “It�s so smooth,” he said. “I need to
fuck you now,” he said, pushing her back down on to
the bed and showing his cock into her.

We left them to it and went back to our apartment to
rest for a while. We still had a date to keep with our


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