After The Party Part 1 – a Swingers Hookup Sexstory

by Ben1 (no address provided)


Wife becomes more adventurous after the events at a
party they attended at their friend’s house. (FFM, bi,
swinger, orgy)


We had settled into a routine of having sex once a
week at the weekends as we were working and were tired
after the hard week. The sex was great and we were
trying to keep the trill as high as possible.

Jean came come home very late some nights from work
saying that she had to stay back to finish some work.
She would go straight to bed those nights saying she
was very tired and needed to get her rest. This went
on for a few weeks and even at the weekends we did not
have any sex as she was too tired.

One Friday night Jean came home late and said that one
of the women was leaving and they were having a going
away party for her on the Saturday night.

On the Saturday Jean was getting ready and was having
a few drinks as she did so. She was having a shower
and I brought her in another drink, as I entered the
shower room I noticed that she was shaving her pussy.
I stood and watched her doing it, she completely
shaved all her pussy hair off. Normally I do this for
her and we would have great sex while doing so. I made
a noise as I entered the room and Jean turned her back
to me saying she was just finished and leave the drink
on the unit.

I went down to the kitchen to get more drinks and when
I returned she was dressed in a new outfit of a very
sexy top and short skirt. She had got dressed very
quick for her, normally it takes a long time so why so
quick. You look great I said moving in for a quick
feel, she moved away saying not to mess her make-up.
She had done herself up very well and her lipstick was
a dark red which looked really sexy.

What’s so special about tonight I asked you seem to
have gone to a lot of work getting ready. Nothing she
said I just wanted to look good is that so wrong she
replied. Nothing wrong I said you look so sexy I could
make love to you right here and now. Later she said
turning to head out, I get my keys I said, it’s ok she
replied I have a taxi coming. I normally give her a
lift everywhere why the change, I am picking up the
others she said and off she went.

I was left standing there surprised and wondering what
was going on. I went into the kitchen and had a few
drinks and something to eat. I went upstairs to our
room to collect Jeans drink glasses, she had a few
before she left. As I moved around Jeans side of the
bed I noticed some tags from cloths on the ground,
must be from her new outfit I thought. I picked them
up and noticed that they were tags from underwear from
Ann Summers, when did she get these. I read the tags
and they were for a support half bra, crotch less
panties and a suspender set.

I was surprised at this as I have often asked Jean to
try out this sort of lingerie for me without any luck.
What was she doing wearing these going out tonight and
who was she wearing them for. I then looked in her bed
side locker something I never do and was shocked by
what I found there.

There was a bag in the back of the unit which I took
out and opened. The first surprise was some photos of
Jean posing in the sexy underwear, these looked like
she took them herself earlier. She was wearing really
sexy panties and a bra which showed her nipples. The
next lot of photos looked like someone had taken them
of her, she had her legs spread and was playing with
her pussy. The big surprise was one of Jean with a big
Black dildo in her pussy and her staring at the camera
with a really sexy look.

In the bag was the big Black dildo, it looked huge how
did she get that into her pussy and why. I could smell
her sex off the dildo, she must have just used it in
the shower earlier.

What was going on with Jean, is this why we did not
have sex in a while, was she getting it somewhere
else. I searched the locker and found more stuff, a
half pack of condoms, some anal gel and a pack of
tablets marked sex.

There were also photos of black guys fucking white
woman and the woman sucking their cocks. What was Jean
into and when did it start. I put everything back as I
found it and went downstairs for a drink, as shocked
as I was I was also excited and had a big erection
which I played with.

I had a good few drinks and was going to stay up to
confront Jean but it was getting very late so I went
up to bed. I lay there thinking of what I had found
and played with my cock. I imagined Jean being fucked
by some Black guy. I fell asleep after a while naked
with my cock still erect.

It must have been after 5 when I heard a car outside
the house, I looked out the window and seen a couple
in the back of a taxi kissing. Must be a neighbor I
thought, the door of the taxi opened and the light
went on. I could clearly see Jean getting out and a
black guy sitting in the back of the taxi.

I jumped back into bed shocked at what I had seen and
pretended to be asleep. Jean was a while downstairs
before she came up, when she did I pretended to be
asleep. She moved to her side of the bed and started
to strip, I had my eyes slightly open watching her in
the mirror. She took off her top and I noticed that
she had no bra on, where was the sexy one she had on
going out.

She stood up uneasily looking as if she had a lot to
drink and took off her skirt she was naked underneath
again the sexy underwear was missing. She fell into
bed naked muttering something which I made no reply
too. She smelt of sex and drink, she fell into a deep
sleep quickly. I lay there for a while thinking of
what I had found and seen. I was annoyed and exited
wondering what Jean was up to.

I was getting an erection again and decided to play
with her. I touched her breasts and her nipples were
swollen, they felt great she let out a little moan.
She was lying on her back so I moved my hand down onto
her pussy which was smooth and sexy. Again she moaned
and I managed to move her legs apart, I moved my hand
back onto her pussy slipping a few fingers into her.

I was surprised to find her pussy very wet and sticky,
I pushed my fingers into her and she tightened her
pussy on them. I pulled them out and put them up to my
nose, I could clearly smell her cum mixed with a man’s
cum. She had sex with someone and it was not me . She
was still asleep, out for the count full of drink and

I was mad and horny at the thought of someone fucking
her. I put my hand back into her pussy and played with
her she was still moaning and moving her pussy on my
fingers. I decided to fuck her and moved her legs
apart and placed my cock at her pussy. I slipped it in
slowly she was really juicy and she pulled her legs up
so I could get into her.

She was moaning and I could hear her talking fuck me
hard again John she called out as I rammed into her. I
played with her nipples and shot my load into her. She
woke up as I did and looked at me with shocked eyes,
no it’s not John I said as I fucked her hard sucking
on her nipples.

Jean looked shocked as I pulled out of her and asked
if John was a good ride. She was speechless as she
pulled the covers up over her body. I pulled them back
away from her and stared at her body, her nipples
looked as if they were suck hard and her pussy was
glowing red and flushed

Who the fuck is John I asked in a mad tone, she looked
surprised as I repeated the name. I don’t know she
replied , don’t lie I said I seen you getting out of
the taxi after kissing a guy and I also felt cum in
your pussy which was a man’s. You went out dressed in
sexy underwear and came home naked under your cloths.
You also called out his name as I fucked you , telling
John to fuck you hard again. So what’s going on and
with who.

She sat up in the bed and started to tell me all. She
was not at a going away party but at a swinger’s
party. She told me that a new guy had started on her
team a while back and she had to train him in. He was
a Black guy who had just moved here from America, his
name was John. At first he was quiet and they worked
hard on his training which went very well. They got on
well, he was grateful for all of Jeans help in
training and being friendly to him. One night after
work jean went to her car and seen John standing at a
bus stop it was raining very hard so she stopped and
offered him a lift.

He lived in an apartment with another guy and that
guy’s girlfriend, when they arrived he offered Jean a
coffee for her kindness. Jean said she had to get home
but he insisted, ok she said and up they went. John
opened the door to the apartment and said to Jean that
the couple he shared with may be asleep so they were
quiet going in.

Once inside John took Jeans coat off and made the
coffee, Jean asked where the bathroom was as she
wanted to tidy her hair and see how she looked. Down
the hall on the right he said pointing the way, Jean
went down the hall, it was dark but she did not switch
the lights on as she was afraid of waking the couple

Jean went down the hall passing the open door of a
bedroom, where the couple was sleeping. She looked
inside as she passed and could see that the couple was
clearly not asleep, they were having sex on the bed.
Jean froze on the spot looking at them, the guy was on
his back and the woman was on top fucking him like
mad. He was playing with her breasts as she moved up
and down on his cock. Jean could see his cock move in
and out of her pussy. They then moved and he entered
her from behind, Jean got a good look at his cock she
said it looked big as he pushed it into her hard.

Suddenly Jean could feel a hand moving onto her breast
from behind another hand was moving over her pussy
through her trousers. Hot lips pressed into her neck
kissing her softly and whispering to her asking if she
was enjoying the show. Her nipples shot up in reaction
to the hand on them and she pushed her pussy into the
hand on it.

It was John who was touching her he held her firm and
she watched as the couple fucked like mad, then the
guy pulled his cock out of the woman’s pussy and
pushed it into her arse, Jean moaned as she watched.
Like that John asked Jean Yes she replied as he turned
her around and kissed her slipping his tongue into her
mouth she sucked it in and then shot hers into his

He took her by the hand and entered the room with the
couple placing jean on the bed beside them. We were
enjoying the show he told them, jean could say nothing
she was still shocked at what had just happened. John
started to open her shirt and touch her breasts she
tried to stop him, but he had her bra up over her
breasts too quickly.

Wow he said your breasts are bigger than I expected
and your nipples are huge. He played with them for a
while, it was the other couples turn to watch. He then
opened her pants slipping them off over her legs and
then he took off her panties. She again tried to stop
him but only a token jester as she was really feeling

She was now naked and he told her to open his pants
which she did. She took out his huge cock she said. He
told her to suck him, which she did taking it all in.
You are the first woman to do that he said, pushing
her back onto the bed. He spread her legs and licked
her pussy then put the head of his shiny cock at the
tip of her pussy. Do you want this he asked, she
nodded yes, say it he told her. Tell me to fuck you
with my big cock, please fuck me with your big cock

With that she said he slowly pushed into her then he
rammed it all the way in. I came straight away she
said as he rode me like mad. The other woman was
sucking my tits and the guy was pushing his cock into
my mouth.

It felt so good when John came in me, it felt so hot
and huge load of cum come out of him it ran down me. I
sucked the other guys cock and he came over my tits as
the woman sucked my nipples. Johns cock was still
erect and he fucked me again and we even tried anal
sex but I was too tight. He said he would work on

So every night after work we would go back to the
apartment and we would fuck like mad and yes he did
work on anal sex. I was shocked as Jean told me the
story and what about tonight I asked. We were invited
to a swinger’s party, John knew them. Why did you
shave your pussy and all the new underwear. John told
me to shave and he bought the underwear for me .I told
her I found the dildo and the other stuff. John bought
them for me also and when I needed sex he told me to
use the dildo and think of him She told me that the
party was in a house in the country and that there
were a lot of couples there some, some young and all
nationalities .John told her to be really sexy tonight
as everyone was keen to see who he brought.

She and John met a younger couple and had a few drinks
with them. We talked for a while before pairing off,
the guy took Jean upstairs to a bedroom. Inside Jean
said he told her to strip off, she told him to sit
down and enjoy the show. She took off her top and her
breasts were pushed up high with the half bra, her
nipples were hard and red. Bet your wife has nothing
like these Jean teased as his eyes glued to her tits.
She dropped her skirt and stood before him in her
suspender set his jaw dropped as she walked up to him.
She placed a leg beside him letting him see the
crotchless panties with her pussy lips showing.

Jean said she could see his cock bursting to get out,
lick my pussy Jean ordered as he dropped down and did
as she ordered. Now take out your cock and wank it for
me. He took out his cock and wanked for a minute
before he shot his load.

In the other room John was giving the young wife the
fuck of her life, she could only take half his cock in
her mouth and less in her little pussy. He left her
spread wide for her little husbands cock. They joined
Jean and her husband, John looked at jean standing
there in her sexy gear and took her standing ramming
his cock into her pussy. See that’s how to fuck a
woman Jean said to the man and that a real pussy John
told the woman.

I was really turned on by what jean was telling me and
I had a really big erection. Jean ran her hand down to
my cock and started to run her fingers up and down it.
I see you enjoyed my story she said, do you like the
idea of me being fucked by a black cock. She was
wanking me slowly, yes I answered, I dreamed about.

She started to lick then suck my cock, she moved on
top of me and started to ride my cock. She was now in
total control and knew it. Would you like to fuck my
arse she asked, yes I stuttered in excitement. My cock
was covered in her juices and Johns come as I entered
her, I have never come so hard before. Wow had she
learned a lot, she was now a sex goddess. So what now
I asked Jean. Well she replied

That’s for the next installment…
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