Alana Does Dallas – 3 – a Cuckold Slutwife Sexstory

by Holden Magroin (


The final chapter of our wild stay in Dallas. I once
again get to watch as my beautiful wife takes on
multiple lovers. (MF, exh, voy, oral, bi, wife, cream-
pie, orgy)


Part 3

While my wife, Alana, did her make-up and dressed for
our final evening out in Dallas, I went down to the
hotel bar to meet our new friend Ian. Just the night
before, Ian had spent the evening in our hotel room for
a night of wild sex, including fucking my wife and
having both Alana and I suck his cock. I was looking
forward to more of the same for our last night here.

When I met up with Ian, he was sitting at the bar
drinking with two guys, both of whom looked barely old
enough to be in a bar. As I joined them, Ian introduced
them as Jason and Andrew, both of whom were seniors at
Baylor and working in the hotel as bellmen. They had
just gotten off work and were having a drink before
meeting some of their fellow students for a night on the

I bought a fresh round of drinks for the four of us and
we spent the next half hour drinking and talking
football. They love their football in Texas.

Alana finally joined us and she was looked absolutely
stunning. She had on a short, black dress that was very
low cut and showed off her body well. She also had on
black stockings that I knew were held up by a garter
belt. I was pretty sure that my three drinking buddies
were going to find that out themselves later. She was
wearing five inch spiked heels and she looked extremely
sexy as she came into the bar.

As she sat down to join us, I invited Jason and Andrew
to stay for one more round on me. They gladly accepted,
both for the free booze and for a chance to check out my
wife further. Alana immediately began flirting with all
four of us.

One round turned into several rounds, and with each new
round of drinks Alana become bolder in her flirting. She
would “accidentally” let her skirt ride up and show off
her stocking tops. While talking with the boys, she
would emphasize her statements by touching their arms
and thighs. I could tell the guys were really enjoying
her company.

Eventually, Jason and Andrew told us that they really
needed to get going, as they were very late for meeting
their friends. They invited us to join them. They were
going to a dance club downtown for a night of drinking
and dancing. Alana loves to dance, so she accepted
immediately on all of our behalf.

I went to get our car from the valet as everybody else
gathered their things to head out. When the car arrived,
Alana climbed in back between Jason and Andrew, while
Ian and I took the front. As she sat in the seat, her
skirt again rode up, showing off her sexy legs and tops
of her stockings. It only took a few minutes to drive to
the club and during the ride Alana promised several
dances to our young friends.

The place was a typical dance club with loud music, a
large bar and a crowded dance floor. It clearly catered
to a young, college-age crowd. As we entered, Jason and
Andrew immediately found their friends at a high table
near the dance floor. There were four other guys, all
looking like typical colleges students. Alana and I
joined them at the table while Ian went off to get us a
fresh round of drinks.

Alana was the only woman in our group, so she was
receiving a great deal of attention from the young men.
Over the din of the music I heard a couple of them
talking and caught the words “cougar”, “milf” and
“hottie”. I even heard Jason talk about “nailing” her.
If only he knew just how wild his night could become.

We spent the next couple of hours drinking and dancing.
Alana was kept busy dancing with our college-age
friends, so Ian and I took the opportunity to get in a
few dances with some of the pretty coeds that were

The more drinks she got in her, the sexier Alana’s
dancing became. My wife was putting on quite a show,
dancing close with her partners and letting their hands
roam freely over her body as they danced.

As the evening progressed, several of the young guys we
met at the club had paired off with other girls, leaving
just Jason, Andrew, another college kid named Donovan,
Ian and myself to keep Alana busy. Alana continued to
enjoy all the male attention, and the guys all loved to
dance with her, as she had pretty much made it clear
that it was anything goes on the dance floor and each of
us had spent a great deal of time groping her.

At one point Alana and I were dancing and she leaned in
close and whispered, “I am so fucking horning, I need to
get laid right now.” She pulled me close, passionately
kissed me and then turned and walked over to the group
at the table.

She grabbed Jason and practically dragged him onto the
dance floor. They danced for less than a minute, when
she whispered something in his ear. He turned to look at
me for a moment, but Alana pulled him close and started
to French kiss him while putting his hands on her ass.
They kissed for a few moments, and then headed toward
the exit. I waited just a few seconds and followed close
behind. Ian, Andrew and Donovan were right behind me.

We followed my wife and Jason to the car. The parking
lot was crowded, but our car was parked in an area that
was fairly private. I had chosen this spot hoping
something like what was about to happen would occur.

Alana had gotten to the car with Jason and they were
leaning against the door making out. She had clearly
brought him out here to fuck, but the flaw in her plan
was that the car was locked and I had the keys.

Once I arrived with the other guys, Alana let Jason up
for air and said, “Well, if you want to watch me get
fucked in the car, you better unlock it for me.” I
immediately hit the remote to unlock the doors. My wife
climbed in the backseat with her new boy-toy and
immediately went for his zipper. In seconds his pants
were around his ankles and his erect cock was pointing
straight up, ready for action. Alana leaned over and
sucked him for just a few seconds before sitting up and
pulling her panties off. She then climbed in the kids
lap and without any hesitation, sat down on his cock and
started fucking him wildly.

The rest of us watched through the windows as Jason
fucked my wife. He was leaning back in the seat and
cupping her ass in his hands as she rode his cock.
Having been teased by her all night, he was ready to cum
quickly. We could hear through the windows as he
announced he was cumming. Alana also started to orgasm,
screaming with delight as her young lover filled her
with a load of hot cum.

After their orgasms, they sat still for a moment before
Alana climbed off Jason and sat down on the rear seat.
She told Jason to leave and as he exited the car, she
wiggled her finger at me, inviting me into the back seat
with her.

I climbed into the back seat, kneeling down in the foot
well, as she leaned back against the opposite side door
and spread her legs for me. Her jizz filled pussy was
right in my face. I dove in quickly, lapping up their
combined juices as my wife ground her sloppy pussy on my
face. Within seconds she was cumming again as I tasted
her lovers spunk pouring out of her well fucked hole.

When her pussy was nice and clean, she straightened up
and we climbed out of the car. The other guys were all
standing around. Our new college friends were a little
confused, but Ian knew just what was going to happen.

“Okay, guys, time to go,” she announced. Seeing some sad
looks from our new friends, Alana spoke directly to the
young guys, “Come on, who’s coming back to our room with
us tonight to give me a good fucking?”

Like a well rehearsed chorus, the guys all shouted, “I

We piled into the car and headed for the hotel, this
time with Alana riding in the laps of the three college
guys in back, while again Ian and I rode up front. As we
drove, the guys in back were all groping and making out
with my wife.

During the entire ride to the hotel Alana talked dirty
to them, telling them how much she was looking forward
to fucking and sucking their cocks, and they better keep
her in hard cock all night. The boys responded by
telling her how they were going to fuck her all night
and bragging about how good they were at fucking.

As we drove back to the hotel, I told Ian that it looked
like we were both in for some sloppy seconds, or maybe
fourths, and that he should have hooked up with one of
the hot, young college girls at the bar. He replied that
he was up for whatever happened tonight and that he was
ready to try something new. Something in his voice made
me remember his statements during our breakfast that he
was interested in maybe sucking another guy off. It was
starting to sound like we were going to have quite a
party on our hands.

When we got back to the room, Alana and her college boys
were naked in seconds and climbed onto our king-sized
bed together. She had three hard cocks at her command
and she was enjoying it completely. She took turns
sucking each of them for a few minutes before she
started to orchestrate the action.

At first she lay back and had one of the boys eat her
pussy while the other two sucked her tits. Then she
would have one kneel next to her head and sucked his
cock while the other were sucking her pussy and tits.
Next she would shift again and have one of them fuck her
while she took turns sucking the other two. On and one
it went, in ever shifting positions. First she was on
her back, then on her hands and knees, then riding a
cock with two other cocks sharing her mouth. She was in
heaven, all while she was fucking and sucking with

Ian and I had also stripped off our clothes and were
sitting on the couch in our room watching the action on
the bed, both of us stroking our dicks as we watched. At
one point I felt Ian place his hand over mine. Soon he
was stroking my cock and I was stroking his as we
watched my wife have an orgy of cock on the bed.

I was so mesmerized by watching my wife’s performance
that I did not take notice when Ian pulled away and I
was no longer holding his hard cock. Then, I left his
hand pushing apart my thighs and I saw that he was
kneeling in front of me. He leaned over and started to
suck my dick. He was clearly inexperienced, but it still
felt great. Watching my wife have mad, passionate sex
with three college guys while getting my dick sucked by
another of her lovers was too much for me and I came
quickly. Ian was a trooper and swallowed my whole load.

After I came, Ian sat back down next to me. His cock was
so hard it was pressing against his stomach. I figured
that I owed him one, so I tore my eyes off the sight of
my wife’s fun and knelt between Ian’s legs and started
to give my second blowjob ever. I could hear what was
happening behind me as my wife was having one orgasm
after another while I sucked Ian’s cock.

I think the combination of watching my wife and my
sucking excited Ian as much as it did me, as he also did
not take long to cum. He filled my mouth with a massive
load of his jizz and I happily swallowed it all.

Again we sat back to watch my wife. She was on all fours
and one of the boys was fucking her from behind while
the other two knelt in front of her and fed her their
cocks. As I watched, the one fucking her pushed deep
into her pussy as he started to cum. When he pulled
away, I could see his cum dripping from her cunt.

He was quickly replaced by one of his mates who stuck
his cock right into my wife’s oozing snatch. She kept
right on sucking the other hard cock as she got fucked.

Over the next several hours I watched my wife get fucked
more times than I can count. Each of the guys came at
least once in her pussy and in her mouth. Ian and I also
took turns while the boys recovered, with each of us
filling her pussy with a load of cum.

It took quite awhile, but my wife finally tired the
college boys out. Jason, Andrew and Donovan were wiped
out and could no longer get hard. They got dressed and
as they left, my wife walked them to the door while
still naked, cum still dripping from her pussy. She
kissed them all goodbye as they stood at the open door.
The boys were tired but still puppy-like in their
fawning over Alana. They all thanked her and begged her
to call them if she was ever in town again.

After they left, Alana, Ian and I all lay down in bed to
relax. Alana told us how great it had been to have five
willing cocks to keep her busy. She said that she came
the hardest while she was getting fucked by one of the
college boys while at the same time she watched Ian and
I suck each other off. The sight of her husband and her
lover blowing each other had really sent her over the
edge, she said.

The smell of sex was heavy in our room, and we were all
pretty tired from everything that had happened, but I
had to do one more thing before we all called it a
night. I started to kiss my way down Alana’s body. When
I reached her bald pussy, I could see some cum dripping
out. I didn’t know whose it was, and frankly it could
have been all of ours. But, I dipped my head down and
started to lap it up, cleaning her beautiful cunt of all
of her various lovers’ cum. While I did this, I watched
as Alana and Ian kissed. Despite the number of times she
had come that night, after a few minutes she had a
gentle, quiet orgasm.

Ian stopped kissing her and climbed off the bed. He
dressed and got ready to head to his room. Alana walked
him to the door and they gently kissed goodnight. Ian
left and Alana got back in bed with me. It had been an
incredible few days in Dallas and I think we were both
sorry to see it end. We talked about everything that had
happened and promised that we would find some time to
travel often and repeat our adventures as often as we
could. We then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, as we were at the airport waiting for
our flight home, we say our new friend Ian. We shared a
few minutes, trading contact information and promising
that if any of us were in the other’s city we would get
in touch. Ian said that the week had changed his life
and that he was going to either get his wife to be more
open about sex or consider taking a lover of his own.
Alana told him that he was always welcome in our bed. We
then left to our separate gates.

As we flew home, tired and sore from all of our fun, I
whispered to Alana, “There’s one more thing we could do
to make this a truly epic trip. Three little words. Mile
High Club.” She looked at me, got a naughty smirk and
soon thereafter we were fucking in the cramped bathroom.
Let me just say, airline bathrooms are way too small for
a good fuck. But, we gave it a good effort and I filled
her with my seed. When we left, there was a line of
people waiting for the restroom that all looked at us
with looks that said we ought to be ashamed.

If only they knew…

The End

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