Alana Does Dallas – 2 – a Cuckold Slutwife Sexstory

by Holden Magroin (


My wife and I continue our sexual adventures in the Big
D. I get to again watch my wife while she hunts for and
fucks big dicks. (MF, wife-exh, husb-voy, size,
swingers, cream-pie)


Part 2

After our wild escapade of the night before, I woke up
late Thursday morning and had to rush through a shower
and shave before heading to the second day of my
conference in Dallas. I decided to let my wife, Alana,
sleep in since she had such a busy night.

I arrived about 15 minutes after the first speaker
started and grabbed a seat at an empty table in the
back. As I sat there listening to the speaker I had
trouble paying attention, as my mind kept playing over
the events of the previous night when my wife had again
fulfilled my fantasy by fucking another man while I
watched. Her new lover, Ian, had an amazingly large and
beautiful dick and I had even taken a turn sucking his
cock during our wild night.

As I sat daydreaming about the night before, Ian entered
the conference room and took a seat next to me. He
looked tired and this was no surprise considering all
the activity of the previous night. We both sat
listening for a few minutes, although neither of
appeared all that interested in the subject. Finally I
turned to Ian and quietly told him that I was going to
go grab some breakfast rather than sit through another
boring lecture. Ian gladly joined me.

We left the hotel and headed to a patio caf� nearby. We
found a secluded table and sat down to a hearty Southern
breakfast. As we ate we talked about the events of the
previous night. Ian was amazed by Alana’s sexual skills
and stamina. His wife is very uptight and he was amazed
at how free and open my wife and I are. I told him that
Alana and I have discovered that her having sex with
others actually enhances our sex life together.

Ian said he was surprised when I had started sucking his
cock. I told him that it was something that Alana had
been encouraging me to do and that I had finally given
in for her, but that I had actually enjoyed it quite a
bit. He confessed that he has in the past wondered what
it would be like to suck another man and that if we had
another night like together he may just give it a try,
if I had no objection. I just shrugged and told him that
I would take a blowjob anyway I could get it.

After breakfast we headed back to the hotel and more of
the conference. On the way I stopped at a Starbucks and
grabbed a bagel and a latte for Alana. Alana was in the
shower when I dropped it off, so I took a quick peek
inside to see her in her naked glory. She looked great
and when she saw me looking she started rubbing her
pussy and said, “I am already getting horny. Can you
come in here and fuck me or what?”

“Can’t do it, baby. If I miss much more of the
conference there’s gonna be hell to pay. I left you
coffee and a bagel. You are just gonna have to find
someone else to take care of that sweet little pussy
until I get back.”

As I left, I told her that Ian and I would probably be
stuck in the conference the rest of the day and she was
on her own and she should enjoy herself.

The rest of the day past slowly for Ian and I as we were
stuck in small group meeting, including a lunch meeting,
that we could not escape. I spent most of the day
wondering what sort of fun Alana was having. When the
meetings finally broke up I told Ian we would call him
to meet later and headed to our room.

When I got to the room I found the “Privacy Please” sign
hung on our doorknob. Most normal people would assume
that someone was napping inside. Knowing my wife,
something much more interesting was likely behind the

I slid my keycard into the door and opened it as quietly
as I could, hoping not to disturb whatever was happening
inside. As soon as I was inside I heard the unmistakable
sound of two people having wild, passionate sex. Peeking
around the corner of our suite to where the bed was
located I saw the amazing sight of my wife on all fours
with a muscular young man fucking her from behind. There
was a folding massage table set up on the other side of
the room. I easily surmised that Alana had ordered a
massage and was now giving the masseuse a reward for a
job well done.

I stripped out of my clothes and watched them fuck for a
few minutes, stroking my cock as I watched. Alana and
her friend were clearly having a great time and did not
notice that they now had an audience. Although I could
only see the young man from the side, he appeared to be
in his early 20’s and in excellent physical condition. I
did have a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of
my wife’s pussy, and it looked like a pretty good piece
of meat.

After a few minutes, Alana had a tremendous orgasm and
collapsed onto the bed. As she did, she saw me standing
there and said, “Hey honey, enjoying the show? This is
my new friend, Mitchell.”

The masseuse turned with a look of panic on his face. He
was on his knees, his erection slick with my wife’s
pussy juice. When he saw me standing there with my hard
dick in my hand, he relaxed a little.

“Don’t worry, stud, my hubby likes to watch. Now get
down here and fuck me some more.”

He paused for a moment, not really sure how to continue.
I figured he needed a little push, so I spoke up.

“You better do as she says. She gets mean if she doesn’t
get her way. Go ahead, it’s cool by me.”

Well, he didn’t need to be told twice. He lay down on
top of my wife and slipped his cock right back into her
pussy. I walked into the room and sat down on the couch
to be more comfortable while I watched.

Mitchell had incredible staying power and he fucked my
wife to three more orgasms over the next 15 minutes
before finally emptying his load into her. After he
finished, he quickly crawled off the bed, got dressed,
grabbed his table and left.

Alana was lounging on the bed, her legs spread with cum
leaking out of her well-fucked pussy. I stayed on the
couch, stroking my cock, as she told me what had

“Damn, that was good. Too bad you missed most of it. He
came up to give me an hour long massage around two
o’clock. After he had set everything up, I took all my
clothes off in front of him before getting on the table.
As he massaged me, I made sure that he had plenty of
good looks at my naked body.”

“As he gave me the massage, I made sure that he gave my
tits and ass a good rubdown, too. I could see that he
was getting hard while he rubbed me down, and it was
pretty evident that he had a nice sized cock, too.”

“When he was done with the massage, I asked him if he
had any more appointments that afternoon. He told me he
didn’t, so I climbed into bed and told him that if he
wanted to collect his tip he had to come and get it.”

“He hesitated for a moment. I think he might have been
worried about his job, since I’m a married woman. I told
him it was okay and that you would be along soon to
watch. That was all he needed to hear, I guess, because
seconds later he was undressed and between my legs
fucking me with his big dick.”

I was getting close to blowing my load listening to her,
so I stopped stroking myself and got into bed with my
slutty little wifey. I lay on my back and pulled her on
top of me, with her pussy right over my face as she
faced my feet. She lowered that dripping pussy to my
mouth and I started to clean her lover’s cum from her as
she continued her story.

“That guy was one good fuck, too. He really knew how to
use that big tool. I must have had at least three or
four orgasms before he shot his first load into me.”

“Ohhhhh, yeah, keep sucking his cum out of my pussy,
baby. I love to feel you lick me clean. I love that you
will eat me after I have been fucked by young, big

“The great thing about young cock�..they get hard really
fast after cumming. After he fucked me, I started to
suck him off. He was hard again in less than two
minutes. I got up on my hands and knees and begged him
to fuck me again. He had just started to fuck me when
you came into the room.”

“Did you like watching him fuck me?”

I pulled my mouth away from her pussy long enough to
say, “Oh, yeah, it was damn hot.” Then, I pulled her
pussy right back onto my mouth and started sucking

“Oh, just like that, lover. You suck pussy so well.”

I could tell she was close, so I concentrated on licking
her clit. Just as she started to cum, she leaned down
and took my cock into her mouth and I instantly shot a
gigantic load of cum into her throat. We kept sucking
each other until both of our orgasms were done.

Afterward we lay there kissing, sharing the taste of
each other on our lips.

I looked at the clock and noticed that it was getting
close to the time I had told Ian we would be meeting, so
I suggested that we jump in the shower and get ready for
the evening. She told me to call Ian to tell him we
would be a little late and to meet us in the hotel bar.
Then, I was to join her in shower and wash her up for
her evening of fun.

I called Ian and told him when to meet us, and then
climbed into the shower to pamper my sweet wife. I
washed her hair for her and then washed her body from
head to toe. Afterward, I wrapped her in a towel and
left to get ready for the rest of our evening. I
couldn’t imagine our trip getting any better, but I was
looking forward to what happened next.

Continued in part 3…

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