Dark Side of the Moon – An Asian Adult Hookup Story

by Beetlebum (rev_weiland@yahoo.com)


3:12 AM is all my eyes could make out emerging from the
clock that sits on top of my desk. I swiftly put on a
pair of pants and a shirt, and headed out, my
destination? Heaven!


3:12 am, is all my eyes could see, emerging from the
clock that sits on top of my desk… I had decided to
stay up until my parents and brother were asleep;
I swiftly put on a pair of pants and a shirt, and headed
out, my destination? heaven; also known as her house,
around the corner from mine on Timbercreek Street.

There lived a strange, intelligent and witty girl people
knew as Kathryn; she was from Korean parents, so she fell
into the typical stereotype of “smart” girl during high
school; since we met in 8th grade, we shared a lot of own
eccentric tastes… like, for example, we both adored
Bjork, we both hated half of the people in our town and
we both enjoyed each other quite dearly.

Walking down the street, I looked at the window to her
room which shun with a slightly or dimmed atmosphere, I
stumbled upon what seemed to be some sort of note laying
on the step to her home; “You’re late, I’m upstairs,” is
all it said, in my mind I chuckled and walked in, locking
the door… the house was polluted with her sweet smell
of body showers and perfume. She was quite delicate and
intimate about our affair, making me feel sometimes, like
this was something beyond a couple of 18 year olds as

She was sitting in front of her boom box, with a lilac
nighty on, and cute underwear with little penguins and
polar bears, apparently choosing which incense to burn to
celebrate her parents departure to a business trip,
returning on Monday, she was to be home alone for a
weekend, conveniently.

“You’re somewhat late, young man!” she said, lighting her
favorite, juniper scented incense.

“I am, aren’t I” I replied, handing her a CD, which she
quickly placed on her CD player.

“Pink Floyd? didn’t we do it to this already?” she
inquired, I instantly replied.

“Yup, and remember how long it lasted?” she smiled and
kissed my cheek, “You suck!” she added.

She then turned off all lights, and let her nighty slide
down by removing the straps; we sat in seiza (kneeling,
as would a Buddhist monk, or martial artist would) and
meditated for a short while… I felt her hands moving up
on my chest, removing my shirt, she was now behind me,
while I sat still, or at least tried.

Her touch was like throwing gasoline into a matter-
consuming fire, I was wanting her very, very bad…

I turned to face her beauty, liberating her body from
everything except the sweat, which had us covered, my
cock was as hard as a rock by now, she gently placed her
hand on it, “I should really punish you for arriving

I simply nodded and said “I think you should…”

“I’m going to have you eat me until the very end of the
‘Dark Side Of The Moon'” She said.

She got on top of me, spreading her kneeled legs atop of
my mouth, which was literally drooling for a taste of
her… the unraveling of her shaved cunt, I licked it,
slowly and delightfully, sending a shivering feeling up
her spine, “Mmmm, yes,” she murmured. “I need it.”

I would enhance her pleasure by sliding a finger inside
of her, and moving my tongue in circular motions on her

“You taste good Kat, I love your taste” I said, devouring
her and enjoying her juices… sending her into orgasmic
awakenings for the whole half hour… she must have
cummed a good three or four times, I assured myself in my
mind; though before I noticed, the CD had stopped
playing… and her moans became the soundtrack, instead
of Floyd, She was close to an orgasm, and so was I… I
had been masturbating while eating her.

“Can I finish inside of you, my little geisha?” I asked
with a smile.

“Yes! I encourage you to do so… young man!” was her

I placed her conveniently on the floor, and slid every
inch of my cock in her, sending her beyond tantric
pleasure, “Mmmm, fuck me… fuck me!”

I hesitated not, my hips would move back enough so that
only the tip of my penis was inside of her, and then
shoving it right in, in a perfectly synchronized manner.
I held her hips close to mine, making the movements
shorter, yet deeper and faster.

We began to cum in a matter of seconds… her cunt
contracting against my cock, as a python would to it’s
prey, making my cock squirt huge loads of cum, very deep
within her precious temple; One right after the other
one, four or five shots of cum would fill and satisfy her
own orgasm. Staying up until 3:00 am had paid off quite
nicely, I thought to myself, which made me remember…

“I’m sorry I was late…” I said, with a exhausted look
on my face.

“It’s quite alright, you managed to eat my cunt long
enough, I guess you’re no longer punished, can I see you
for lunch tomorrow?”

“Sure, what will you make me?” I wondered.

“You’ll be fed cunt all day, hun,” She answered, with a


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