Crack in the Door – A Coming of Age Sex Story

Nuj Baf (


My dad is the head of the Bangkok operation of a huge
U.S. corporation and my mom is always busy in different
charities and the social scene and neither of them ever
make an appearance until after 6:00 pm.

It all started with that crack in the bathroom door in
my parent’s bedroom. Doors in Thailand are made with
flat boards of hardwood seamed vertically. Over time
cracks appear in the wood and if you put your eyes flush
to the cracks, you can easily see inside. So a fifteen-
year-old hot-blooded American teenager was enjoying the
view of his maid washing the bathroom floor on her hands
and knees.

Not that she was an attractive woman, but my hormones
didn’t discriminate. Unlike Thai women that were usually
slim and fair, the maid was short, dark skinned with
facial features that were not particularly pleasing to
the eye.

However getting a view of her stocky legs with her
sarong pulled up to her thighs through the crack in the
bathroom door was enough to give me an instant hard-on.
After less than a minute of seeing her naked legs, I
would run back to my room to jerk off. I would fantasize
that I had my face buried between her legs taking in
what I presumed to be a deliciously musky odor.

Lek was about 25 to 30 years old. She lived in the maid
quarters with her husband and two-year-old son. These
quarters were three small rooms side by side made of
concrete blocks situated way on the back wall of the
property. Lek and her family lived in one of the rooms
and the cook and the driver occupied the others.

In the afternoons after school, I was alone at home. At
3:30 pm, Lek would finish putting my parent’s bedroom in
order and would start washing the bathroom. The door
would lock and the faucets would start running. After a
minute or so, I would ever so quietly walk over to the
door and take my daily peeks.

One fine day as I was taking in her legs hoping to see a
glimpse of her panties through the crack, the door
opened and I was caught red handed. With a bulge in my
pants, I ran back to my room, totally embarrassed that
my voyeuristic activities would be broadcasted to
everyone in the household. How would I face my parents,
the cook and especially her husband?

I kept a low profile for the next two weeks and was
relieved to find out that she hadn’t divulged our secret
to anyone. On the third week after being caught, I
sneaked again to the crack on the bathroom door as my
hormones finally overtook my common sense. As my eye
looked in, I was rewarded with a sight that I had not
seen before. Lek had removed her sarong and she didn’t
have any panties on either.

I was feasting on the vision of her curvy bottom. After
a while I ran back to my room to furiously relieve
myself. How I wished I’d been able bury my nose in that
sweaty ass. (Yes I know that sounds perverted, but it’s
what I wished.)

From then on she was always nude from her waist down
when cleaning the bathroom floor. So I kept my daily
ritual of getting a view of her welcoming bush and
shapely ass. Since she knew that I would be looking at
her, I figured out that she had removed her sarong and
panties for my benefit. My daily thrills continued for
the next few weeks. Then my final exams began and I had
too much to do, as I wanted to really improve my grades
that year. I started to skip my daily ritual.

As I was studying for a geometry exam, Lek walked into
my room. “You are not seeing me anymore?” she said.

At first I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Then
when I realized, my first reaction was to deny. “I’m not
looking at you,” I retorted in Thai.

“Of course, you are. You are a bad boy,” she replied
with a smile.

I became more defensive. Sounding stupid, I said, “I’m
not a bad boy.”

“Yes, you are and you like to see this,” Lek said and
started to lift up her sarong exposing her strong smooth

Besides my pecker springing to life, I was literally
salivating. She removed the sarong and she didn’t have
any panties on. I took in her glistening bush, now just
a few feet from my eyes with awe and appreciation.

I couldn’t help myself; I stood and walked over to her.
She didn’t move away so I knelt down and placed my face
flush to her pussy. I looked up and our eyes met, then I
did what I’d wanted to do so badly to Lek. I sprung my
tongue and licked furiously everywhere, not sure what I
was doing. I must have licked some right places because
she moaned and grabbed my head urging me to go deeper.

I loved everything about having my face buried in her
pussy, the enticing odor, the taste, and even her
fingers entwined in my hair. Just then everything
stopped. Lek quickly put on her sarong and ran down to
the kitchen. I heard her son crying and the cook’s mean
voice-summoning Lek to come down.

During dinner I wondered if my parents would notice any
change. I combed my hair over and over and reluctantly
washed my face of Lek’s lingering essence. Mom and Dad
were both preoccupied in their own worlds and the cook
with her sour face was hovering around bringing in the

The next day, Lek came to my room, as I knew she would.
She got naked from her waist down like the day before,
got on my bed on her hands and knees and said, “Lick

I was so mesmerized by Lek allowing me this pleasure,
her tight bunghole looked beautiful and appetizing to
me. First I licked up and down her crack and a few times
slapping my tongue on her hole. I probed my tongue into
her hole making her moan. I bet her husband never did
that to her. I bet he hardly fucked her and did so only
when he had no choice. After all, Lek wasn’t attractive.

But to me, she was the most beautiful female in the
world. Even the taste as my tongue poked into her
asshole was delicious to me. The rest of the time we
had, I was back into her pussy, burying my face and
loving every moment of it. After some time of this she
would reluctantly pull away and get dressed.

Strangely it took me about two weeks before I could get
Lek totally nude. Her breasts were also a thing of
beauty to me. They weren’t large and looked like cones
pointing away from each other with dark brown nipples
that looked like eyes.
Having my hands feeling her breasts was one of the
things I enjoyed doing most. The only relief she would
give me was an occasional feel through my pants. Then
one day several months into our “new” relationship and
after I’d done her for longer than usual, Lek got up and
rolled me over.

I watched as she tugged my pants open and looked on in
amazement as she bent over me and took my dick into her
wonderfully warm moist mouth.

Seeing her mouth engulf my dick made me even see more
beauty in Lek. How her lips and tongue took an affection
of my balls, kissing and licking. When she took my dick,
nothing else mattered. She gave it her utmost attention
and dutifully swallowed all my cum. But she would not
allow me to fuck her. Whenever I tried getting her on
the bed, she would resist.

Even though we kept this going for months, it felt
incomplete until I fucked her. I wanted our faces to be
kissing as I have myself in her. I wanted our eyes
looking in each other as I ground against her.

“Later,” Lek would say.

When the Thai New Year came, my parents decided to spend
a few days at Phuket, a stunning beach resort island in
the southern part of Thailand. I also found out the
driver and the cook would be visiting their villages and
that only Lek, her husband and her child were going to
be here. My parents gave Lek instructions to take care
of me.

I was getting bored staying home hoping to catch a few
moments with Lek. Her husband stuck around and drank
cheap Thai whiskey. Soon enough he would get into a foul
mood. He started to get mean with Lek. They argued worse
than usual. He said, “Don’t expect me back,” but he
usually came back in a few days anyway.

It was evening so Lek prepared dinner for me. Then when
her baby was a sleep, she summoned me to her quarters.
Finally I would be back in the arms of my lover, I was
thinking as I walked over the path to her room in the

We were both out of our clothes in seconds. She lay on
the mattress on the floor and summoned me to come on top
of her. I knew I would be losing my virginity that
night. I climbed on top of her and started kissing her
all over her face, on her lips, her nose, cheeks and
forehead. Her hand took hold of my stiff rod and slid it
inside her. It slipped in so smoothly and it felt so
good. I started pumping in and out.

Our lips were together and I probed my tongue into her
mouth. Finally her tongue responded in kind. I knew I’d
come too fast but what else could you expect from a
fifteen years old kid. I took great pleasure knowing
that my cum was in her though.

We made love two more times that night. Then at five in
the morning, she woke me up and made me go back to my
room. I wouldn’t leave until she came with me. So we put
on our clothes, left her sleeping son and walked over.
Then I asked her to get undressed again and we just lay
in each other’s arms for another half hour. Then I
reluctantly let her go back.

I woke up around two in the afternoon. I noticed Lek
sitting on the edge of the bed, her son playing outside
the room. I didn’t know how long she’d been there. But
it was a nice. I kissed her.

The rest of the day, I went to my friend’s house. It was
a good break for both of us. When I came home in the
late evening, we were back in her room, her son once
again asleep next to us. This time we didn’t fuck right
away. It felt so good cuddling her naked body. Slowly
and tenderly we started to make love. Our sweat mingled
with each other. As my ass moved up and down, the door
opened behind me. Her husband walked in and I swiftly
got off his wife, my dick glistening with her juices.

“Get out,” was all he said.

I still remembered the look on his face when he found me
on top of his wife.

The episode was never discussed by anyone. We still
fucked and licked each other when we could find a moment
but it eventually became less often until it just
stopped. Also her husband became much more attentive to
Lek. I think he started to appreciate her more after
catching her employer’s son in her bed.


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