A1 Wife Conversion – 4

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by LJDofus75 (ljdoofus75@gmail.com)


Pat, Kathy and her husband’s relationship comes to a
crossroads. What will they do and how will they proceed
from here? (MFF, reluc, mast, oral, anal, bd, mc, cuck)



The next day when I got to work, I found out that I’d be
traveling for business starting tomorrow and lasting a
week. I called Kathy and told her. I told that since we
always do things together, she should not see Pat
without me there. She said that she would call her
mistress and let her know that we always did everything
together and she’d have to wait until I got back. When I
got home, my wife said that her mistress was OK with
waiting a week. I left the next morning heading for the


My husband had only been gone one day when the doorbell
rang. I went to see who was there. I opened the door and
it was my mistress. I said, “I thought you promised not
to come by until my hubby got home.”

Pat looked me in the eye as said, “I said that so your
hubby wouldn’t worry about us, so I guess I lied.”

I replied, “But I can’t let you in because I promised –
no mistress until he gets back.”

Pat grabbed my arm and pulled me into her arms. She
wrapped her arms around my shoulders and began kissing
me deeply. I broke away, stepped back and said, “No, I
promised. We always do this together or not at all. Not
today, go away!”

That was the opening Pat was looking for as she stepped
into the house and closed the door behind her. I could
see the lust in my mistress’ eyes as they burrowed into
my soul. I pleaded, “No, I promised. I promised.”

My mistress said, “I just wanted to talk especially
about our celebration night.” That reassuring comment
calmed down my fears and I replied, “Well, I guess
talking would be OK.”

My mistress and I settled in on the living room sofa.
Pat said that she really enjoyed the events of our
anniversary. I said, “I think we all had a good time. My
hubby was very obliging. I’d never seen him be so
submissive before. It was so sexy for me. How was it for

Pat answered, “I thought it was really sexy, too. I was
so wet sexually. It was a different kind of release for
me watching him, and one that I enjoyed tremendously.”

Pat looked at me and took my hand then said, “Let’s go
out.” I thought to myself – “No, I can’t let my mistress
do this to me. I promised.” I answered, “No. I need to
stay here. I promised.”

Pat said, “You don’t believe your hubby isn’t out with
the guys at a strip club watching all those women shake
their tits and ass in his face with his little cock
straining against my restraint?”

I answered with some fear in my voice that my mistress
might be right, “Maybe, but he can’t fuck any of them.
He loves me.”

Pat replied, “Well, you’re so fucking naïve. It’s not
about love. It’s about lust. Men are always looking for
that next piece of ass or blow job. I think your hubby
might be looking to suck some stranger’s cock or maybe
get ass-fucked like last week. He did cum three times
when Mark and Dave were working him over.”

“My Sweetie isn’t like that. He’s different. He wouldn’t
do anything without me. We promised each other.” I said
with some conviction, but there was a seed of doubt
because my sweetie really seemed to enjoy sucking and
getting ass-fucked. Hadn’t he cum three times without
even having his cock touched? I felt my confidence
waning. Gathering up all my fortitude, I said,
“Mistress, you need to go. Go now!”

“And what if I don’t? Are you going to hurt me? Just
what are you going to do, my little bitch!” Pat replied
as her eyes seared through me like a hot poker and I
felt a ‘wetness’ between my legs. My mistress snatched
my arm and twisted it continuing she said, “What are you
going to do, bitch? Are you going to twist my arm like
this and make me fall to the floor? Make me beg for you
not to hurt me!”

She was tearing my arm off and I thought it would come
out of the socket as I lay on the floor. “Please stop.
Don’t hurt me.” I begged.

“Don’t hurt me WHAT?” Pat said.

I sobbed a reply as tears streamed down my cheeks,
“Don’t hurt me, my mistress.”

She replied, “That’s correct, I AM your mistress and you
always do what I say. Isn’t that right?”

She still had a firm grip on my arm. I answered, “Yes,
my mistress, I do what you say always.” I knew I had to
do what she wanted because in a strange way, she loved
me and just wanted to show me different pleasures. She
released me and pulled up her dress as she sat down and
said, “I want you to eat me.”

I took my position between her legs and began lapping at
her cunt just the way she liked it. She began to moan
and pulled my head into her pleasingly fragrant pussy as
she came on my face with a flood of juices. It tasted
wonderful as I drank it down. She said, “Let me see if
you’re wet.” I stood up and lifted my dress as my
mistress slipped her hand in my panties. She pulled them
down hard and began finger fucking me until I was good
and wet then she stopped and said, “You need to learn
some self-control. I’m going to leave and I don’t want
you masturbating to finish this off. Do you understand?”

I responded, “Yes, my mistress, whatever you say.” I was
really hot by then and it would be difficult, but I
thought I could do it. She left and I headed for the
shower to cool off. I wish my husband was home so he
could hold me and tell me everything would be alright. I
had a fitful sleep that night, but I didn’t masturbate.

The next day about 9 am, my mistress called. When I
heard her voice on the other end of the line, I felt a
tremor of fear go through me and I wondered what she was
going to do to me. The conversation started out
innocently enough with topics about how nice it was for
summer; a new dress she wanted to show me; and her Oscar
(fish) had died. She asked, “Is there anyone there with

I replied, “No.”

“Where are you?” she queried.

“I’m in the living room.” was my answer.

“What are you wearing?” was the next question.

“My bathrobe.” I answered.

She asked, “What’s under it?”

“Nothing.” was my answer.

“Go to the picture window, open the drapes and stand
there.” she demanded. I did as she requested.

“Open your robe and look down and tell me what you see!”
was my mistress’ next order.

I replied, “I can’t.”

“No, you will or you will be punished!” she replied.

“I can’t do that for you.” was my reply as I summoned up
some courage.

“If you don’t do as I order, I’ll punish your husband
when he gets back.” was her threat.

“No, don’t do that please, my mistress.” I replied.

“Well, what do you see?” she questioned. While standing
in the center of our picture window, I opened my robe
and looked down. A tear ran down my cheek and I began to
cry because my weakness could cause my Sweetie to get
hurt. I can’t believe I allowed/wanted this to happen to
us. I answered between sniffles, “I see my tits and

“Don’t cry. It’ll be alright. Pinch you right nipple.
Pinch it hard! Do it. Do it now!” she ordered. I did as
she ordered and a pain shot through me like an
electrical current, but it caused me to get wet, too. I
let out a stifled ‘Mmmmfff’ sound into the phone. My
mistress said, “Good, you should be wet. Spread your
legs and finger yourself. Don’t argue with me or I’ll
hang up and then your hubby will be in for it when he
returns.” How could I let him be hurt because of my
actions, so I slipped two fingers into my dripping cunt
as I did a ‘Mmmmm’ sound escaped from my lips.

Her next order was, “Finger yourself until you cum, my
little bitch!” I pinched my nipple as hard as I could to
help me cum faster and I shoved my fingers deep into my
drooling pussy. I closed my eyes and drifted off into
pre-orgasm land. I came in several waves as my knees
buckled and I dropped the phone to the floor. Once
recovered, I retrieved the phone and my mistress said,
“Look out the window!”

As I crawled up to the window sill, I saw two men
standing there and they began clapping and smiling. I
felt my face turn crimson red. My mistress was standing
by the tree in our front yard on her cell phone holding
a package. She started walking toward the front door. I
covered myself and closed the drapes.

I went to the door and let her in. She said, “That was
really great and those men enjoyed your show. They both
had hard-ons. I’ll bet they’ll come by here often hoping
for an encore performance. I bought this for you. Try it
on.” I opened the package and it was a little midnight
black dress with matching black stockings, a garter
belt, lacey bra, frilly thong and some six inch heels. I
asked, “Where’d you get all this?”

“Victoria’s Secret where else.” she replied. I slipped
on the thong and bra. Since I had never worn one, my
mistress helped me with the garter belt and stockings,
but first she made me take off the thong put it on over
the garter belt. Her hands were exquisitely soft as the
rubbed up and down my legs fixing the stockings just to
her liking. I got damp. I slipped the dress on and it
fit perfectly and stepped into the shoes. I saw my
reflection in the dining room mirror and loved the way I
looked – so sexy. All that black against my porcelain
white skin. My mistress knew me.

She said, “Wow! You look wonderfully hot – better than I
imagined.” She leaned in and kissed me with such a
loving tenderness. How could she be so mean to me
sometimes? “Let’s sit down and talk awhile.” she said.

We had a delightful conversation about all kinds of
things. My mistress was well-read, articulate, funny,
when she wanted to be, beautiful and she loved me. After
about an hour, she slid over next to me and kissed my
neck. I just closed my eyes as she moved to my ear, my
cheek and then my lips. Her kisses were like clouds
floating by – so delicate and sensuous. I was getting
aroused when she slipped my new dress off my shoulder
and kissed it. She said, “I need you to stand up.” I did
and she slowly unzipped my dress and her hands slid over
my body as she helped remove that little black patch of
fabric. I stepped out of it.

She said, “You look more than beautiful – whatever that
is.” as her hand stroked my hair and her fingers ran
over my lips. I was getting wet just thinking about the
loving attention I was receiving. She kissed my lips,
which parted to allow her tongue to ravish my mouth. We
engaged in a deep embrace with hands caressing each
other’s body. She looked into my eyes and said, “I need
to eat you.” I immediately pulled my thong off and
asked, “Do you want me to underdress?”

My mistress replied, “No, you look too sexy dressed like
this.” She knelt between my legs and slowly kissed her
way up toward my now smoking pussy, but she stopped
before reaching it. She undid my bra and pinched my
nipple very hard and it was like pushing the starter
button on a car. I was naked except for the garter belt,
stockings and heels. I felt so sexy; looked so slutty
and was so hot. She sucked my nipple into her mouth and
I was ablaze with passion. She continued nibbling,
biting and licking my nipples until I could hardly stand
another second.
She slid down and her tongue finally touched my clit.
Her tongue is so wonderfully amazing that she can make
me cum and cum and cum without stopping. I began to cum
as I pulled her into my baby carriage. I only wished my
hubby was here to enjoy this with me. Finally after
about fifteen minutes, she let me catch my breath. I
said, “Oh, my mistress, you are too good to me. I just
love your tongue and how it makes me feel. I’d do
anything for you.”

My mistress replied, “I know you will.” She stayed until
dinner time and never asked me to do anything for her.
She had brought her bag of goodies and after eating me,
she fucked me with a big strap-on that had me cumming
for at least thirty minutes. It was the greatest
sexually fulfilling day of sex I’d ever had. At that
moment, I couldn’t have loved her more.

The next day she called about 10 am and said, “I want
you to get dressed in the outfit I bought you.”

I asked, “All of it?” She replied, “Yes, all of it. What
the fuck else would I mean!”

She arrived right after lunch and said, “We need to go
somewhere. There’s someone I want you to meet and if
you’re good, I’ll eat you when we get back.” That
sounded terrific to me. I asked, “Where are we going?”
She answered, “You’ll see.”

We drove for about ten minutes and ended up near the
college campus. Homes in this neighborhood were usually
rented by students. We stopped and approached this
house. It needed a paint job in the worse way. My
mistress knocked on the door and a young man answered.
He was probably 20 or 21. When he saw me he said, “Pat,
you said she was hot, but wow, she it flaming.” My face
flushed with embarrassment. We entered the house. My
mistress said, “Why don’t you two sit on the sofa and
I’ll get some drinks.” I guess she had been there

I sat down at the end of the sofa and Harold sat next to
me just staring at me. I was getting a little
uncomfortable by his closeness and the glaring. I felt
like a steak in the lion’s cage. He put his hand on my
leg and began to slide it up my leg. I shot up out of my
seat and said, “What are you doing?”

He said, “I’m just checking out the merchandise.” I
thought to myself, “What the fuck does that mean? I’m
not a commodity.”

Just then my mistress emerged from the kitchen with some
drinks. I said, “Pat, we need to go. This young man is
trying to get fresh with me.”

Pat said, “Come over here and stand in front of me.” I
did. She reached up and ran her fingers though my hair
and kissed my neck. I got a chill. She whispered in my
ear, “You need to be a ‘good’ girl and do as I say.
Remember I’ll eat you, so let’s just calm down and
remember that you said you’d do anything for me.” She
unzipped my dress, slipped it off my shoulders and it
fell to the floor. She said, “Doesn’t my little bitch
look superb.”

Harold replied, “Yeah, she fucking awesome.” My mistress
pushed me down on the sofa and said, “I don’t want to
hear another complaint out of you. Understand!”

I replied, “Yes.” Pat retorted, “Yes, WHAT?”

My heart dropped as I realized what I was in for and
responded, “Yes, my mistress.”

After that reply, Harold’s hands were all over me –
sliding up my legs, on my tits, kissing my neck. I just
sat there in trance. In a couple minutes, I was naked
except for my heels, stockings and garter and he was
fingering me. My mistress was sitting in a chair just
watching and said, “Pinch her nipple hard and watch what
happens.” He did. I couldn’t control myself and began to
cum. My mistress just watched while stroking her pussy.
Soon I was sucking his cock as he came in my mouth. He
said, “Don’t swallow it. Show it to me.”

I opened my mouth and he stuck his finger in it, swished
his stuff around and rubbed some on my face and tits. He
said, “OK, you can swallow the rest.” I did. He had my
lay down and fucked me. He came in about 10 minutes. My
mistress said, “Now watch this. Count how many times she
cums.” She knelt between my legs and began to flick her
tongue on my clit. I was so hot for her that I began to
cum immediately and lost count of my orgasms. When she
finally stopped about 15 minutes later, Harold said, “I
think there were at least twenty.”

We left and returned to my house, my mistress said, “You
were a real ‘good’ girl and now I will give you your
reward.” She had me take my dress and thong off and
began to eat me again. I loved it. Her tongue can do
magical things to my pussy. After about twenty minutes
of cumming, I was exhausted. When she left she said,
“We’ll do this again tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at 9
because Harold has late classes tomorrow.”

The next day, my mistress pulled up at 9 exactly and we
were off to Harold’s place. When we got there, two other
young men were there – Tim and Tom, twins – Harold’s
roommates. My mistress said, “This is my little bitch
and she does whatever I say. Don’t hurt her, but have
fun – OK, boys.” She looked at me and said, “Don’t
complain just enjoy yourself. You’ll get your reward
when we get back to your place.” She unzipped my dress
like the day before and I felt abandoned and alone in
this room with four other humans there.

Harold laid on the couch with his cock sticking straight
up and said, “Why don’t you just hop on and we’ll see
where it goes from here.” I lowered myself onto his cock
and he began to pump into me. Tim and Tom had other
ideas. Tim moved toward my face and said, “Suck me, you
slut.” Tom spit on my brown hole and began fucking my
ass. He said, “This is the hottest bitch we’ve ever
fucked. She’ll do anything. What a cum slut.” This
continued until they all came.

I thought I was done, but they switched positions and so
it went until I had sucked them all and been fuck in the
ass and cunt by each one. My mistress requested, “Hey,
boys before we leave I want each of you to jack off on
her face and hair. Do you think you could do that for

They responded in unison, “Hell, yeah, we can do that.”
When they were finished, I had globs of cum in my eyes
and my hair was glued together like a dog with the
mange. My mistress wouldn’t let me clean it off before
we left.

On the way home, we stopped at a convenience store and
she made me go in. My mistress made me stand by the
check-out counter as several guys in line looked us over
and stared at me with dried cum on my face and in my
hair. They knew what it was. She saw them gawking at me
and said, “Yes, it’s cum. She likes it.” I felt about 3
inches small. She bought a Coke and we left. Once we
were at my house she stripped me and ate my pussy liked
she promised. I came like rain in the rain forest, in
torrents. When she was finished, she lightly patted my
pussy and said with a smile, we need to give this a
rest. You have tomorrow off.

After she left, I cleaned up and began to cry. I was so
alone and helpless. I felt betrayed by my mistress that
she would treat me like this and encourage this to
happen to me. I thought about killing myself, but my
sweet hubby. What had I gotten us into? This was all my
fault. I realized I wasn’t a sometime ‘slut’. I was a
fulltime ‘SLUT’. I headed for bed even though it was
only 2 in the afternoon. I slept until the next morning.

It was a beautiful spring morning. The air was fresh;
the birds were singing and the sun shone brightly. About
9, the doorbell rang. I peeked out the window and didn’t
see my mistress’ car, so I wondered who it might be. I
opened the door and it were two men that I didn’t know,
but I thought that I might have seen them somewhere.

One said as he looked me up and down, “We were just
passing by and thought we’d say hello.”

Their stares were making me uneasy as I answered, “Well,
hello. Can I help you gentlemen?”

The taller one said, “We both noticed that you’re a
beautiful woman and very well built.”

I replied, “Don’t you think that’s a bit forward
considering we don’t know each other?”

“Oh, but we do. We’ve seen you naked.” he responded. I
thought “seen me naked” when could that have happened.
My heart stopped then started to race as my brain
snapped to the realization that they were ones that
watched me a couple days ago. I blushed.

Noticing my redness, the shorter one said, “Don’t be
ashamed. You are the most beautiful woman we’ve seen in
a long time and we really appreciated how engrossed you
were with your activities. We thought that’s a woman we
need to meet, so here we are.”

Trying to end this conversation, I said, “Well, it’s
been nice to meet you. I’ve got an appointment to get

The tall one grabbed my hands and lustfully peered
deeply into my eyes as he towered over me and said, “I
think you want to invite us in. Don’t you?” My brain
‘shorted out’ and drifted off to, I don’t know where. My
pussy got wet and I went numb. I couldn’t help myself
and said, “Yes, come in.”

Once the door closed, he pushed me down in front of him
and unzipped his pants. He said, “Take it out!” In a
daze, I reached up and slipped my hand inside his boxers
and pulled out an eight inch cock. He said, “I think you
want to suck it now. Don’t you?” I can’t believe that I
said, “Yes, that would be nice.” My lips and tongue
worked his cock right there at my own front door. The
other man groped at my breasts and removed my blouse and
bra. He pinched my nipples so hard that I almost came
right then.

The one whose cock I was sucking grabbed my head pumped
as he blew a load into my mouth and said, “Drink my cum,
you slut.” I did. The other man pushed me down on my
back and began devouring my tits as the other stripped
me. I was in a trance of disbelief especially because I
couldn’t believe I wasn’t putting up any resistance. I
guess Pat’s training had affected me more than I
realized. Both men quickly stripped. The man sucking my
tits pushed my legs apart and slammed his cock so
forcefully into my dripping cunt that he lifted me off
the floor. I came immediately. The other put his cock in
my mouth and my tongue instinctively began to give it my
best treatment.

Once he was fully hard, he said, “I want to fuck her
ass.” His friend grasped my waist and rolled over on his
back taking me with him. The other man positioned
himself behind me and spread my cheeks as he slid his
cock into my ass. I could feel both their cocks sliding
in and out of both my holes like pistons on a cam shaft
– in, out, up, down – over and over. They must have done
this before because one cock would slide into my cunt
and the other slid out of my ass making sure I was
always filled with cock. They had a good rhythm. At that
moment, I was helpless to stop them even if I wanted to
because I was cumming uncontrollably as my juices gushed
from my pussy and my head spun. They both came and got

Before leaving the said, “We have to go, but we’ll come
by every week or two to check on you. Hope you enjoyed
yourself because we certainly did.” They left and I
masturbated using their cum until I had at least four
more orgasms. I needed my husband home to help me
control what I’d become.

That night, I got a phone call from my Sweetie. He said,
“Honey, I’ve got some bad news. I got to be out here
another week.”

I screamed, “Nooooooo, I can’t be without you any
longer. Please come home. Everything is going to shit.”

He answered, “Has Pat been bothering you?”

“She’s been talking to me and making me do things.” I

He sounded worried when he said, “You mean with other
people or just on the phone?”

I couldn’t tell him the truth, not on the phone when he
was so far away, so I lied and said, “No just on the

“So it’s just phone sex then.” he replied. I lied again
and answered, “Yes, just phone sex.”

He said, “That’s OK, Honey. I know the power she has
over you and I’m glad it’s just phone sex. I hope to get
this wrapped up early, so I can be home with you sooner.
See you soon. Love ya.”

I replied with a defeated soul, “Love you, too.”

I decided I wouldn’t answer the phone or the doorbell
until my husband got home. That was my only way to
survive this. It was working then Friday came. It was
about 3 pm and I heard my front door open. I knew I had
locked it, so I was worried. I should have been worried
because in walked my mistress. I said, “How did you get
in here.”

She replied, “Don’t you remember. You gave me a key. I
was worried about you. You haven’t been answering the
phone or returning my messages. Since you’re alone in
this house, I thought something might have happened to

I replied, “I’m alright. I just need some alone time to

“I think you need some wine and hot bath. That really
helps me relax.” my mistress replied as she headed for
the bathroom. “I’ll run you one. That Jacuzzi of yours
will certainly do the trick.”

Once my bath had been drawn, she said, “I think it’s
ready for you.” When I walked in, the mirror was already
fogging up, so the water must have been pretty warm. My
mistress said, “Let me help you out of those clothes.”

I said, “No, I want to do it myself.

She replied, “I won’t do anything. Just let me help you.
I love to help you. You know that. Please.” She had
never said ‘please’ to me before. I reluctantly replied,

She unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off. She
unsnapped my bra, slipped it off and rubbed my shoulders
where the straps had dug into them. Her hands were like
feathers. That felt nice. She unzipped my jeans and slid
them down my legs. I stepped out of them. She reached up
and slipped her thumbs into my panties waistband and
slowly pulled them down. I was naked in front of her.
She said, “Turn around.” I did. Her eyes were drinking
me in like nectar of the gods. She said, “The water’s
pretty warm. Go slow.”

I dipped my foot cautiously into the water. It was
pretty hot, but I continued. Soon I was lowering my body
into the soothing warmth. Once I was fully immersed, she
said, “Let me turn it on.” The jets felt great as they
massaged my tensions and I could feel them drifting away
just like a tea bag tendrils wafting away in hot water.
I was relaxed and it felt wonderful.

My mistress brought us two large glasses of the Malbec I
loved and place mine on the tub ledge. I took a few
slips. While she sat in the vanity chair and watched,
she took a few sips, too. Soon both of us had finished
the wine and my mistress headed for the kitchen for the
bottle. She refilled our glasses. We talked about
everything except the one thing that I feared. With the
water’s warmth, the wine was affecting me quickly.

I drank it too fast, but I was feeling really relaxed
for the first time since my hubby went on his business
trip. Pat turned on the hot water to add some more heat.
I could feel the water as it rushed around my body and
the jets burrowed into my tensions. I was about half
finished with my second glass when my mistress said,
“You look so relaxed now. Can I join you?”

I feared she would take advantage of me in this state
and replied, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Please, I promise I won’t do anything.” she pleaded.
That was the second time today that she had said
‘please’ to me. In a weak moment, I said, “OK, but no
funny business.”

She removed her clothes. She’s so beautiful with golden
hair and tanned body. She stepped in behind me so that
my back nestled up against her breasts. The water level
rose up to my neck. As I rested on her chest, I could
feel that her nipples poking into my back. They were
hard as pebbles. A tingle came over me and I wanted to
get out, but the warmth and the wine convinced me
otherwise. My mistress said, “Oh, this feels really
good. I like the way the jets just massage your body.
They swivel so you can direct them exactly when they
need to go.”

She moved one and aimed direct at my left nipple. It was
like a thousand tongues flicking it. I began to feel a
stirring between my legs. She re-directed another jet to
hit the other one. I could feel I was going to lose
control and tried to get up, but the wine and warmth had
turned my legs into jelly. I couldn’t move. She parted
my legs. I said, “No, don’t do this.”

As she took the hand sprayer, she replied, “I’m not
doing anything.” She immersed it underwater and turned
it on with the pulsating flow and directed it at my
pussy. When the first pulse of water hit it, I knew I
was lost. I was cumming in about five seconds as my
mistress held me close with her arm around my waist as
she moved the water stream back and forth over my clit
and I came and came and came. She whispered in my ear,
“I just love watching you cum. It’s so hot. It just
shows me how much you love me. I love making you feel

I responded, “Oh, my mistress, please don’t do this.
Please don’t make me do anything tonight. Please.”

Her response was, “I won’t make you do anything you
don’t want to do.” She turned the sprayer off and moved
to the edge of the tub then spread her legs. I knew I
had to eat her because she was my mistress. I buried my
face in her pussy and made her cum. She said, “See I
knew you wanted to do that.” She got me out of the tub
and laid out my black dress outfit. When I saw it, I
said, “OH NO, please not that! No! Not tonight. Let’s
just stay here and make love, my mistress.”

“Remember when I first made you do things that you
thought you didn’t like, but you really did. Well, this
is one of those things.” was her rebuttal. Soon I was
dressed and we were heading for Harold’s apartment. Once
we arrived, it was a party, but there were just guys
there about a dozen. It wasn’t fifteen minutes and I was
naked on the floor fucking and sucking everyone there.
This went on for hours and I came every time I had a
cock in my mouth, pussy or ass most of the time all
three at once.

My mistress just watched while rubbing her cunt. She had
all the boys cum on me as I lay on the floor. I had cum
covering every inch of my body. She got me dressed and
took me home and left me with my clothes glued to my
skin. I stood in the shower with all my clothes on
trying to wash away everything I had become and not
wanting it to be that way. I must have been in there an
hour just crying and hating myself.


The next day, Pat showed up with another woman in tow. I
didn’t want to let them in, but I couldn’t say no to my
mistress. They had brought lunch for us. Pat introduced
the other woman, Angelique. She was really cute and
petite just like a little pixie. She was a couple inches
short than myself and wore her brownish hair in a bob
that draped around her Audrey Hepburn neck. Her face was
an oval shape with a slight V as it tapered to her chin.
Her skin was perfectly smooth. I was very envious.

Her lips looked so succulent even without lipstick. The
upper one was slightly thicker than the lower one – not
too big or too small just Goldilocks’ right. She had a
little turned up thin nose and the biggest brown eyes
I’d even seen. She was just lovely. My husband would
have enjoyed ogling this beautiful young woman.

Her legs were displayed nicely in a pair of skinny black
pants that clung to her narrow hips and posterior. Her
feet were nestled in a pair of comfy looking grey flats.
Her torso was covered with a white blouse and a petitely
flowered scarf slung loosely around her shoulders.

Her mouth opened and a delightful French accent spilled
forth like an avalanche of sensuality as she said, “Hel-
low, bonjour. C’est agréable de vous rencontrer.” I
adored her immediately.

Pat took hold of Angelique’s arm and led her to the
living room sofa and ordered, “Kathy, get us some drinks
– something with a kick.” I returned with a bottle of
Cabernet Sauvignon and three glasses. I filled all the
glass and we began our introductory conversation. After
eating our panni’s and snacking on a baguette or two, I
was more impressed with this new woman. Her English was
impeccable but with a sexy French accent. I was taken by

From our conversation, I discovered that she was a
twenty-three year old third grade teacher at Ecole Saint
Dominique Primaire et Maternelle in Dijon (like the
mustard). She was visiting the US on summer break and
just loved the openness of the US, both the spacious
topography and idealism. She seemed a little shy maybe
it was being in an unfamiliar country or maybe she just
needed someone to guide her. I wondered how Pat knew all
these interesting people.

We were all feeling the three glasses of wine when Pat
looked at Angelique and said to my embarrassment, “Kathy
is my slave. Isn’t that right, Kathy?”

I felt my face flush with heat as I turned beet red, but
Pat’s eyes bore down on me and I reluctantly replied
softly, “Yes, my mistress.”

Pat snapped back, “I didn’t hear you, my little cunt.”

As my eyes sank to the floor, I answered louder, “Yes,
my mistress.”

Pat pulled up her skirt up sans panties and spreading
her legs said, “I want you to eat me.”

I rose from the overstuffed chair and positioned myself
between her legs. I had to obey her. After all, she was
my mistress. Positioning herself on the edge of the
sofa, she pulled my face to her cunt as I lapped at her
juices. I heard her ask Angelique, “Do you want her to
eat you?”

She replied, “No, that’s alright.”

Pat said, “I don’t think that’s an option, my little
croissant.” Pat stared and ordered her to take her pants
and undies off. Pat had this gorgeous French girl under
her control, too. As I kept lapping at Pat’s slit,
Angelique did as ordered. She was lovely with or without
clothes. She had an European full bush that was trimmed
around the edges so it didn’t look too wild.

I continued licking and sucking Pat’s cunt until she
came loudly and slid her slit up and down my face. I was
covered with her orgasm. She said, “Whew that was great.
Now do Angelique and show her how good of a teacher I

I slowly approached Angelique. Her legs tentatively
spread as if she wasn’t sure what to expect. I
exquisitely slowly slipped my hands up each leg, one on
each snowy leg starting from her knee. When they were
half way up, I leaned forward and began kissing her soft
flesh about mid-thigh. It tasted like peaches so
delicately sweet. I began to get wet. My lips moved to
her other leg and began the same treatment while my free
hand stroked her inner thigh with a feather light touch.
She squirmed with acceptance.

After about ten minutes of teasing, my tongue flicked
her crease between her leg and torso. My eyes saw her
dampness and the excitement I was causing. I licked my
fingers and ever slow lightly slid them over her pink
wet lips. My fingers unrelentingly circled her labia,
which caused her breathing to increase to almost
panting. I would hear a deep sigh every minute or two. I
knew she was relishing the treatment she was getting. I
had to be great for my mistress, but most of all, I
really wanted it for myself. I needed to please this
charming French porcelain doll whose legs I found myself
nestled between.

Suddenly, a feeling flowed over me like a tidal wave; it
was the desire to completely possess her, so there was
no escape for her from my wanton desires. She would be
MY slave to do my bidding. At once, I understood Pat’s
motivation and obsession to own me and my husband.

With this new realization firmly implanted in my
consciousness, I knew it was time. My tongue extended
and the tip found her clit. I flicked at it like a snake
tasting the air. You’d of thought that I’d unexpectedly
set off a firecracker by the way she nearly jumped off
the sofa. I owned her now and I wasn’t going to let her
get away without tasting her orgasms. I started my
tongue at her pucker muscle and slurped at it as she
wriggled between my arms. I moved up to her slit and
using a lot of spit lapped up and down on it like a lion
with a fresh antelope.

Much to my pleasure, she was pinching and pulling her
nipples and began screaming and cumming. My arms clamped
down on her legs so as to not let her get away from my
feverish attack on her juicer. I kept licking, sucking
and lapping up her juices as they flowed freely like an
artesian fountain. She tasted sweet and delicate like a
true “French” pastry. She just melted in my mouth.

In the background, I guess Pat was impressed. I heard
her say, “I don’t think she’s ever eating me with such
ferocity. Angelique, you’re getting the extra special

I don’t know how long I was imbedded in Angelique’s
cunt, but forever wouldn’t have been long enough. Pat
finally grabbed my hair and pulled me out saying,
“Kathy, let her catch her breath.”

I looked up from my knees with my face covered with spit
and cum and saw Angelique reclining exhausted on the
sofa. She had the most satiated grin float across her
lips. I looked at her with her legs languishingly spread
before me; cunt hair that was matted by my spit. There
was no modesty left; she was completely comfortable in
this position. I lightly slid my fingers up and down her
dripping slit. I had to memorize every detail of her.
Her cunt was mine if I wanted it. I did. I wanted her to
belong to me like I belonged to Pat.

Pat and Angelique spent the rest of the day and we did
things, a lot of things to each other. It was wonderful.


Sunday afternoon, I got a call from my hubby. Although
our relationship was changing, hearing from him always
made me feel safe. He said he had finished all his
business by working all weekend, so he could come home
to me earlier. I love him so much. He really is the
sweetest guy and all the things he does for me. He said
he’d be home Monday afternoon. I was elated.


As soon as my plane landed and we were allowed to stand
up, I pushed my way to the front of the plane. I pissed
off about half the plane, but I needed to get to Kathy.
She had sounded so sad when I’d talked to her. I needed
to take care of my baby. Once I drove into the driveway,
my beautiful wife came sprinting out the front door and
wrapped her arms around me and squeezed so tight that I
almost couldn’t breathe. We kissed and hugged like I’d
been on a long combat deployment. I saw Marge looking
out her window observing. I waved. She smiled. I was
glad to be home.

We went inside and sat down. “I missed you so much,
Honey. I could hardly stand it. Have you been a ‘good’
girl while I’ve been gone?” I asked.

Kathy looked a little strange, but with a smile on her
face she said, “I’ve been my best.” She hugged me again
and I just held her in my arms as I enjoyed the scent of
her hair and the warmth of her body as nuzzled into my
chest. This felt like it was supposed to be.

Later that evening Pat called. I looked at my wife. She
shook her head no. I said, “Pat, I’d prefer that you not
come over.”

She said, “Do you think you’re going to fuck my little
cunt? If you do, are you up for some punishment?”

I gathered up all my courage and said, “If that’s what
it takes, I guess that’s what it’ll be then.”

Her reply was, “Well, a lot has happened since you’ve
been gone, so I guess it would be alright for you to
finger-fuck her. Goodnight, see you tomorrow.” I thought
I wonder what that meant.

I asked Kathy, “Pat said that a lot has happened since
I’ve been gone. What does she mean?”

My wife looked down and relayed the story of Pat making
her masturbate in the front window. I asked, “Did anyone
see you?”

She reluctantly said, “I had my eyes closed, but when I
finished, there were two men watching.”

“Is that all?” was my next questions. She looked like a
beat puppy and said, “Yes.” With some lingering doubt, I
thought, given the control Pat has been putting on her,
she did well.

As we retired to the bedroom, I said to my wife, “I
don’t really want to fuck tonight?”

She replied, “Yes, Sweetie, let’s just snuggle.”

I was unsure of myself because even while holding my
love in my arms, my cock didn’t get hard. Like I thought
it might. We settled in for an all-night cuddle session.
It was great to have my wife to myself for this night at

The next morning, the weather was ominous – black skies,
thunder, lighting and raining cats and dogs. Maybe this
was a sign of things to come or maybe things would be
better once the storm passed. I felt the coolness of the
gel Kathy was rubbing on my shoulders and I remembered
that things were back to “normal”.

When I got to work, the rain had stopped. First thing, I
did a detailed de-briefing for my boss on my trip and
how I thought things went. He was pleased that I had
finished early and commented that he had reported to his
boss that the client thought I did a great job.

Once I returned to my office, I found several emails
from Pat with page links. I opened the first one. It was
a girl sucking a big cock. She was doing a great job of
licking and sucking. About a minute in, it faded out for
a few seconds and when it reappeared, it was my face on
her head sucking his cock as he came. I couldn’t help it
as my cock started to stir in its confines.

Reluctantly but curious, I opened the next one. It was a
shemale getting fucked. She was riding the guy’s cock
reverse cowgurl and was bouncing up and down with his
big cock up her ass. Of course, her cock was bigger than
mine and it flopped back and forth as she rode him. Her
face faded out and mine took its place just as she shot
cum all over her belly.

I was as hard as my cock could get while being
restrained. I don’t know how Pat had done this because
I’d never given her my work email. She must’ve gotten it
from Kathy. What was I going to do now? I was so fucking
horny and my dick was locked up. I needed a release. It
was almost lunch time.

I work downtown and a few blocks from my office is a sex
arcade. Once the lunch hour arrived, I headed straight
for it. I’m not quite sure what I was going to do there,
but I had to do something. I asked the clerk what kind
of videos he had. He said that the machines in the back
had all kinds – hardcore hetero, lesbian, shemales,
homo, whatever you want.

He said, “It’s really dark in there so use this guide to
find the cubical you want.”

He gave me a map of the back room that showed which type
video was shown in each cubical. As least, I saved the
embarrassment of asking. All I had to do was go to the
type I needed. The problem was I didn’t know what I
needed. There was one called cuckold. I didn’t know what
that meant, so my curiosity got the best of me.

I stepped into the back room, the clerk was right. It
was almost black in there. I stood just inside the door
for several minutes until my eyes got adjusted. Each
door had the cubical number on it with small red LED
lights. I found the one I was looking for and entered
closing the door behind me.

I put my money in; the movie started; and two guys were
there with a hot looking chick. One guy sat in a chair
and the big-dicked guy proceeded to fuck the woman in
every orifice while guy in chair slowly jacked off. From
the crappy dialogue, the guy in the chair was her
husband and he liked to watch his wife get fucked with
big cocks. I could relate, but that wasn’t what I was
looking for exactly, but it seemed like a category that
was something I sorta liked.

I checked the paper again and saw a cubical called sissy
cuckold. I wondered if that what was what I was looking
for so I headed for that cubical. It was pretty cramped.
Once the movie started, there was a hot woman and a guy
dressed in women’s clothes. He actually looked pretty
good in them. His wife made him strip and I noticed that
his cock was locked up like mine. A big guy entered the
scene and stripped. He had a huge cock and the wife made
her husband suck the guy. My cock started to squirm. Was
this it?

I continued to watch the movie as the big guy fucked the
shit out of the woman as her husband licked the guy’s
balls. I felt something touch my leg. It was dark except
for the light from the screen. I reached down to move
whatever it was away and felt a hard big cock. At first,
I didn’t know what to do, but soon my fingers started to
unconsciously wrap around it. It felt so good in my hand
– so warm, pulsing with life and passion. I watched the
movie and stroked it slowly. I heard a moan from the
next cubical then the voice said, “Suck it.”

My consciousness was a mass of confusion and
uncertainty. I looked down at it. What the fuck am I
going to do, but at that moment, this thing in my hand
is what I needed. I knelt down and began to lavish my
tongue on the anonymous cock just like Kathy’s dildo. It
felt good in my mouth. I had lost it just sucking like
there was no tomorrow. The strange member began shooting
thick and creamy cum deep into my mouth. It tasted so
good. I sucked and drank it down until it softened.

Just as I had finished with that one when another bigger
cock appeared from the other side, it dawned on me. I
realized I needed a release. I stroked and sucked this
bigger cock until it was good and wet. I stood up and
dropped my pants as I positioned my ass against the hole
in the wall. I spread my cheeks. I felt the pressure
then it slipped into my ass. My ass pressed hard up
against the wall trying to get as much this cock into me
as I could. It started fucking me and yes, oh yes, this
is what I needed. It felt so good.

This cock was pleasing me, filling me, fucking me. With
a couple deep thrust, he came and so did I. My cock was
leaking cum from its confines. It felt so good to have
my nuts drain some of their load. I had the release I
needed and wanted, but I needed more. Thank god a third
cock appeared. I thoroughly wetted it and again
positioned myself for the fucking that I wanted. I came
again in a couple minutes, however being the good fuck
slut, I stayed in position until this cock shot its load
into my ass, too. What the fuck was wrong with me? This
couldn’t have happened. Did it or was it just a figment
of my imagination?

It had been an hour and half. I needed to get back to
work. As I pulled my pants up, I could feel the cum
dripping from my ass. It was scary, exciting and real at
the same time. The clerk smiled as I left and said, “Now
that you know what we have to offer, don’t be a

When I arrived home from work Pat was there waiting for
me as I pulled in the driveway. She met me on the way to
the door and said, “I missed you, too. Our anniversary
night was so special. I get wet just thinking about it.”
She grabbed me and kissed me with her tongue licking the
back of my throat as her hand slip down and to check my
cock restraint. I broke loose and said, “What the fuck,
Pat. Someone could be watching.” I was right, Marge was
peering out her window, but she wasn’t smiling this
time. We went inside.

We all had a nice conversation and Pat said, “I hope you
enjoyed the videos I sent you because I’ve got some
special activities planned for tonight.”

I asked, “What’s so special?”

“Well, you’ll be the center of attention. We’ll be
taking care of you. So why don’t you take off your
clothes and lay down on the bed.”

Kathy chimed in, “Yeah, Sweetie, it’ll be fun and I know
you’ll like it when we’re finished.”

As she handed me a blindfold, Pat said, “You have to put
this on so it doesn’t spoil the surprise. Remember,
don’t move because we don’t want to hurt you.”

I put the blind fold on and laid on the bed. Soon I feel
the girls take first one arm and then the other and
handcuff it to the bedpost. I wondered what devious plot
these women had on their minds. Soon the same thing
happened to my legs. I was totally immobile and at their
mercy. I wasn’t sure if I was OK with that, but what the
hell, it was too late now.

I heard some giggling and a “phiffff” sound and then
felt a dampness on my chest then something sliding over
it. Pat took off my chastity device. It felt great to
not be confined then I felt their hands smearing
something on my cock and nuts. I then realized that they
were shaving me. This continued on my arms, legs, and
feet. They rolled me over and did the backside too. I
felt the device being re-secured. I heard the click of
the lock and they said, “We’re done and you look

As Kathy ran her hands over my chest and legs, I got
chills. Soon Pat joined in and was doing the same. My
cock wasn’t even getting hard although I was horny.

Pat said, “He feels so smooth just like a girl. I’ll
take the cuffs off your ankles, but you have to pull
your legs up to your chest for us. OK?”

I replied, “Alright.”

They released my ankles from the bedposts. After I had
pulled my legs to my chest, I felt them lock my ankles
to bedposts where my hands were. Pat then said, “Kathy,
doesn’t he look good like that? Couldn’t you just fuck
him to death in that position?”

I heard some more giggling then I felt someone get on
the bed. I heard buzzing sound from the bathroom. I felt
Kathy’s dildo at the entrance to my poop chute then a
push. It was in and it began sliding back and forth. The
buzzing sound got closer. I felt vibrations on my nuts.
I’m not sure who was fucking me – Pat or Kathy, but they
were doing a great job. My nuts were tingling with the
vibrator and the dildo doing a job on my prostrate. I
couldn’t take any longer and screamed.

Pat said, “Look, he’s cumming. Let’s see if we can get
him to cum again. You fuck him this time.”

There was a lull and the fucking began again until I
shot another load on my belly.

Pat said, “Don’t waste it. Make him eat it.” I felt
their hands scooping you my releases and then I felt
drops falling on my lips. I licked it off. Soon there
were cum coated fingers being shoved in my mouth.

Kathy said, “I just love watching him swallow cum. It
makes me so hot. That’s what started all of this.”

I thought to myself. What the fuck has happened to Kathy
and me? I longed for the old days when I got to fuck her
pussy and if I was good, she’d suck me, but it could
never be that way again. We had lost our innocence.
Kathy couldn’t feel my little cock in her cunt any more.
She needed and wanted big, thick cocks and I couldn’t
compete with them. Besides, now I couldn’t get hard
without looking at or sucking a big cock or cum without
having a thick cock fucking my ass. I was hairless and
my cock was locked up. I was horny all the time, but I
couldn’t get my release unless I did what Pat and Kathy

I was in a hopeless situation. I loved Kathy so much
that I decided to just be the best at what I was doing.
I asked Kathy and Pat, “What do you want me to do? But
first, tell me, what is that gel you’ve been putting on
me? My cock isn’t any bigger. In fact, I think it’s
shrunk from being locked up all the time. ”

Pat said, “Well, that’s a gel’s called AndroGel. It’s a
testosterone booster. It’s been keeping you horny all
the time for us. Any woman knows guys follow orders a
lot more readily when they’re horny because their little
brain is doing all their thinking.” They both laughed. I
felt like a helpless little pussy.

They removed the blindfold and Pat said, “What we want?
Let’s see – we want you to be the sissy boi you really
are! You have to do exactly as we say.”

Kathy said, “Are you ready to commit like I have and go
all the way?”

“Yes, I’m tired of fighting it any longer. I’ll do
anything you want because I love you.” I replied.

Pat removed the key to my restraint from her neck and
gave it to my wife then said, “I use to be just like you
and after I committed, I turned into the beautiful woman
you see before you. You can become Kathy’s wife and
she’ll give you the good fucking you deserve every day.
She’s learned enough to be a self-sufficient “Hot Wife”.

I asked, “What’s that?”

It’s a wife that goes out and finds big cocked guys to
fuck her. If she brings them home, you’ll have to suck
and fuck them, too. I’m sure they’ll want to show you
that they can fulfill your wife’s needs better than you
can ever imagine.

Kathy worriedly asked, “My mistress, are you going to
leave us?”

“No, but it’ll give me more time to for training
Angelique. She’s going to be a wonderful addition to the
group. We’ll all like that. Won’t we, my little cunt?”
was Pat’s reply.

A big smile popped on Kathy’s face as she said, “Oh yes,
I’d love that. I just love her to death. Can I own her,

Pat looked at Kathy and said, “Well, I’ll think about
it. But first, don’t just stand there get some panties
for your wife. We need to dress her up.”

This all started with me wanting to convert my wife into
a sucking and fucking slut. Funny, how it works out.
She’s the sucking and fucking slut I wanted, but I’ve
been converted into her sucking, fucking, and cum
addicted wife. I’m committed to being the best sissy boi
slut I can be for her.


Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for.


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